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SD-35: Langerholc Announces Candidacy

LangerholcWayne Langerholc will try to win over SD-35 for the PA GOP.

The Richland Township Supervisor announced his candidacy yesterday.

“My decision to run for the State Senate was not taken lightly. However, as I spoke to residents across the district, it was clear that people are looking for a change and a new direction for our region,” said Langerholc. “I have dedicated much of my career to protecting local families as an Assistant District Attorney, and to protecting taxpayers while serving as a local township supervisor. I see this as a continuation of my efforts to help make our community a better place to live, work and raise a family.”  

“It is not surprising that so many citizens have lost confidence in our elected officials when they vote themselves pay raises and increase their own pensions while the people they represent struggle to make ends meet,” concluded Langerholc. “I will lead on reform by maintaining an open and transparent office so you know how your tax dollars are spent. I will never accept a taxpayer-paid vehicle or the costly per diems, and you can trust that I will never vote to increase my own pay.”

Langerholc will be taking on incumbent State Sen. John Wozniak, who has served since 1997.

The 35th district includes all of Bedford and Cambria counties as well as most of Clearfield.

12 Responses

  1. SouthWestern Cambria: I thought the redistricting was finished by 2012? Or did the General Assembly lines not get finished before then?

  2. Agree Carnicella appears to suffer from some type of disorder. His rants and newspaper ads disqualify him for public service.

  3. Philly Politico – Since 2012, the 35th has been redistricted to include Bedford County, which changes the normally overwhelmingly democratic district to a much friendlier republican leaning district. Plus, Tim Houser almost knocked him off in the old district. I think Woz is in some trouble. I won’t be surprised if he decides not to run again.

    However if he does, he will thump Jerry Carnicella in the primary. Jerry looked promising at first, but he litters facebook with long winded rants that don’t even make sense half of the time.

  4. Reading the announcement and looking at the picture, this guy looks like he is the next in line out of the Commonwealth Foundation / Scott Wagner / Leo Knepper line of angry white rich guys seeking control of Harrisburg. He’ll be fed the ALEC lines, given the dark money from the deep pocketed few and middle class hard working Pennsylvanians will be screwed again.

  5. Wozniak won 51%-49% in 2012. I wouldn’t call that an uphill battle per se, but it’s going to be a close one. I doubt that area is getting any *more* Democratic.

    Still, I wonder if Clinton at the top of the ticket would do better than Obama. I suspect she would.

    Plus I think if Trump is the nominee Democrats win literally everything.

  6. Jerry,
    JR Winck might throw his hat into the ring. He announced that he would test the waters several weeks ago in the Bedford Gazette.
    He is a strong conservative with 0 ties to the establishment.

  7. Hi Guys just another correction. Wayne is not taking on John Wozniak. Wayne is running upopposed in the republican primary in April. jerry carnicella is taking on Wozniak in th April democratic primary. Wozniak almost lost to republican Tim Houser in 2012 and is the underdog against Carnicella in this primary and will be the underdog against Wayne in the fall.

  8. Hi Nick,

    Pennsylvania has 5 Richland Townships. Wayne Langerholc lives in Richland Township, Cambria County. Could you please update this article to reflect this?

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