Senate 2016: Kane “Is Pretty Serious About This”

kanePoliticsPA confirmed with a source close to Attorney General Kathleen Kane that she is seriously considering a run for Senate in 2016.

Just 11 months into office, Kane has seen a meteoric rise in popularity. She was the top Democratic vote getter in the state in 2012 when she won the Attorney General’s office and almost immediately, her name was circulated for higher office.

Despite rumors that she would jump into the 2014 Democratic primary for governor, multiple sources have confirmed that she has her eyes on the Senate according first to a story from Chris Brennan of the Philadelphia Daily News.

In a hypothetical contest between Toomey and Attorney General Kathleen Kane polled by Public Policy Polling last month, Kane holds a 46% to 42% lead with 12% not sure. Interestingly, Kane’s lead among men (48% to 42%) is larger than her lead among women (45% to 42%); however, she still outperforms former Rep. Joe Sestak

In a rematch between Toomey and his 2010 opponent Sestak (who has already strongly hinted at his intention to run) the two candidates are tied 42% to 42% with 16% not sure. Toomey leads Sestak by one point, 44% to 43%, among men and Sestak is one point ahead with women, 41% to 40%.

Other names likely to enter the Democratic primary in this race are Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-Lackawanna) and Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro.

The downside for Kane, who proved a prolific fundraiser in 2012: federal fundraising rules are much stricter and big checks are harder to collect.

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  1. Fake Liberal Lion-
    That’s for reminding about that old link (which cost about $10 and expired years ago and just forwarded to a free blog anyway).

    I never subscribed to Arlen’s single bullet theory, nor am I generally a big fan of centrist Dems. Specter was far more liberal that most people gave him credit for, and was constantly opposing the GOP on issues like gay rights, abortion, and healthcare. My view of Specter was that he was a closet liberal, stuck in the GOP.

    Sestak, on the other hand, is a pro-war, closet conservative who cannot be trusted with a six-year Senate term.

    Your timeline/information on Sestak being asked to run is all wrong. Yes, Sestak was asked to run and DECLINED. So, the party went to find another candidate and pulled a great coup on the GOP by getting Specter on our side. Then, after refusing the offer, Sestak suddenly turns around and goes “Ooops, I changed my mind”.

    Well, tough sh*t. That’s like giving up a dinner reservation at a restaurant, then complaining when they give your table to someone else.

    As for Sestak’s popularity, I’m referring to his sinking popularity within the Dem party apparatus. They know how he screwed them and the other candidates in 2010. Those polls showing Sestak leading for a Gov race were strictly due to his name recognition over the other candidates.

    I know that Sestak’s ego won’t let him do the right thing and run for the PA 7th. But, is losing bigger races, and hurting the party in the process, really going forward? Like Clint Eastwood said, “A man’s got to know his limitations.”

  2. @David Diano Your Facebook photo says it all…”Babyfied!” You actually spent money for a website domain on your twitter link to continue your hatred of Sestak which is the only thing that is ‘fake’ here. You love centrist democrats like Kane just like you love fake ones like Arlen Specter and his single bullet theory. And at the same call Sestak a closet Republucan. You make no sense whatsoever in your continuous rants. As you claim Sestak screwed the Democratic Party…as everyone recalls it was the party who asked him first to run, then dumped him in their sellout manner when your ‘single bullet theory hero’ Arlen decided to switch parties. Then OFA came along after Harry Reid shutdown the Senate for a whole day to fly everyone to a Philly fundraiser for Arlen. How turncoat is that for your centrist Dems that your so in love with. Your sitting there talking about how Sestak isn’t popular anymore…but I recall a poll on here months ago reporting Sestak led all Dems for Gov. before he even showed his hand on his intentions. He would still be the frontrunner right now if he were running, so don’t kid yourself. You have to be absolutely unrealistic to think he would re-run for the 7th. You don’t go backwards ever. That’s just totally silly! Lol. Hell…if anybody should run for congress, it should be Kane…first! Lol. This chicks got no experience, so baby steps come first just like your Facebook page! Get a life and quit your hatred of Sestak already!

  3. Kane will totally win the primary but the general will be much more difficult. I am worried about her position on workers rights but Sestak screwed the democratic party hard in 2010 and no one forgot it. Along with that Kane is highly popular and Clinton stumped for her before because she was a big Hillary supporter. Sestak did too much against the will of the party for Clinton support.

  4. Fake Liberal Lion-
    Within the party, Sestak is about as popular as a case of herpes. Everyone remembers how his campaign threw them under the bus in 2010. Kane would easily get the party endorsement, especially since Joe wants to be a one-term only Senator.

    Sestak’s cash-on-hand was $900,000 the last quarter, and will probably be around $1.2 million when he files at the end of the month. He’s barely half-way to $2 million.

    Bill campaigned for Kane in PA. If Hillary is on the ticket to be the first female president, then Kane (the first female AG) is a natural pairing (running to be the first female Senator from PA). Let’s not forget that Hillary loves touting Scranton as her PA connection.

    The smartest move for Sestak at this point would be to announce he is running for congress in PA 7 in 2014. He wouldn’t have to spend the next 2 1/2 years wasting his time traveling around the state on a fool’s errand. He can focus on the 7th, get back in Congress, and spend more time at his real house in Virginia with his family.

  5. @ Diano Of course she’s gone against Corbett on “everything” since then. Who wouldn’t?! Lol. You’re getting all excited over one poll. Your forgetting a lot of points. 16% unsure, for one. There’s a lot of room there. And it’s way too early. The Clinton’s will NEVER back Kane when Sestak already worked in the Clinton admin. They will stump for him and campaign and endorse undoubtedly before the 2016 Primary. Joe is already ahead in fundraising at what?, like 2 mill now, almost. Sestak will be sure to point out the fact that she supported everything Corbett did with attack ads, just like with Specter at the last second. Joe is not stupid. Just because you think he waisted a lot of money wherever, won’t mean spit when the mudslinging and the mood of public opinion starts weighing in at the beginning of the 2016 year when Gloomey really hasn’t done anything up to that point, not to mention Joe will say “I helped pass healthcare, I was already in Congress, (Where Kane hasn’t been), I directed the terrorist intelligence unit”, and all that. She’s not going to have much to fire back with. Just like Specter didn’t.

  6. Kane didn’t support “everything” that Corbett did as AG. That’s just a false statement. You didn’t even provide one non-representative example. She has certainly gone against Corbett since elected.

    Skeptical- are you kidding? Toomey got in during a non-presidential year, during a bad Dem cycle with two sh#tty candidates at the top of the ticket. If Hillary is nominee, female turnout will set a new record. Kane will win in landslide.

    Rolaids- good one. Toomey probably did first. Sestak had to consult his military manual for the proper procedure for cr@pping one’s pants.

  7. Everyone know Diano would be first to comment on here. As figured. But remember David…Kane supported everything Corbett did as AG.

  8. Does anyone else think it is highly unlikely that two of our U.S. Senators will come from the Scranton/WB? I live in that region but I can’t see that flying in Philly, Pitt or even Erie.

  9. Kane was elected AG running against a virtual unknown in a year where Obama churned incredible Democratic turnout in Philadelphia. She will not be able to repeat against a serious candidate in Pat Toomey, who will outraise her significantly and hold her to a draw in the swing suburban districts.

  10. A wonderful surprise, if true.

    No surprise that she outperforms crusty Sestak.

    It would be a great ticket with Kane and Clinton at the top.

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