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5/19 Morning Buzz

Rick Santorum has clarified some of the comments he made about John McCain. Sen. Toomey gave another speech about his deficit reduction plan. Jim Cawley is settling back into his role as Lieutenant Governor because Gov. Corbett is out of the hospital and says he is feeling better. The Philly papers are speculating about what the Nutter agenda will look like in his all-but-assured 2nd term. The Philly writers also prognosticate who might run in 2015.

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5/6 Ups & Downs

Pat Meehan. Every elected official got a bump from the fantastic news that Osama bin Laden had finally been caught. But Rep. Meehan was ahead of the curve. He’s been looking at the possible threat from extremists in Pakistan for some time, and had already scheduled a hearing on the subject. The result? The week’s […]

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Pa. Leaders React to Federal Budget Agreement

After news reports, breaking news e-mails and cell phone push notifications alerted the nation late Friday night that a federal budget agreement was met and a government shutdown off the radar, Pennsylvania representatives voiced their thoughts on the deal– with Democrats and Republicans alike expressing relief a shutdown was averted.

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