SD-9: Killion Wins In Special Election

KillionLongtime State Representative Tom Killion was able to win in a special election to fill former Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi’s seat. Killion was up against Democrat Marty Molloy in Delaware County.

Killion defeated McCoy by a margin of 35,848 votes to 25,075 votes.

The 9th Senatorial District includes parts of Chester County and Delaware County.

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7 thoughts on “SD-9: Killion Wins In Special Election”

  1. Delco says:

    ZB, I assume you have no real knowledge base to back up your belief that Dems will win Killion’s House seat considering:

    1. Its one of the more Republican leaning House seats in SE PA as far as registration.

    2. The Dem candidate for that seat has raised next to nothing

    3. Its likely there will be special election held to fill the vacancy this summer. Dem turnout for specials is not nearly as good as Republican’s in suburban Philly.

    $. In the Primary two days ago, the Republican candidate for the House seat earned 4,000 more votes than his Democrat opponent

  2. Steve Gerace says:

    Great job, Tom. It was an honor working on your campaign. AND it will be an honor to work on your victorious re-election in November. This time, the Democrats couldn’t throw in a carpetbagger and win.

  3. Zakrey Bissell says:

    I will say congrats to you Tom Killion is to win the special election and I think for the Democrats will win your state house seat in 2016.

  4. Delco says:

    Malloy ain’t the real McCoy

  5. Observant says:

    No surprise here. Seasoned legislator versus third tier candidate. Sad thing is that the Dem gets to come back in November to get his head handed to him…again.

  6. Delco says:

    Actually, Killion won by 10,000 votes and a 14 percent margin

  7. Beth Alois says:


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