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SD-5: Kevin Boyle Announces State Senate Campaign

Kevin-BoyleKevin Boyle is running for the State Senate.

The State Representative from the 172nd district is looking to jump to the upper chamber in Harrisburg.

“I am running for the Democratic nomination for state Senate in Northeast Philadelphia’s 5th Senatorial District,” Boyle states. “It has been an honor to serve the people of Northeast Philadelphia in the state House for the past five years. During my three terms in office I’ve fought battles to protect workers rights, expand economic opportunities for all citizens, not just the 1% in addition to fighting for the quality of life for Northeast neighborhoods. I’ve also been extremely proud to have stood up to many of Philadelphia’s entrenched political machines.”

“My career experience from being an advocate for children in foster care to being a state representative shows a track record of fighting for regular people not the rich or political elites,” he continues. “I don’t come from a background of wealth or privilege. My father is a janitor in a SEPTA subway station and my mother was a school crossing guard. I’m very proud my brother Brendan and I after growing frustrated with machine politics challenged entrenched incumbents in office and won seats in the state House. I believe now is the time to seek higher office in the state Senate so to better lobby for the causes I’ve committed my life to and to fight for the working families of Northeast Philadelphia.”

The 5th district is currently represented by Democratic State Sen. John Sabatina Jr., who was elevated from the State House in a special election earlier this year. Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack held the seat before that.

Boyle is the younger brother of freshman Congressman Brendan Boyle.

UPDATE: Boyle told PoliticsPA he hasn’t decided whether he’ll also run for re-election to the State House at the same time. He said that he wanted to hear the opinions of his constituents first.

25 Responses

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  2. I was glad to see that Kevin Boyle lost in his bid to unseat Senator Sabatina. It seemed that his decision to run was purposely made late enough to ensure that another person from his district would not be unable to run against him in the primary ensuring he has his old seat to fall back on in case, and he did, lose. He did not care the money that a special election would have cost tax payers had he won both spots. Great to be able to waste other peoples money. I purposely did not vote for him even though he was the only one on the Democratic ballot in the primary for the Sate Rep seat.

  3. I would never vote for a person running for two seats. These two Boyle boys are not good candidates. One brother has section 8 houses and then put them in his wife’s name. These two have scandals all over them. It’s all about u Boyles. Not the community that you represent. Shame on u two

  4. Great points, Peter. We need periodicals, newspapers, blogs, etc. to step up to the plate, and start conducting real interviews with these candidates.

    “Obviously, Rep. Boyle and Sen. Sabatina are both democrats. Nick, what I would like to know is where they differ on their policy positions. Can you find out? Why replace Sen. Sabatina? What separates Rep. Boyle from Sen. Sabatina and vice versa.”

  5. Take it from me the Boyle brothers are great of hiding there scandals. Smoke and mirrors people. Please look into them before you cast your vote. Not nice men at all. Very disappointing.

  6. I hope some ambitious Democrat runs against Kevin Boyle in the primary for his seat in the HD 172. I never understood why no one in either party stepped up when his brother pulled the same thing in HD 170 when he ran for Congress.

  7. I think Rep. Boyle is doing fine in his current position. There’s still plenty of good work for him to do in the House.

  8. Obviously, Rep. Boyle and Sen. Sabatina are both democrats. Nick, what I would like to know is where they differ on their policy positions. Can you find out? Why replace Sen. Sabatina? What separates Rep. Boyle from Sen. Sabatina and vice versa.

  9. David,

    State rules do not have a ‘resign to run’ clause. Philadelphia County does have a resign to run. So, if you were elected to a position in the City of Philadelphia (besides a state position) you would have to resign.

  10. NE Dem::; Ed Neilson is the rep in the 174th. He can’t run in the 172nd. Learn how the political and legislative process works.

  11. A vote for Kevin Boyle is a vote for a special election, so that he can backdoor his own candidate into the 172nd after he stepped down for his seat. He’s the same as the “democratic machine” he’s bashing with his grand-standing.

    The question on everybody’s mind if that happens? Will Special Ed run for the 172nd to keep his special election streak going?

  12. BTW, I asked the question about whether he has to quit to run, because I don’t know if the state rules are different than federal.

    It’s allowed (but frowned upon) to run for state leg/senate seat and congress.

    I think some county council candidates have even held their county seat after being elected to st leg.

    However, running for house and senate would seem to be more mutually exclusive since someone serving in both could vote on the same bill twice (once in each chamber).

    So, does PA exclude simultaneous state house and senate run?

  13. Huh? Didn’t Kevin live on Burholme Avenue in Senator Tartaglione’s district? Did he move JUST to run against Sabatina? That’s a disgrace. You should ask him when he moved into the 5th Senatorial District, Nick Field.

  14. Nick Field, could you elaborate on this article/press release and determine for the people of the 5th Senatorial and 172nd Legislative district if Boyle is planning on running for both seats, as his brother did?

  15. Absolute disgrace to the party. His brother made a mess of running for two seats, now him. They back Republican candidates. 1st Martina White and then Dan Tinney. They protect wife abusers on there staff and cover it up and then dump him like a hot potato. By the Kevin cut your nose hairs. They look like party favors coming out of your nose. Don’t you look at yourself in the mirror. Let see how many unions back you for running for both. Your not your brother. Your just the left over waste.

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