SDCC Names New Executive Director

David MarshallThe Senate Democratic Campaign Committee (SDCC) hired David Marshall to take over as Executive Director.  

“After a national search, we are incredibly happy to have found someone with the skills and experience to lead our campaign committee moving forward. With a wealth of campaign experience, David is ready to take on the challenge of re-establishing the SDCC as an organization that will help our Senate candidates compete and win in districts across the commonwealth,” Senate Democratic Leader Jay Costa said in a release announcing the hire.  

The SDCC is responsible for helping its incumbents win re-election, and recruiting new candidates to challenge Republicans across the state.  

Marshall ran state Representative Perry Warren’s (D-Bucks) campaign in 2016.  Prior to that Marshall worked Democratic campaigns across the country including working for President Obama’s 2008 campaign.  He has worked in 12 states for races at all levels of government.  

Marshall is originally from Bucks county, and attended Kutztown University.

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15 thoughts on “SDCC Names New Executive Director”

  1. Truth Talk says:

    Let’s get some things straight about HD-31:
    -It was a Democratic-leaning open seat
    -The popular incumbent Democratic state representative was running for Congress, which would encourage local turnout even beyond the presidential
    -The campaign was showered by union money and HDCC support
    -Hillary Clinton carried the district by 14 points and most statewide candidates also carried by almost double digits.
    -Perry Warren ended up winning with a margin of less than 100 votes.

    So what exactly is the claim to fame of a campaign manager who barely held on to a seat that should’ve been safely Democratic in the first place, and had to waste half a million dollars of money that could’ve gone to picking up Republican-held seats?

    Of course, he’ll fit right in at SDCC.

  2. Brad Kirsch says:

    First let me remark in the obvious errors this last week. The page posted a dated article from the Democratic State Meeting in April.
    My second remark is about the obvious intrusion of spammers to these comment sections.

    Now, as to comments from so-called experts on elections about democratic losses.

    The Democratic fate was sealed in PA in the 2011 Gerrymander of our state! The congressional delegation immediately fell by 13 seats and the state house and senate have been falling since.

    I hope that we remember that the strategy topped the needs of our citizens ever since and that Democrats learn to come out in great numbers until we get a fair apportionment based on what citizens want and not at what legislators need.

  3. Tired says:

    In a Democratic leaning district with record turnout and Trump getting buried this guy wins a state House seat by under 100 votes and he’s some kind of genius/savior? SDCC strikes again. I guess any win is a big win for SDCC or HDCC.

  4. Rural Dem says:

    The senate dems are the biggest joke in the state. Isn’t there like 17 of them. Sad when the minority leader has to serve as a rank and file member on committees because they don’t have enough members to fill the committee

    1. David Diano says:

      It’s worse. It’s 16 Dems, not 17. So, it’s 34 to 16.

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  6. jmarshak says:

    That’s a face for a post office wall.

  7. Alison says:

    Well, they haven’t had a majority on election night since 1978. Good luck changing that.

    1. Truth says:

      Double check your facts and look up Frank Lynch, Bill Stinson and Bruce Marks.

  8. Mike F. says:

    Man, I don’t think I would pick a guy from Republican dominated Bucks County. The D’s in Bucks County are deplorable.

    1. Bill Dalanson says:

      Perry Warren won his race by 70-something votes in a district other D’s did much worse in. It seems that Mr. Marshall knows what he’s doing.

      1. Rex says:

        Bill what other Ds did worse?

        In HD31, in terms of 2 party votes:
        HRC- 57.3%
        McGinty- 51.2%
        Santarsiero- 54.2%
        Shapiro- 54.7%
        Torsella- 53.9%
        DePasquale- 51.6%

        Warren- 50.1%

        So, who did he do better than?

        1. huh says:

          yeah seems like warren was the least of it

  9. David Diano says:

    “re-establishing the SDCC as an organization that will help our Senate candidates compete and win in districts across the commonwealth”

    The “re-” implies that the SDCC already did that.

    “The SDCC is responsible for helping its incumbents win re-election, and recruiting new candidates to challenge Republicans across the state.”

    The problem with this is that there are some shitty Dem senators who should be replaced with better Dems, but are protected by the SDCC. Also, there is too much favoritism in open Dem primaries when there should be neutrality.

    Bucks has been under-performing for years, so I hope that Mr. Marshall’s experience there can improve the situation. I find it funny that a “nationwide search” yielded someone from PA.

    At state committee this weekend, I commented how the SDCC last year refused to help a candidate with a simple robo call. One of the committee people replied: “What do you expect? SDCC has no money. They are a ‘pass-through’ organization.”

    I hope Mr. Marshall is successful, but the culture that has prevailed at SDCC would need a serious change/reversal for him to accomplish the stated goals.

  10. Bill & Ted says:

    Must be a slow news day

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