SD-6: Judge Upholds State Deadline for Absentee Ballots, Davis Concedes

The race for Pennsylvania’s 6th state Senatorial district is over.

Today, Democratic state Rep. Tina Davis (D-Bucks) conceded to incumbent state Sen. Tommy Tomlinson (R-Bucks) for the closely watched seat in lower Bucks County through a Facebook post.

“Currently, our campaign is 74 votes behind. Our team has been fighting every day for the last three weeks to narrow this gap, but today we will stop fighting and allow Tommy Tomlinson to be re-elected to the State Senate,” Davis writes in the Facebook post. “It is time to move on, which is why I am ending my campaign.”

She goes on to thank supporters in this post, while stating the voters of the district have put Tomlinson “on notice” and that “business as usual in Harrisburg is no longer acceptable” and hopes he “heeds their message.”

This concession comes one day after a Bucks County judge dismissed a petition on behalf of Davis to declare the state’s deadline for regular absentee ballots unconstitutional, according to the Bucks County Courier Times.  

The PLSReporter reports that the Davis campaign claims that 216 late absentee ballots, arriving between the typical deadline, 5 p.m. Friday before Election Day, and the military and international absentee deadline a week after Election Day, should be counted.

Tomlinson’s campaign manager, Ryan Skoczylas, called the ruling against Davis’s petition a “victory for the Rule of Law and the common sense premise that you can’t change the rules after you lose,” according to the Bucks County Courier Times.

Two weeks ago, the Patch reported that the Board of Elections shared that Tomlinson was the “apparent winner” in this race.

Tomlinson declared victory via Facebook on two occasions prior to today’s concession from Davis. Once the day after the election and the other a week after his initial post.

Despite the unsuccessful bid for the state Senate, Davis will be going back to Harrisburg after she cruised to victory in her state House seat over Republican Anthony Sposato. The Bucks County Courier Times reports that after yesterday’s court decision Davis expressed her plans to introduce legislation to “make absentee ballot voting more in line with other states, including extending the deadline to allow same day absentee ballot voting and removing the excuse requirement for absentee ballot voting.”

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  1. Tomlinson is put on “notice”????? lol. Tina Davis was unable to win a democratic district, in a Democratic Blue Wave, while out-spending her opponent. That says something about her. She was just a terrible candidate. If anyone is on notice it should be her.

    1. And here’s hoping she succeeds in passing that piece of legislation. Despite claiming she’s been a successful state rep during the campaign, it will be her first bill ever signed into law.

  2. Dr, Brenda C. Snipes Election Supervisor from Broward County may be looking for a new job. Bucks County should consider hiring her to run their elections so their vote counts will always turn out the correct way.

  3. I hope Representative Tina Davis will also introduce legislation that would prohibit State House and State Senate members from running for other State and Federal offices while at the same time seeking reelection to their State House or State Senate seats. Politicians that have “safe seats” regularly do this and it needs to stop.

    1. The running for two offices at the same time is done by politicians from both parties state wide and needs to be prohibited.

  4. Nah they should do 12 manual recounts yet. There is no way a REPUBLICAN won, just gross…why would people vote for a Republican. Oh yeah, because they stand up for individual freedoms not socialism and being a SHEEP. Whoopsie. Good Job Tommy, glad to see you back!

  5. While the law may be upheld, it is unreasonable on a factual reality basis, as she sued for. This law must be amended to make sense for the realities of today’s US mail. Otherwise, the right to vote by this method is an illusion.

  6. So they ask a Common Pleas judge to declare a law unconstitutional (likelihood less than 5%) and then don’t appeal it up where it actually might be held unconstitutional?? She needs a new lawyer.

    1. There is a process. If they had allowed counting the ballots illegally, it would have gone to commonweath.

  7. How could these people vote for someone who would not give up her seat in the house?? Another poster child for term limits!!!!!!!

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