SD-28: SRCC Slams Wagner In Another Ad


Another shot has been fired in the battle over the airwaves in SD-28, this one by the SRCC in favor of Rep. Ron Miller (R-York) and against conservative activist Scott Wagner.

The ad, entitled “Garbage Man,” focuses on an elderly woman whom Wagner apparently sued for $600.

According to an article from the York Daily Record, Clara Palmer’s “Great Depression-era upbringing” led her to learn that nothing should be wasted. She used every piece of trash she possibly could and recycled a great deal. Anything that she couldn’t use was taken to an incinerator or landfill by her sons. Palmer also wanted to keep her expenses small, so she chose not to pay for trash collection since she didn’t need it.

Wagner’s company, Penn Waste, happened to be the trash collector in Springettsbury Township where Palmer lived. Here, the contractor is allowed to sue residents for not paying trash collection fees. Hence, Wagner’s seeking of $600 in missed collections fees and legal costs.

garbage man wagner ad“Scott Wagner demanded money from me that he didn’t have coming because I was not taking his services,” Palmer says defiantly in the ad.

“Scott Wagner did this to an elderly widow,” a voice intones over a stormy shot of Wagner’s face imposed over the Capitol building. “What will he do to us if he gets into power?”

A man sitting with Palmer claims that Wagner ruined their lives, whereupon the ad reiterates Wagner’s actions and says that “he doesn’t deserve our vote.”

The ad was paid for by the Senate Republican Campaign Committee.

Miller and Wagner are butting heads over the special election taking place for the seat of retiring Senator Mike Waugh (R-York). Miller is the official Republican candidate and Linda Small will be the Democrat, but Wagner is attempting to win through a write-in candidacy.

Miller is clearly taking Wagner’s intentions seriously, as this is the second attack ad he has launched against him.


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  1. @Ted and Bob. If you truly believe that Mrs. Palmer house is worth either 750,000 or two to three times accessed value, you should offer to buy it for 600 grand and make yourself some money. I am sure that she will not turn you down. Esp. since the house doesn’t even have heat or city water or city Better yet, my home is next door. I only have a little over five acres but my house is nicer. It has heat and stuff. I will take 600 grand TODAY!! Let’s do this!!

  2. I lived next door to this woman for years. She did not have to pay for garbage because she lived there before they even had garbage collection so she was grandfathered in as she never put out any garbage. One day, they decided to go after her for non payment. They paid more for court costs then they will ever get from this woman for services. Sounds like big money beating up a poor, elderly woman.

  3. There always has to be a conspiracy. Now a television commercial and a poster on this forum are telling me that the DEMS are backing Wagner to split the vote. The two Republicans are driving full speed toward the lowest common denominator. Didn’t Mr. Wagner choose to ignore the special election and put all his marbles into the primary? I cannot wait for the next round of TV ads. APIC members you should be recording these ads for posterity.LOL

  4. Bob- I don’t know where you get your information but you are completely wrong. For $50 a quarter you get one trash tote and 1 large item like a couch or sink. Every trash tote is an extra $50 a quarter. I get double trash collection and pay $100 every 4 months.

  5. Its hard to believe that people can’t see whats going on here. Wagner is an opportunist. I am sure he is being supported by the Democrats. His write in campaign will siphon votes from the Republican, ensuring that the Dem wins the election. Once the Dems gain power, they will make sure there are more contracts for Wagner to “win”. But you idiots go ahead amd write him in. Soon York Co. will be over taxed and bankrupt like Harrisburg.

  6. $152K may be the assessment, but assessment rarely matches market value. IMO, it’s way under-assessed. It’s a nine-acre lot over the hill behind the York Galleria… I would bet that if they were to sell, they’d ask two or three times what it’s assessed at.

  7. Todd: If what you said that Wagner makes millions off the gov’t. and says we need less gov’t., isn’t that the Republican playbook? They should love this guy.

  8. @Todd. Where did you get the figure that Mrs. Palmer’s home is valued at $750,000? According to the York County Assessment office, her home is valued at $152,000.

  9. @ Todd (Nyquist??) even *I* am smart enough to know that it is much better for consumers to have one trash hauler for a municipality, and that’s why municipalities bid out for one vendor. Logically, if every resident on a particular street opted for a different trash hauler, it wouldn’t be profitable for any company to pickup at a house, drive a mile, get another house, etc., and it sure as hell wouldn’t be economical for the consumer in that model .

  10. Nobody makes a dishonest attempts to smear people like Mike Long and his colleagues. Remember the Raja race when Long used fake footage of FBI agents raiding someone’s house…to make people think it was Raja’s house?!?!?!? For those keeping score, Clara Palmer (the elderly lady in Long’s smear piece against Wager) lives in a $750,000 house. I respect Wagner even more for going after people who think they are too good to pay their utilities.

  11. What bothers me about this line of attack is that technically, Clara Palmer was in the wrong. She doesn’t really have the legal right to unilaterally decide to stop paying her trash bill… that’s up to the township. The way most trash billing seems to be set up is that every residence in the township pays an equal share regardless of how much garbage they produce. I’m not aware that you can opt out of it.

    I don’t think it’s necessarily fair that I pay as much for trash as my neighbors who have four kids, but I also recognize that it would be a logistical nightmare for waste disposal companies to have to skip houses, weigh garbage, etc. if everyone were to decide they only wanted to pay for what they threw out.

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