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SD-26: McGarrigle Attacks Kane for Ties to Joe Dougherty (VIDEO)

It’s gotten real negative in the race to fill the open State Senate seat in the 26th district.

The new ad from Republican nominee Tom McGarrigle, entitled “Stood By”, seeks to tarnish Democratic nominee (and Plumbers Local 690 Treasurer) John Kane for taking money from, and associating with, Ironworkers Local 401 Business Manager Joe Dougherty.*

“State Senate candidate John Kane accepted thousands of dollars in contributions from Philadelphia union boss Joe Dougherty,” the narrator states as piles of cash accumulate in front of a grainy photo of Kane and Dougherty.

The commercial then describes a number of indictments that have been filed against Dougherty.

“Dougherty is the guy charged with racketeering, destroying property in two Delaware County schools and burning down a church,” the narrator asserts while flames engulf an unflattering picture of Dougherty.

The commercial goes on to point out that Kane refused to return the contributions or condemn Dougherty.

“John Kane didn’t stand up to Joe Dougherty, he won’t stand up for us,” the thirty-second spot concludes.

“This negative ad is the typical political lies from Tom McGarrigle that we’ve come to expect from him,” Kane campaign spokesman Aren Platt said. “I think everyone will see this for what it is, a desperate attempt to try to make connections that aren’t there in an effort to distract voters from his record of raising taxes on Delaware County residents and not paying his own taxes.”

SD-26 is one of the most competitive races in the State Senate and the majority could potentially be on the line. Given the harsh tone of the ad, don’t be surprised to see this race get exponentially more negative in the last month of the campaign.

*Correction: the original version of this article mistakenly identified John Dougherty as the subject of the ad. The article has been corrected to name Joe Dougherty.

16 Responses

  1. “not true” – McGarrigle is trying to paint a broad anti-union, guilt-by-association brush here. His campaign keeps tossing around fake stories about bullying and use words like “thug”. The PA GOP has been very anti-union and anti-worker, and McGarrigle is a go-along, do-as-he’s-told kind of guy, so he’d fall right in line if he went to Harrisburg.

    “Better attention” – I was posting from my phone which had a problem playing the video, so I had to rely upon the text as reported.

    “40 Year Old Virgin” – You say that McGarrigle not a friend of corrupt union bosses, but you don’t seen to mind him being a lackey of the corrupt Delco GOP political bosses. The five GOP county council members vote 5-0 like clockwork and do exactly what they are told when doling out contracts to the politically connected. McGarrigle is a puppet on a string looking to take his show to Harrisburg to sing and dance for new masters.

  2. Tom Mcgarrigle has been a true friend to the hard working men and women of organized labor. He has helped them with jobs all throughout Delaware County. He is not a friend of Corrupt iron workers boss and his T. H. U. G. S who burned churches, beat non Union workers with bats and damaged delaware county schools. When you lie down with dogs you get fleas and Kane is totally infested right now. By the way David your Mom is calling…..your dinner is ready so get out of the basement and eat.

  3. So which is it, Diano? Did you just blindly trust the reporting without watching the ad yourself? Or did you watch the ad and still not notice the difference between the Union Bosses Dougherty?

    Was it “Lazy and Too Trusting Of The Reporting of a Shoddy News Blog Diano” posting, or was it “Poor Attention to Detail Diano”????

    The people deserve to know the truth.

  4. Oh Davy honey Tom has done just about everything to help unions. I do recall Tom there along side with many other republicans fighting for jobs at the refineries which include multiple Unions and him being there on their side. Pretty sure there are more people working there now then before . And how about the Unions that worked on the soccer stadium in Chester Tom has done nothing but help Union Members. David honey come up from the basement the meatloaf is ready.

  5. Diano– sweetheart, Tom is the farthest thing from anti-union. Exhibit A: IUOE local.

    You’re clearly spreading the same lies and bullshit mindset… Isn’t that what got these guys in deep trouble in the first place?

    So Diano, does that mean you’re condoning bad criminalistics behavior too since “union guys should stick together?”

  6. “smarter” – I posted based on the article before it was corrected with Joe rather than John.

    The point is that McGarrigle is anti-union and the unions need to come together behind Kane.

  7. Kane is a crumb. If you want to predict how someone will act in the future you look at the past. With the largest scandal in Philadelphia organized labor history John Kane sided with the criminal and not the hard working men and women. There’s no way, no matter what the situation is, that he will side against a special interest group that he belongs to. Kane is a crumb.

  8. I would suggest changing your homepage description of this article not to include John Dougherty. This has a potential for a law suit. This is the biggest mess up of Politics PA.

  9. One of the top senate races in the state and you can’t get the guys title right? unreal

  10. Idiots. Kane is the business manager of plumbers 690. And JOE Dougherty is the business manager of IRONWORKERS 401, not IBEW. I’m smarter than nick field and David Diano too, it seems.

  11. Are you people blind, deaf or both? That ad is about joe Dougherty, not john Dougherty. You morons. They are not the same person, they are not related, and anybody who knows philly politics knows that.

    Google iron workers joe Dougherty for a refresher you idiot Diano and idiot field.

  12. That’s a great way to get John Doc to help Kane and provide more union support against McGarrigle.

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