SD-28: Wagner Wins Special Election


Conservative write-in candidate Scott Wagner appears to be the winner of the special election for Senate District 28.

Since he ran as a write-in candidate, write-in ballots have to be counted and certified by the elections office; this process is scheduled for March 31st, but State Rep. Ron Miller conceded to Wagner when unofficial results showed a landslide of write in ballots. The Wagner camp also reportedly received congratulatory calls from Senator Joe Scarnati and Dominic Pileggi.

Democrat Linda Small also conceded, but ballots can be challenged until the final certification at the end of the month.

Update: it wasn’t close. With all precincts reporting the York County Board of Election published these results.

47.68%: write-in. 10,595 votes.
26.64%: Ron Miller (R). 5,920 votes.
25.67%: Linda Small (D). 5,704 votes.

This special election was triggered by the resignation of Senator Mike Waugh. Waugh announced his resignation to take a job with the Farm Show, and a special election was called to fill his seat. He had initially planned to retire and conservative activist Scott Wagner was one of the first to jump into the race.

Wagner believes the special election was rigged to disadvantage him, in favor of party pick Rep. Ron Miller (R-York).

The two Republicans exchanged shots in the lead-up to the special election, with SRCC buying up television ad time to attack Wagner, who had been airing biographical ads.

Wagner advertises on PoliticsPA.

He will still have to run in the Republican primary on May 20th to keep the seat, fighting against¬†Miller and Zachary Hearn for the party’s nomination for a full four-year term.

Small is the only Democratic candidate seeking the party nomination for the full term.

16 Responses

  1. WOW!! 14% total turnout–what a mandate. I guess all the Wagner wingnuts voted. Shame on the Rock Rib Republicans to allow another unfit person go to Harrisburg.

  2. And the adv. with the children singing “My Country Tis of Thee” was also pathetic.I guess running against Philadelphia in Central PA is always popular. And apparently a vote for Wagner was NOT a vote for the Dem. I can’t wait for round two in May.

  3. Mr Wagner. I must say, I ashamed to be a Republican. I wish I could have voted for you. What the Republicans in PA did to you to try and prevent you from being elected was terrible. Thank You for continuing and doing what’s best for all. You have my respect. Richard Schwankl

  4. 10,000 is unpredendented and history making. Winning with 48% of the votes, all of which were write-ins is stunning and a testament to Scott Wagner’s skill and commitment. Sen, Pileggi is the big loser as is the Republican Senate machine shown to be both vicious and incompetent. The Forgotten Taxpayer is encouraged.

  5. Hopefully this is a signal that a few more establishment Republicans will get primaried on May 20. Well done, Mr. Wagner!

  6. The Clara Palmer ads were pathetic-the wurst I have ever seen. Whoever conceived those should be drawn and quartered!

  7. I bet there’s some Republican operative somewhere wishing they hadn’t run those Clara Palmer ads. I wonder how much the Republicans paid her.

  8. I’m sure Sen Elect Wagner and I don’t agree on many issues, but it was disgusting the way the Harrisburg power brokers tried to fix this in favor of their candidate. Waugh resigning early for a cushy Harrisburg job so there had to be a special election – HOW CORRUPT WAS THAT?

  9. What a shocker! The people turned on the insiders and chose an outsider to take on corrupt Harrisburg.
    Reminds me of the roach-a-matic. The smart guys said it would never sell. But the public bought it because they don’t like roaches.

  10. Big message to the do nothing Republicans. You should reform pensions and privatize liquor. You did nothing but jack the gas tax.
    Reform your ways or write-ins will crush you

  11. Great. The Senate of Pennsylvania really needs a Lyndon LaRouche guy in the upper chamber.

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