SEIU Endorses Murphy

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Pennsylvania State Council officially backed Patrick Murphy in the race for Attorney General, the organization announced Thursday. Kathleen Kane’s camp says Murphy is out of step with SEIU’s position on the Arizona immigration law.

The SEIU represents around 80,000 workers in Pa.  In a statement, representatives of the organization said they endorsed Murphy based on his record of fighting for working families and his vision for an Attorney General’s office that will defend the rights of all Pennsylvanians.

“My father was a member of a union, the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police, for 22 years, so this endorsement is especially meaningful,” Murphy said in a statement. “I have always fought to protect working families and the rights of workers, and as Attorney General I will always enforce the law fairly to protect working middle class families.”

The endorsement of SEIU, which is among the more effective Pa. labor unions vis a vis grassroots campaign support, gives Murphy a significant electoral advantage in the April primary.

“In Patrick, our members always know they have a friend and a champion for middle-class families…which is exactly what we need in elected officials today,” said Neal Bisno, President of SEIU Healthcare PA.  “Our members and former members are ready to hit the street for Patrick…[and] we’re ready to mobilize our grassroots network like never before.”

Murphy is facing former Lackawanna County prosecutor Kathleen Kane in the April 24 primary.  On Thursday night, she received the unanimous endorsement of the Beaver County Democratic Committee.

Kane’s campaign suggested SEIU’s endorsement was at odds with Murphy’s stance on one of the union’s major issues.

“SEIU is a great organization whose support Kathleen hopes to earn in the general election.  Given SEIU’s strong denunciation of Arizona’s harsh immigration laws that stigmatize Hispanics, it is puzzling that they would endorse Congressman Murphy, who boasted about his support for Arizona’s laws,” said Kane communications director Josh Morrow, citing statements from Murphy during his 2010 congressional campaign.  “Congressman Murphy even criticized President Obama for his efforts to block Arizona’s unfair immigration laws.”

“Arizona is responding to a real problem and the administration’s decision to bring a lawsuit is flat-out wrong,” Murphy said at the time.

Correction: an earlier version of this story identified Morrow as Kane’s campaign manager. He is now accurately titled her communications director. Her CM is Sadie Sterner.

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6 thoughts on “SEIU Endorses Murphy”

  1. Kathleen says:

    Any candidate endorsed by unions, especially the SEIU, is not the caliber of person who should serve in any elected/appointed capacity.

    Any candidate who panders to illegal aliens, such as Kathleen Kane, should never step foot in an office paid for by law-abiding, taxpaying citizens.

    Considering the SEIU endorsement of Patrick Murphy and the LaRaza-advocate statements of Kathleen Kane it is obvious neither Democrat should be elected, especially that of Attorney General.

  2. David Diano says:

    Beaver endorsement was 129 to 0

    Since when is a unanimous vote not a story?

  3. Adult in the Room says:

    PoliticsPA didn’t cover when most of the twenty plus counties that endorsed Murphy did their announcements either.

    A Philly or Allegheny endorsement is worth a story, Beaver just isn’t.

  4. Rob says:

    Of course the SEIU would endorse Pat! He’s “their kind of guy”! What’s not to like about Pat, you say? Well if you’re a Progressive-Liberal, I am sure there’s a lot to like! But if you’re tired of Progressive-Liberals in our government, then there’s also a lot not to like about Pat!

    For starters, he lost his Congressional Seat to Mike Fitzpatrick in 2010 by over 20,000 votes! Then there’s Pat’s voting record: He was in “Lock-step” with President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi! Just what Pennsylvania needs in the AG’s office-NOT!

  5. David Diano says:


    Beaver county gave Kathleen Kane their endorsement, as did Westmoreland today, but there’s no mention of it in PoliticsPA. Yet, you’ve done a article on Murphy winning SEIU.

    Is PoliticsPA in the tank for Murphy?

  6. Dot says:

    Regarding: “The endorsement of SEIU, which is among the more effective Pa. labor unions vis a vis grassroots campaign support, gives Murphy a significant electoral advantage in the April primary.” Watch out for the intimidation tactics, violence and threats that have been seen at gathering with SEIU members in attendance. Thuggery.

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