SD-31: Rep. Regan Looking to Move Up

Mike_ReganRep. Mike Regan has announced he will seek the State Senate’s 31st District seat, currently held by long-time fellow GOP lawmaker Pat Vance.

Vance, 79, has yet to declare whether she’ll run for re-election, saying she will decide at the beginning of next year, according to a York Dispatch report.

Regan has served two terms in the State House of Representatives, where he is one of 203 members. A move to the state Senate would see him become one of an elite group of 50 legislators.

“It’s certainly a way to make more of an impact,” Regan told Greg Gross of the Dispatch. “These seats don’t come open often.”

Vance has been a Harrisburg lawmaker for 24 years, 14 in the House and 10 in the Senate. Her seat covers parts of Cumberland and York counties.

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4 thoughts on “SD-31: Rep. Regan Looking to Move Up”

  1. Trump-mentum says:

    REGAN IS A CHAMP. Governor in 2022 after Wolfie’s two terms are done.

  2. teetsucker says:

    How much government pension money is Regan looking to collect?

  3. gulagPittsburgh says:

    You do a huge injustice to the English language to describe PA State Senators as “an elite group”.

  4. gulagPittsburgh says:

    How much time does a 79 year old politician have to think over whether to retire or run again? Is she Brett Favre’s aunt?

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