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Senate Hopeful Bartos Won’t Back McConnell

U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Bartos is positioning himself as the anti-establishment candidate in a new Breitbart op-ed where he announced he will not support Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for Leader if he is elected.  

“Until the dysfunctional Senate leadership shows that they can deliver for the people who support the president’s agenda, I will not pledge to vote for Mitch McConnell for Republican Leader,” Bartos wrote in the piece.  

Bartos cited the failure of McConnell to repeal the Affordable Care Act as a major part of his decision.  

“The effort to repeal Obamacare is Senator McConnell’s highest profile failure. For seven years – longer than the time America spent fighting and winning World War II – Republican insiders promised that they would repeal Obamacare,” Bartos wrote.  

Bartos has been positioning himself to run as an outsider, including targeting Congressman Lou Barletta earlier this year in an ad characterizing him as a “career politician.”  

State Representative Jim Christiana, and businessman Paul Addis, and Bobby Lawrence are all also in the race.

15 Responses

  1. Jeff Bartos made an informed and smart decision. I would think he has done polling on this issue. Donald Trump won by energizing the base outside the southeast where he lost. Outside the southeast, the Conservative and Republican base see Sen. McConnell as an agent of the Chamber of Commerce Open Borders/Amnesty Establishment of Crony Lobbyists (because he is) and, in many ways, as obstructing the Trump Agenda.

    Immigration is, certainly, a powerful vote mover in 2018.

    Rep. Barletta is a proud Trumpist on Immigration Reform; Jeff Bartos is Pennsylvania Republican Establishment Crony.

    Unfortunately, Jeff Bartos is the agent of the Open Borders/ Amnesty DiGiorgio-Deon-Asher Establishment Network of Cronies. Rep. Barletta is deeply committed to Immigration Reform as his long record and high positive name recognition proves. Jeff Bartos has never won an election.

  2. Really disappointed in Jeff Bartos. These Republican circular firing squads are stupid; the target needs to be Sen. Bob Casey, not the Republican leader of the Senate, who is not to blame for the actions of a few colleagues. Jeff had been doing a good job of that, until now.

  3. Well this has to be one of the dumbest things I have read. As usual Bannon and company are shooting at the wrong person and Bartos apparently isn’t smart enough to see it. When health care fails in the Senate by three votes…. why are you looking to replace the McConnell, rather than the three Senators who voted no? It makes absolutely no sense. Getting rid of McConnell takes you no further down the road. You just replace them with another Republican. It would be far better to go after those Republicans who are actually impeding the agenda like John McCain, Rand Paul and Susan Collins. But that would make too much sense. This whole effort by Bartos is a big waste of time anyway. I’m sure he’ll announce for lieutenant governor early next year

    1. How would you know?

      Soros pays me $1,500 monthly. It’s great.

      P.S. I’m lying. Conservatives will believe literally anything. They do get their information from a site that believes 9/11 and Sandy Hook were staged.

      And from another site that has to regularly delete articles because they’re fake- like that article about the Navy SEAL Trump supporter who is not actually a Navy SEAL.

  4. Jeff, well-written but off-base; note the Senate’s budget vote.

    Why waste resources when The Donald has already shouted-out to Lou?

    Why not run for state-rep, for example, as a stepping-stone?


    Also posted:

    ht tp://ww m/big-government/2017/10/19/pennsylvania-senate-candidate-jeff-bartos-pledges-not-to-vote-for-mitch-mcconnell/#comment-3575856977

    1. A high-quality insider from one of philly’s collar-counties insists Jeff is a worthy candidate but, after I conveyed the above thoughts, decided to take the matter under advisement.

  5. That’s strange and if i was in the senate right now and i would support McConnell no matter of what happens from here.

    1. Omg, you solved it! Bartos is running in the Republican primary but he’s not actually a Republican. He’s really a closeted Democrat.

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