SD-10: Rendell Endorses Cickay

cickay rendellSteve Cickay, the Democratic nominee for State Senate in PA’s 10th district, received the support of former Democratic Governor Ed Rendell last week.

“I heartily welcome Governor Rendell’s support,” said Cickay, “and am ready to go to the Senate to improve support for education, expand employment, and protect the environment for all Pennsylvanians. The people in District 10 have had enough of Corbett and McIlhinney. They’re tired of the incumbent Senator who has consistently voted to underfund education, against decent paying middle-class jobs, and to support Big Oil over the safety of our environment.”

While the support of Gov. Rendell is practically a Democratic ritual at this point, for Cickay it represents an important victory.

Just last month, Rendell was leading a group of influential Democrats who were urging Cickay to step aside under the theory that former PA-8 congressional candidate Shaughnessy Naughton would have a better chance of defeating GOP State Sen. Chuck McIlhinney.

Cickay, however, refused and pledged to fight on.

“I met with Steve Cickay and we discussed some ideas about his campaign,” Rendell told PoliticsPA. “He’s a Democrat, like I said he has every right to stay in. Tom Wolf is on the ballot and I think he’ll have a big effect in Bucks County and anything can happen.”

With all that drama behind him, the Democratic nominee is focusing on the contest ahead.

“Too often my opponent proposes studies with the purpose of delaying concrete action, or keeps important remedial legislation permanently bottled up in Senate committees,” Cickay stated. “I plan instead to get things done on a wide variety of issues where many of the people in District 10 clearly want action, not just talk.”

The 10th district comprises most of central and eastern Bucks County.

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4 thoughts on “SD-10: Rendell Endorses Cickay”

  1. sean ryan says:

    Facts are the Nick keeps writing about races that are known to not even be close. Such as the 8th district race where Kevin Strouse has no chance.of making it competitive. That isn’t my opinion that is the opinion of every political evaluation.
    Now we have Cickay who is down in multiple polls by a staggering 30%, minimum. This is another non story and the story the other outlets are writing about is in DELCO between Kane and McGarrigle. Two well funded candidates who have a good shot to win.

    But we are getting weekly updates on a race that nobody cares about. That is bad blogging.

  2. Isaac L. says:

    Heaven forbid someone with political experience write for a political blog! Keegan was an excellent writer and administrator and he worked on campaigns. Of course, when one is frustrated with the goings on of reality, one resorts to logically fallacious arguments instead of discussing the facts. Cognitive dissonance is a difficult beast.

  3. Sean Ryan says:

    Managing editor Nick Field doesn’t care about facts as he is doing as directed by the man he interned for. Congressman Patrick Murphy, formerly of the 8th district.
    Nick doesn’t realize that as the days till election day become less that the chances of his bad writing and editorializing races will have zero effect.

  4. Esquire says:

    ““He’s a Democrat, like I said he has every right to stay in. Tom Wolf is on the ballot and I think he’ll have a big effect in Bucks County and anything can happen.””

    Note to PPA: This is not an endorsement. He is basically saying he can only win as a D riding Wolf’s coattails.

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