Senate Honors Specter

The U.S. Senate this week honored the late Senator Arlen Specter, who passed away in October.

“Arlen Specter worked in a bipartisan fashion to highlight the impact of specific diseases and to advance support for medical research and high-quality health care,” the resolution reads in part.

He, “was admired for his independent decisionmaking and willingness to cross party lines,” and, “valiantly overcame bouts with brain tumors and cancer during his service in the United States Senate.

Pa.’s senior Sen. Bob Casey introduced the resolution on behalf of himself, Sen. Pat Toomey, the Senate leaders, and every other Senator.

You can read the entire resolution here.

Specter is Pennsylvania’s longest-serving Senator, having been elected in 1980 and serving until 2011.

A champion of medical research funding, Specter succumbed to cancer in October.

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