SD-37: Arnet Releases First TV Ad (VIDEO)

Democratic nominee in the special election for the 37th State Senate district Heather Arnet premiered her first television ad today.

The thirty-second spot begins with a narrator giving some biographical background on Arnet, like the fact that she was raised by a single mother and is the CEO of a nonprofit.

The commercial then transitions to Arnet speaking to the audience among a crowd of people.

“Our kids’ schools are underfunded, workers’ wages are low while high property taxes force seniors from their homes,” she states. “The Harrisburg insiders and their billionaire friends who caused this mess are behind my opponent.”

“Who’s behind me?” she asks.

“We are!” the crowd responds.

Arnet’s GOP opponent Guy Reschenthaler released his own biographical ad last month.

The 37th district includes parts of Allegheny and Washington Counties. The election will be held on November 3, 2015.

9 Responses

  1. The funny thing is losers and Bozo’s use the term “unions” like they are bad , the unions are what helps maintain basic work standards and a living wage for many average joe’s and jane’s.

    Like Rick Santorum said last night during the debate when discussing the minimum wage … how can we (the republicans) win if we don’t represent the working class of the country? Santorum was right. The problem is too many union members aren’t smart enough to vote for their right to organize but rather vote their gun rights. The unions are one’s representing the working class in this country.

    If you think the wall street billionaires are funding anti-union efforts for any other reason other than to increase profits, your a bozo. Killing the unions would result in bigger wall street bonuses.

    Unions are the people, so anyone bashing unions, clearly are not the working class of this country.

  2. Seems like Heather Arnet is honest & up front in her backing of Unions and her position on issues. The other side seems to be hiding his Tea Party roots & backers…

  3. I’ll defend it. Shut up and pay your taxes. Quit your whining and complaining. Time to bring you backwoods Pennsyltucky hillbillies into the 21st century.

    I want paved roads and new bridges and a single payer healthcare system. You rescumlicans are gonna love it, it deals with “cost containment”.

    I want wind, solar, geothermal and waste energy investment tripled and I want gas drilling shut down permanently!

    No one cares about liquor privatization untill Tom Corporate made it an issue which it isn’t.

    You wanna talk pension reform, how about hedge fund reform? Putting all that under Wall Street management is where the real problem lies. People like you can’t comment on those techinical details and never can. You just keep spewing hateful rhetoric against Unions which built the middle class in this country, gave you a forty hour work week and weekends off.

    Thank you very much. 🙂

  4. Care to defend massive tax increases on all Pennsylvanians while you are at it? Independent Fiscal Office confirms that Wolf and his union allies will increase taxes on all income groups.

  5. Right. The same unions that realize the numbers don’t add up in your goofy privatization and pension deform efforts, Senator Wagner. It’s called math. You might want to learn about it. Dipshit.

  6. Heather… nice ad but the truth is that union bosses are bankrolling your campaign. The same public sector unions that are for the largest tax increase in Pennsylvania history, oppose liquor privatization, and pension reform.

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