SD-46: Sen. Solobay Highlights Work as Firefighter in New Ad (VIDEO)

The problem incumbents face is that nowadays people look warily at anyone in public office regardless of performance.

State Senator Tim Solobay has a solution to that problem. Highlight the other, much more popular, job you have.

Sen. Solobay’s latest commercial lays out his record while juxtaposing that with his work as a volunteer Fire Chief.

“I know what accountable really means,” Sen. Solobay says while we watch him prepare to board a fire truck. “It’s people relying on you when lives are on the line. I’m Senator Tim Solobay and when I’m not fighting fires, I’m still fighting for you.”

The Senator goes on to describe his efforts to fight “Gov. Corbett’s education cuts”, strengthen Megan’s Law, expand healthcare and create jobs.

“By protecting our families and preserving our western Pennsylvania values, I’m making Harrisburg accountable to us,” Solobay concludes.

Solobay represents the 46th district which consists of all of Greene County, most of Washington and some of Beaver. His opponent is GOP nominee Camera Bartolotta.

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3 thoughts on “SD-46: Sen. Solobay Highlights Work as Firefighter in New Ad (VIDEO)”

  1. PA Xena says:

    I don’t understand why they never talked about Bartolotta being involved in the “porn torture” Benyak was in! Her recent movie career actually happened. Rumors about a case the DA has even said Solobay isn’t a suspect in were part of a made up story!

  2. Mike says:

    I want to be a fireman when i grow up!!!!
    Or maybe an asstronaut?? Come on man!

  3. Tom Smith says:

    Nick Field,

    Can anyone explain why Politics PA publishes this, but has not published anything about Senator Solobay’s involvement in the murder of James Durbin?

    It appears that you have lost all credibility.

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