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PoliticsPA’s Up & Down: 10/15 Edition

We have a packed Up & Down this week. We wonder if Joe Sestak is on the rise and Mayor Ravenstahl had a tough blow that he could not be in the city to respond to. Gov. Rendell keeps on fighting while State Rep. Galloway had his youtube moment and State Sen. Browne engaged in the usual Harrisburg bickering. Pat Meehan ducked a debate and Rep. Dahlkemper is wondering where all the love went. Finally, what’s with Dee Adcock’s press releases.

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PoliticsPA’s Up & Down: 10/8 Edition

In this week’s Up & Down, we take on the state Republican party for spinning the departure of Rep. Patrick Murphy’s chief of staff the wrong way, the Dahlkemper camp had a rough week, Tom Corbett is in some trouble over a tax proposal he made and State Rep. Kotik is jumping the gun a little bit. On the up side, the state Democratic party should have a good weekend with the President, Vice-President, the star of ‘Glee’ and the Roots all in the state to campaign this weekend.

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PoliticsPA Sits Down With Former Congressman Phil English

On Sept. 28, PoliticsPA’s Louis Jacobson caught up with former Erie-area Congressman Phil English, a Republican, for a wide-ranging conversation about the national and statewide outlook for Election Day. English was elected to the House during the Republican wave election of 1994 and later lost his seat to current Democratic Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper in the Democratic wave election of 2008. Here are edited excerpts from their conversation.

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