Secretary Kerry Campaigns for Iran Nuclear Deal in Philadelphia

John-KerrySecretary of State John Kerry campaigned for support of the Iranian Nuclear Deal at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia on Wednesday.

In his speech, Kerry defended the hotly contested agreement as a prominent and timely step towards a safer, more peaceful world.

Kerry said the deal, “sets us on the road to greater stability and security but doesn’t require us to give up any option at all. To vote down this agreement is to solve nothing.”

“Rejecting this agreement would not be sending a signal of resolve to Iran, it would be broadcasting a message so puzzling that most people across the globe would find it impossible to comprehend,” Kerry warned his audience.

Republicans have fiercely opposed the deal and plan to present a resolution of disapproval in the House and Senate by the beginning of next week.

Last Tuesday, Sen. Bob Casey became the 32nd senator to announce his support of the accord with Iran.

“This agreement will substantially constrain the Iranian nuclear program for its duration, and compared with all realistic alternatives, it is the best option available to us at this time,” Casey wrote a 17-page explanation.

Early Wednesday morning Sen. Barbara Mikulski announced her endorsement of the Iran deal, becoming the 34th senator to voice her support, thus giving the Obama Administration enough votes to block a veto override.

Following the speech, PoliticsPA spoke to Mayor Nutter who offered his support to President Obama and Secretary Kerry:

“Secretary Kerry’s speech really made the case for why the Iran nuclear agreement should be supported. He laid out an array of details that quite frankly we aren’t hearing in other places, certainly that we aren’t reading that level of detail in much of the press. I think that this is a situation where you know if folks can just read the information that they need to better understand it, the way Secretary Kerry put the pros and cons, I think in the end of that discussion, that thought process, you’ll realize that this is the best agreement we can get. There are many, many protections in the agreement. All of us, speaking for myself personally, are deeply concerned with the safety and security of Israel and many of the neighboring countries and also the United States of America. I think it is time to move forward and we need to support President Obama in his efforts to bring peace to the world.”

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  1. J street is a pseudo Jewish group that is in fact both anti semetic and anti Israel including a Muslim radical leader who has openly embraced both. Fueled by the anti semitism and anti Israel posture of Obama they are often cited as supporters of Obamas misguided positions. David D face it – Obama is corrupt , a racist and antibiotics semetic. He harms our Nation, our children’s future and our allies. With regret if you ever left the womb of Philly you would reluctantly realize he is respected by none and viewed as a joke by many. More corrupt than Nixon – more incompetent than Carter,l never thought possible but Obama stinks!

  2. Unsanctioned R-

    Netanyahu tried meddling (not mettling) in the US elections with Romney in 2008.

    Netayahu won through fear mongering, racistm, and hardline statements about not supporting a two-state solution and expanding settlements.

    J-Street is a lobbying group in the US, not Israel.

  3. I know. Obama worked with them to mettle in Israel’s election. You thought you had it won up to Election Day when reality and people of good sense blew you out. You and Obama and J-Street were served a lot of crow that day.

    There are a lot of majorities who oppose making this deal and ironically the Democratic Party is killing democracy.

  4. Unsanctioned R-

    J-Street is a pro-Jewish lobby and the only group to challenge AIPAC seriously. AIPAC is a defacto agent of the conservative Israeli government, and J-Street serves as a counter-balance for the progressive forces inside (and outside of) Israel, who oppose the current militarist approach.

  5. J-Street? You used a Democrat-only organization to bolster the Democrat-only minority that owns this deal. To use your language, J-Street is your “my Jewish friend” or “token” Jew on this issue.

  6. Unsanctioned R-

    The Jewish group J-Street is pro-Israel, doesn’t think Israel is evil, disagrees strongly with Netanyahu and kicked AIPAC’s @ss on this.

    They want peace and believe in diplomacy.

    The democrats look forward to your many years of congratulations on keeping Iran free of nukes.

  7. Recent reports predicted global warming made the Earth uninhabitable 6 months ago.

    This deal has been shown as a complete joke. This is what happens when liberals trust their enemies to be good even in the face of them publishing books and giving speeches about your destruction (you can find those links in previous threads).

    Progressives think Israel is evil and deserves to be attacked. Progressives think America is unjust and doesn’t deserve to sanction outlaw regimes because it’s us who are hurting their people.

    Well, elections have consequences, and the Democrats and Democrats alone get all the credit for Iran’s nuclear future.

  8. “vowing to continue preparations to destroy Israel”. LOL

    Israel has 200 nukes. Iran isn’t destroying them. But, Israel is destroying Gaza. Recent reports predict Gaza will be uninhabitable in 5 years due to Israel’s abusive policies.

  9. Today:

    “Iran unleashed a double-pronged attack: vowing to block inspector access to some sites, and vowing to continue preparations to destroy Israel.
    Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan said today that the International Atomic Energy Agency — which inked confidential deals with Tehran that Congress has not been able to see — would not be able to see all the facilities it wants to.”

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