Scranton Councilman Pat Rogan Endorses Lou Barletta for Congress

Today, Pat Rogan, a Democratic member of the Scranton City Council, publicly endorsed U.S. Congressional candidate Lou Barletta.
“I admire the way Lou Barletta fought for his city and for what he believes in, and that’s why I am endorsing Lou today.  Now more than ever, we need to look at the person, not the party, and Lou Barletta is the best person to represent the people of Scranton in the U.S. Congress,” Rogan said. “This isn’t the time to simply vote a straight-party ticket on Nov. 2. I encourage the people of Scranton to look beyond the party label and at Lou Barletta’s policies and his record and his opponent’s policies and his record. There are very clear differences that make Lou Barletta the best choice for Scranton.
“Our country is heading in a very dangerous direction, and Lou Barletta will help get us back on the right path. I’m proud to offer my public endorsement of Lou Barletta for Congress, and I encourage other elected Democrats to join me,” Rogan added.

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