SD-6: Tomlinson Touts “Independent Voice” in Debut Ad

Tommy TomlinsonState Senator Tommy Tomlinson (R-Bucks) released his first campaign commercial this weekend.

The Republican incumbent is seeking to distance himself from unpopular Governor Tom Corbett by declaring he “has always put people over partisan politics.”

The ad further differentiated him from Corbett in terms of policy as well.

“[Tomlinson] supported taxing big oil and gas companies for extracting pennsylvania’s natural gas,” the thirty-second spot states. “Tomlinson’s bill would use that money to help increase education dollars flowing directly into the classroom.”

Entitled People Before Politics, the ad was a response and dismissal of Rose’s first ad, which spoke of a Corbett-Tomlinson partnership.

Tomlinson, 68, has held the seat since 1995. He cruised to re-election by 16 points in 2010 and won by 7 points in the Democratic wave year of 2006.

7 Responses

  1. Tomlinson is very, very embedded with the BucksCo Republican partisans, particularly, the Deon Beer Cartel and Union faction. “Independent” only of the voters and taxpayers.

  2. By my count, there are 5,877 Households with unaffiliated voters. Reminding those voters of Tomlinson’s pension votes might work. Tomlinson is a career hack.

    With the Republicans, it might help to remind them of Tomlinson’s “gas tax” vote to undercut Republican “low information” voters that Tomlinson is not what he pretends to be.

  3. Senator Tomlinson will receive a pension of about $60,000 a year plus platinum health care costing taxpayers about 20,000 a year.

    Tomlinson voted for a 50% increase in his pension Act 9 of 2001 and has obstructed pension reform in Pennsylvania punishing taxpayers.

    This is a very Democratic leaning district that voted for Obama in 2012. If Rs and non-affiliated voters were reminded of his pension votes, it would undermine his Republican support and swing the “independents” in my opinion.

  4. What kind of incumbent mentions his challenger within the first five seconds of an ad? Amateur. Both Democrats and Republicans of SD 6 are fed up with their leadership in Harrisburg – and this ad tells them who the alternative to the status quo is: Kimberly Rose.

  5. Nowhere near the amount or the percentage of funds the SDCC dumped into loser Kimberly Rose’s campaign. She didn’t even raise $15000 on her own.

    Tomlinson by 18

  6. Independent? How much $ has State Senate Majority Leader Dom Pileggi pumped into this campaign?

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