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SD-26: Kane Makes First Ad a Family Affair (VIDEO)

One of the commonwealth’s most highly contested State Senate races saw its first TV spot unveiled today.

Taking a page from Tom Wolf’s playbook, Democratic nominee John Kane featured his family in his first TV ad.

The commercial, titled “Homework”, features each of Kane’s four kids, who range in age from 22 to 14, as well as his wife Lori.

In addition to introducing the candidate to voters, the spot also seeks to highlight Kane’s opposition to Governor Corbett.

“I’d put back the the billion dollars Corbett cut from education and make sure corporations and natural gas drillers pay their fair share,” Kane pledges.

“I am incredibly proud of this ad, and so happy that my family was able to join me in making it” the candidate states in an accompanying press release. “As I cross the district, knocking on doors and talking to voters, I hear over and over again that people are angry that their schools are not getting the funding they need and their property taxes are going up, while corporations and shale drillers are getting sweetheart deals.”

The State Senate’s 26th district contains parts of Chester and Delaware counties. Kane is the President of the Plumbers Local 690 and is running against Republican nominee Tom McGarrigle.

Update: Virginia Davis of the McGarrigle campaign issued the following statement:

John Kane is a Johnny-come-lately joining the severance tax bandwagon months after Tom McGarrigle and others announced their support. Kane talks a good game about what he’ll do as a state senator, but Tom McGarrigle is the only candidate in this race with a record of making a difference for our community. Under Tom’s leadership on County Council, every school in Delaware County got panic buttons to quickly contact law enforcement in case of an emergency. And Tom’s 4% severance tax on natural gas drillers would result in more than $1.6 billion in additional education funding over the next two years.

4 Responses

  1. Kane is another lefty looking for more “free” money to buy off his special interests. Gas drillers in PA already pay an impact fee, income tax, and the stock & franchise tax, making them the highest taxed gas drillers in America. They pay more than their “fair share,”whatever that means. If Kane cares about gas issues, the big one is how too many drillers are not accurately paying their royalties to the landowners. And who cut federal money from Pennsylvania education? Obama, not Corbett. Corbett drives me nuts. Worst run administration in modern state history. But be honest about the issues. He didn’t cut education funding. Kane would have to force the federal govt to send more taxpayer money to PA, which he can’t, so it’s just more puffery.

  2. To Virginia Davis: I presume you are the same Virginia Davis who works to promote Rick Santorum and Good to know that Tom McGarrigle is backed by the same people that back Rick Santorum.
    The ad by John Kane is a really good ad, drawing clear distinctions between what Democrats in the State Senate will accomplish, and what GOP control in that body and in Harrisburg have enabled the anti-working family and anti-public education crowd that controls the GOP to accomplish over the years.
    I have posted before about this, and it is still applicable here. From reading your statement posted above, Team McGarrigle still doesn’t get it.
    In light of your claim that Tom McGarrigle will be a candidate for Delaware County, the residents of the 26th must consider that:
    PASD 26 has been represented by a “moderate: GOP Senator Ted Erickson for the last 12+ years, yet the GOP’s pro big business at the expense of the middle class and anti-public education agendas have flourished…
    Ted Erickson is very much like Tom McGarrigle, in favor of an extraction tax, but has not had the courage or the strength to get through the senate or the house…
    Ted Erickson, like Tom McGarrigle, favors increased public education funding, but for all of his seniority Ted failed to get it through the legislature and was compromised to vote for the Corbett/GOP inspired budgets that gutted education and shifted the tax burden to local property taxes…
    Like Ted Erickson, Tom McGarrigle’s biggest contributor, backer, supporter and puppeteer is Senator Dom Pileggi. As Senator Pileggi’s campaign finance reports and the pace of legislation (which he controls singlehandedly) in Harrisburg shows, he is in the tank for the energy industry and the anti-public education crowd…Tom McGarrigle, like the rest of the GOP, is already bought and paid for by the two groups that are most opposed to what he is promising to do.
    To effect any change in Harrisburg, to tax the marcellus shale extraction, hold the big business special interests accountable, put the interests of working families first, and properly fund public education in the 26th and the State, we have to change the playing the field and FLIP the Senate to Democratic control and elect a new Governor.
    Don’t let Tom McGarrigle and his spin machine pull the wool over anyone’s eyes…it is time to turn the page and move ahead…let’s elect Democrats in DELCO and Democrats to control the State Senate.

  3. Panic buttons? That’s McGarrigle big claim to fame?
    Practically everybody school has a cell phone to call 911 (just by holding down a single key on their phone), or taking the extra second to hit 9-1-1-send

    BTW, why is Tom touting a 4% tax (lower then what the Dems are proposing) but giving a 2-year total, rather than annual?

    We really should make it a rule for politics and reporting that all tax costs/savings/etc. be giving in annual units.

    The school budget/shortfall is annual, so giving a two-year total is just bullsh*t.

    BTW, McGarrigle, your buddy and party leader, Tom Corbett, is opposed to a severance tax.

    A straight-Dem vote solves two problems: you and Corbett.

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