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Madonna & Young’s Politically Uncorrected: The Age of Ideology

To be sure, there were real and serious issues about spending and taxes that underlaid the debt debate. Moreover, as a nation we are inarguably spending too much money given the demands of entitlements and the level of taxes. So some of what we went through was probably necessary. But why did it last so long, become so rancorous, and end up costing so much to resolve?

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8/2 Morning Buzz

Veteran Democratic Congressman Mike Doyle was the lone member of the Pennsylvania delegation to vote against the high-profile, controversial debt ceiling deal reached by President Obama and congressional leaders late Sunday night. The Forest Hills representative was also at the center of a controversial caucus huddle in which he reportedly likened Tea Party Republicans to “terrorists [who] have made it impossible to spend any money.”

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8/1 Morning Buzz

The big Monday morning news: President Obama and Congressional leaders pounded out the framework for a budget deal late Sunday night, with a vote very likely taking place on Monday. Even before their respective caucus leaders had a chance to present the specifics of the plan to rank-and-file members, Pennsylvania’s public officials were already offering preliminary thoughts.

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7/29 PoliticsPA’s Up & Down

A seesaw week for many Keystone State politicos this time around — from the Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission to liquor privatization…not to mention PoliticsPA co-owner Larry Ceisler’s inner turmoil over choosing between the Phillies and the Pirates this weekend.

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