SD-37: Guy Reschenthaler Releases First TV Ad (VIDEO)

A little over a month after being chosen as the GOP nominee for the SD-37 special election, the campaign of Judge Guy Reschenthaler has released its first advertisement.

Throughout the video, Reschenthaler’s qualifications are highlighted, including his position as a Lieutenant in the US Navy and his role in prosecuting terrorists in the Central Criminal Court of Iraq.

More locally, Reschenthaler served as a district judge, and the video states that through this position he worked to end domestic violence, protect seniors, and build programs for children.

“Harrisburg is out of control. I want to be a voice for the people of Southwestern Pennsylvania and represent our shared values, not the values of career politicians and special interests,” said Reschenthaler.

He will be facing Heather Arnet in the special election on November 3rd. The candidates are vying for the seat that was opened by the resignation of State Sen. Matt Smith, a Democrat.

17 Responses

  1. Where is all the money coming from for the “Friends of Guy” negative commercials? I must have seen at least 4 of them in just one day.

  2. Who is putting up all the money for so many ads on so many channels, which billionaire is trying to control all the politics in our state, Guy does not have this kind of money. The republicans have the state all locked down right now by not working with the Governor,do we want to keep this group in charge , Guy is their new boy to keep them doing what they always do, and big oil is giving them millions so we do not tax them

  3. How much money has Guy taken from Sen. Corman and Sen. Wagner? Are you getting a special loan from Sen. Wagner too? How much of the Wall Street money are you taking from Sen. Corman? How exactly can you run against Harrisburg when Harrisburg is funding your campaign and Harrisburg staff are volunteering to work your campaign? This sounds allot like the circumstances that resulted in bonusgate Guy! People are watching and they are not stupid.

  4. Western Voice are you saying captured terrorists caught in a war zone have legal rights? If so, that’s shocking!

  5. It’s difficult to imagine Guy could even see who he was prosecuting from third chair. These trials were run by civilian prosecutors and backed up by JAGs, of which he was not the primary.

  6. I’m very excited about Guy’s first ad! I will always vote for a war hero. It’s also refreshing to hear that Guy is pleading not take a state car, he will not take per diems or submit receipts for reimbursement, he will never take or vote for a pay raise, he will not take a state pension, he will not take campaign contributions from entrenched Harrisburg interests! I’m delighted that Guy is soo anti Harrisburg that he won’t allow current Senate Republican Staffers to work his campaign and he will not take any money from Sen. Wagner. Guy is the kind of change we need in Harrisburg!

  7. Looks like Recon Marine just got owned. First off, he’s standing by a storybthat just isn’t true. The ad makes it pretty clear that Guy Reichentaller was prosecuting captured terrorists — not American troops. Wouldn’t want to be in a firefight with Recon. He can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys.

  8. Clearly “Speaking of Truth” doesn’t understand how it works and was so hell bent on being a shill for the Guy R campaign than reading my comment closely … My service speaks for it’s self and I stand by it all day everyday, I sleep well at night knowing I did my part and I never turned my back on a brother no matter how bad it got.

    I tend to believe a lawyer is writing as “speaking the Truth” because using the phrase “Acted on behalf of Americas interests” is exactly how a lawyer would defend their actions. “Acted on behalf of America” is lawyer speak for its in America interest to enforce strict rules of engagement against our own fighting men and women when they make a mistake.

    I stand by my previous post. I’m done with this conversation. Guy have some courage and attack me using your real name.

  9. And just so everybody has a clear understanding, here’s a link to a site that explains the dos and don’ts of military garb. Vaughn Ward was ACTIVE military and posed specifically for the ad in his uniform. Reschenthaler is now a private citizen and using an old photo of himself from the red zone is perfectly acceptable — and it damned well should be. He was there. I doubt any of the people posing as former Marines were there. Read it for yourselves:

  10. Seems like we have some of the usual House Dem campaigners posting here. Check the actual ad. Reschenthaler’s photo — from Iraq — is on the ad. He’s not posting in a uniform in front of the video camera. It is entirely proper for old, on-the-site photos to be used and they certainly should be. Is he supposed to hide his service?

    The other point is, of course, not addressed. Reschenthaler prosecuted enemy combatants — not American troops.

    Amazing what Dem operatives will do, but smearing an Iraqi vet who served our country just, plain sucks.

  11. A simple google search will lead you to articles like this one: Idaho congressional candidate Vaughn Ward, who is a major in the Marine reserves, was recently told by the Marine Corps that he violated a Pentagon directive by wearing his military uniform in a political campaign Internet advertisement. In the ad, Vaughn is shown wearing camouflage and body armor with his rifle at his side.

  12. Reschenthaler prosecuted Al Qaida terrorists that were captured by American forces in Iraq. He DEFENDED a Marine who was wrongly charged with mistreating a captured insurgent. Again — he never prosecuted American troops. He prosecuted enemy combatants who were captured or arrested.

    Second — citing military service does not violate any Department of Defense regulations. Did anyone notice that people from JFK to John Kerry cited their war records? I rather doubt that the person anonymously passing himself off as a “Recon Marine” really served. Otherwise, this person would know that JAG Corps members acted on behalf of American interests and not against them.

  13. Recon, I’m surprised to hear this. I don’t know much about the JAGs, but was it common to prosecute American soldiers in Iraq?

  14. “Throughout the video, Reschenthaler’s qualifications are highlighted, including his position as a Lieutenant in the US Navy and his role in prosecuting terrorists in the Central Criminal Court of Iraq.”

    This is misleading at best … What he really did in Iraq … He prosecuted scared 18 year old American boys that were fighting house by house door by door for violation of the rules of engagement when they crashed through a door and mistakenly killed someone they shouldn’t have. The fog of war gave Guy the opportunity to rob young Americans of their liberty and the very freedom they were fighting for!

    I take it personal when a POG like this tries to reinvent their service while running for office … Guy was in the rear with the gear and most likely had a bed and 3 hots a day while the rest of us lived off of MRE’s for months and slept in the sand. Hell, he even got to talk to his family daily unlike those of us actually fighting the war on terror.

    PTSD is caused by guys like Guy … Every warrior had to think twice before pulling the trigger for fear Guy was going to punch their ticket to Ft Levenworth. Some of them died because they hesitated.

    Finally, I may have been only an enlisted Marine but I know your not allowed to wear your uniform in political ad’s … Politics cause soldiers to dishonor the country and the uniform. You disgust me. Have a nice day.

  15. This ad is in violation of DoD Directive 1344.10 … As a lawyer Guy should know better.

  16. Friends of Guy… really? There was nothing better available? How about Friends of Person.

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