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SD-37: Complaints Against Reschenthaler Boil Over

SD-37Frustrations against District Judge Guy Reschenthaler are starting to boil over.

The Judge is one of a number of candidates competing for the GOP nomination in the SD-37 special election. Incumbent Sen. Matt Smith, a Democrat, resigned his seat in May.

While the general contest is scheduled for November 3rd, the party will decide its nominee through a conference on Saturday.

Over the last few weeks, some Republicans have become increasingly frustrated with Reschenthaler’s attempts to win the nomination.

They point out that the PA Judicial Code of Conduct prohibits members of the judicial branch from campaigning and feel he is breaking the rules.

According to Barbara Miller of the Observer-Reporter, Mike McMullen of Hampton Township filed a formal complaint against Judge Reschenthaler.

“I’ve never met the guy,” McMullen told Miller. “I don’t want to see us lose the seat. If this Republican is the candidate, the Democrats are going to have a field day with this.”

Reschenthaler called McMullen’s claims “bogus, politically motivated complaints.”

The issue is that the judicial code concerns elections with strict start and stop dates and procedures. A conferee process to determine a party’s nominee for an open State Senate seat is much more fluid and the lines are blurred.

At the moment, Reschenthaler is one of two major contenders in the race along with attorney and Navy veteran Natalie Mihalek.

The 37th Senatorial District is made up of parts of Allegheny and Washington Counties.

12 Responses

  1. Every one of the substance you specified in post is too great and can be exceptionally valuable. I will remember it, a debt of gratitude is in order for sharing the data continue overhauling, looking forward for more posts.Thanks Single Forever

  2. Who cares if he served our country overseas! McMullen is fighting for the truth from his mom’s basement! Another part of the history making Corbett Crew!

  3. I love how Krista Harris is conferee and her husband’s consulting firm (Coldspark) is representing Guy Reschenthaler. I wonder who she’s going to vote for…hmmm

  4. For gods sake people, get a hold of yourselves.
    Raja probably will not win an election because of his ethnicity, he has already lost twice, lets be honest here and not PC. It’s terribly unfortunate but its reality.
    And whats with the Reschenthaler bashing, how many of you went to Iraq as a Navy JAG and prosecuted terrorists in an Iraqi Court in the green zone and Won??? hhmmm? didn’t think so!

  5. Wow so a bunch of former Corbett losers are acting in concert with Mike McMullen? Tickle Fight at Red Maverick!

  6. Dr. Jeff, I believe Ray Zabourne and Red Maverick Media is running Mihalek’s campaign. And yes, there are “bogus, politically motivated complaints.”

    Guy Reschenthaler already has an Advisory letter saying he can run without resigning, unless and until he is the nominee. That Advisory Opinion will hold up and we cn move on to the real issues…like the budget, pensions and Wolf’s massive tax increases.

  7. This process is messed up. Only 81 conferees are selected, and Roddey gets to pick HOW many?

    The list of conferees is raising eyebrows. A few extreme tea party members are on the list. Also, isn’t one of the conferees MARRIED to one of the candidates? Yes I typed candidates, because they ARE candidates. This is not an appointment process.

  8. Actually, this is the typical Raja attack-style campaign. The fact is that, out of the group, Reschenthaler is tainted because he is definitely breaking the law and would be a serious risk to nominate. The Judicial Code is crystal clear. I hear the Chairman Jim Roddey is trying to force-feed his candidacy to the conferees, and it’s not sitting well.

  9. Isn’t she represented by Coldspark? Wait, no, they’re running Guy’s non-campaign campaign. They must not have a department that monitors potential ethical issues.

  10. This article makes it seem like there are only two serious contenders when in reality there are many more. In addition to the Judge and Ms. Mihalek, D. Raja, a well respected local businessman, former Mt. Lebanon Commissioner and the Republican candidate who lost to Matt Smith is pursuing this as well. Paul Dixon, a very well liked 4 Term Bethel Park Councilman, John Schatterly, a Bethel Park Businessman and GOP member as well as Tim Young, a former Collier Commissioner, retired teacher and Principal and retired Lt. Col. From the Army National Guard has said he is running. All in all, a pretty strong group.

  11. Anyone know who is running Mihalek’s campaign? I am sure they have nothing to do with these “bogus, politically motivated complaints.”

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