SD-37: Reschenthaler Wins GOP Nomination for Special Election

ReschenthalerDistrict Judge Guy Reschenthaler will represent the Republican Party in the SD-37 special election.

Judge Reschenthaler was chosen by the conferee meeting held this weekend by the local GOP.

“I congratulate Guy Reschenthaler on his selection as our Party’s candidate in the 37th Senatorial District Special Election,” said Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason. “At a time when Governor Tom Wolf and Harrisburg Democrats want to drastically raise taxes on Pennsylvania families, the people of the 37th Senatorial District deserve a strong voice who is ready to stand up for them in Harrisburg. Guy Reschenthaler believes in growing our economy instead of the size of our government, and our Party looks forward to working hard to elect Guy Reschenthaler in November.”

It became clear that Reschenthaler was building momentum when opponents accused him of improper campaigning last week.

This election was triggered by the resignation of State Sen. Matt Smith. Smith was a Democrat and Republicans are hopeful they can flip this seat.

In a likely attempt to maximize turnout, and increase the chance Democrats have of holding the seat, Lt. Governor Mike Stack scheduled the contest for November 3rd.

The 37th Senatorial District is made up of parts of Allegheny and Washington Counties.

10 Responses

  1. I don’t think any candidates had political action committees opened so no one was running anyones campaign.

  2. What did you expect with a bunch of loser Corbett staffers running Mihaleks campaign? I heard after they lost this they went to the park in USC for a pick up game of bball but they left after being trounced by the Washington Generals.

  3. The winner always comes from the southern part of the district I.e. Mount Lebanon or Upper Staint Clair.

  4. “In a likely attempt to maximize turnout, and increase the chance Democrats have of holding the seat, Lt. Governor Mike Stack scheduled the contest for November 3rd.”

    Also because that’s the same as the general election, so it increases turnout which is good for democracy. And it also saves money.

  5. A lawyer that recently became a judge now wants to run to the next seat! This guy is sorta scary!

  6. The Conferee members Roddey picked didn’t do independent research and simply were puppets. The Dems are elated.

  7. It’s probably not a good idea for the Judge’s media consultants to be posting on here about sour grapes. It was covered in other papers as well in the Pittsburgh marker that someone else was the front runner or that nobody wanted the Judge or his baggage

  8. Gee, PoliticsPA told me for weeks that a random former ADA was the grant-runner. Real journalists know when they’re being played for fools.

  9. That’s funny, because he started off with 31 votes and only had to get to 41 votes to win, but in the end received 48 votes. Considering most of your numbers are off…

  10. He was picked by the Chairman, not the GOP, and not by any of the elected officials in the area. He had a 35 vote head start thanks to the chairman’s hand selection and had to get to 42 to win and it still took him 5 ballots.

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