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Self-Funding Puts Wallace Even with Fitzpatrick in Q2

Put your money where your campaign is. That’s what Democratic candidate for PA-1, Scott Wallace has done the past couple of months in his quest to unseat Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks).  

Since the beginning of 2018, Wallace has loaned his campaign slightly over $4.8M. Six of the seven donations came before the May primary in which Wallace defeated Rachel Reddick. The most recent loan to his campaign was made on the last business day for the quarter, for a bit more than $1.2M.  

Boosted by the massive loans, Wallace’s campaign spent $1.25M from late April to the end of June, the period covering the primary. During this same period, Fitzpatrick spent just over $150,000.

Wallace’s spending comes at a time when the Cook Political Report recently moved the race for PA’s 1st District from “Toss Up” to “Leans Republican”. Cook’s David Wasserman cited Wallace’s willingness to put money into his campaign as a double-edged sword making him a capable and serious candidate, but also opening him to charges of being out of touch. The report also credited Fitzpatrick (and his brother) with building a strong moderate image which has earned him the endorsements from Gabby Giffords and the AFL-CIO.

In terms of money raised, Fitzpatrick held the edge during period. He brought in slightly over $418,000 to Wallace’s nearly $304,000.

Both candidates are neck and neck with cash on hand with Wallace holding a bit more, $1.7M to Fitzpatrick’s $1.65M.

9 Responses

  1. This stupid type of handicapping over finances instead of issues has caused our congressman to not even comment on the pernicious influence that his majority congress has caused that could stop this vital investigation into Russia’s penetration of our election systems.

    A topic I suggest is more pertinent to what we should be considering.

    If we don’t understand what is different as of this years political campaigns then we will continue to measure campaigns tactics instead of what issues are and where we need to know our new congressman must stand!

    1. The only thing more pertinent is who smells better, besides me, of course.

  2. I am a democrat but Wallace is one the least inspirational and uncharismatic candidates I have ever seen. He still reads off of notes and has the energy of a wet blanket. Who does the vetting for Democrats? Couldn’t we do better than this?? I am so disappointed. That being said- I will still vote for him because the Republican Congress has got to go!

    1. I said the same thing… He is a Democart Mitt Romney… Nevertheless, still voting for him to ride the blue wave 🙂

  3. Wallace is an extreme left winger out of touch with this and any other district in PA. His effort to cover up his Anti Israel anti Semetic conduct in past —has failed. Let’s send him back to South Africa. We may be weary of Trump- but we sure as heck don’t need a bunch of extreme leftists like Wallace. His money may make him competitive- but his extreme views will lead to his ultimate defeat!

  4. Wallace can benefit from “Trump fatigue” but has to be assertive in taking his case to the voters by drawing distinctions between he and Fitzpatrick. Otherwise, Fitzpatrick can maneuver around in an “above the fray” mode in tricky political waters that really favor Wallace/Dems. This constant drum beat of Trump news–Stormy Daniels is arrested at a club in Ohio, Stormy Daniels arrest is dropped the next day, Paul Manafort says he is a VIP in jail, Trump agrees with Putin in Finland, Michael Cohen stories–this has to be a negative for R’s but it is up to the Dems what to do with it all.

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