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2/23 Morning Buzz

Good Wednesday morning and welcome to the Buzz! Last night was the last scheduled debate between the Republican candidates for President. Sen. Santorum’s record as the U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania came under close scrutiny. A point of contention was Santorum’s support of Arlen Specter in the Republican primary in 2004. Sen. Santorum said he was assured Specter would support conservative judges for the federal bench. Former Gov. Romney, on the other hand, believes Santorum’s support of Specter provided the 60th vote to overcome a filibuster of health care reform.

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2/22 Morning Buzz

Good morning politicos, and welcome to the Buzz. The Legislate Reapportionment Commission meets today to unveil new versions of the state House and Senate maps and, hopefully, a  better understanding of what comes next for campaign 2012.

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Santorum Campaign Raises $4 Million in January

Following victories in the Iowa, Minnesota, Colorado and Missouri primaries, GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum doubled his 2011 fundraising total in January alone. His opponents, Democrats and Republicans, continue to out-raise the former Pa. Senator.

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