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Senate Votes Against Kane in Party-Line Vote

Kane-Constitution CenterThe State Senate committee investigating Kane voted to recommend the removal of the Attorney General…under certain conditions.

The seven member body, which consists of four Republicans and two Democrats, voted along party lines to recommend the removal of Kane. That suggestion, though, only applies if her law license is still suspended.

The Court still must hear the AG’s appeal to have her license reinstated.

It appears that, at least for the moment, this option is stalled and the legislature is instead moving onto impeachment proceedings in the House.

You can read the committee’s full report here.

21 Responses

  1. What is a dybbuk?

    When does Disciplinary Board file ethics charges against Cynthia Baldwin? That would be a fitting end to her sorry career.
    When does Disciplinary Board file ethics charges against Fina for his highly improper conduct in Penn State 3 case? And of course, for the porn emails.

  2. Again, the dybbuk is Cynthia Baldwin; she withheld info from the Board and should never have been present @ the depos.

  3. I too am starting to wonder why the PSU3 decision is not being reported. Is it because the Penn State pedophilia case is no longer news? Even so – it seems that everything Kane related is news (even her sister’s debt to her b/f). Why isn’t it news when the person behind the Kane witch-hunt is labeled as unethical? The court’s finding was that Fina’s conduct was “HIGHLY IMPROPER” — in a high profile case that mirrors the tactics used against Kane. To me – that is news.

  4. @ H3 – we know you are a troll who dedicates every waking moment to this website, but surely you can’t actually be that much of a KK apologist. She is not a hero for exposing those emails; it was petty, vindictive, and frankly childish. I’m glad she fooled you, the greatest political thinker in the state of Pennsylvania, with her misdirection.

  5. Mr. “Done” must have missed the poll results. Kane is the clear front runner in the AG race. The State has turned against the Clown Car. The Senate won’t touch the “removal-without-a-trial” fraud they were considering and wasting $$$ on for months.

    The people who are going to have to “stop”are the pervert, racist, corrupt woman-haters. They don’t scare anyone anymore. It’s over for them. They should just stop. And then get fitted for their orange jump-suits.

  6. Great lady and was proud to support her, but its over. They will never stop, Pa needs to get back to protecting PA. Sorry but its time to Just STOP. Once they did find evidence that you had lied, I think its BS. Its just time to stop.

  7. …under certain conditions.

    The news reported by KYW in Philly was:
    1) Senate votes to delay taking action
    2) The House action would take more months than the Senate action would have.

    Given how fast the House has moved to solve the budget problems, how much relative effort/speed will they put into impeaching Kane?


  8. Agreed, Observer.

    But the Disciplinary Board is an arm of the corrupt Supreme Court. They don’t like to hurt one of their own.

    Fina allowing a witness to testify before the Grand Jury unrepresented (Baldwin represented ONLY the institution and Fina knew that) was highly unethical.

    The guy is bad news. Good thing our taxpayer dollars still go to pay his salary. Thanks, Seth!!

    Observer – what do you make of the fact that Fina and Tyron Ali have the same attorney and that the attorney’s wife just alkyd off the street into a high-paying job at Seth Williams’ office (a job for which she has no qualifications)?

  9. If Fina lied to a judge, he should be disbarred – and that is whata the court said he did: “The judges were critical of the actions of prosecutor Frank Fina, saying it was “highly improper” for him to question Baldwin about what the men had told her after Fina assured a judge he would not ask her about confidential communications with Curley, Schultz or Spanier. Fina did not respond to an email seeking comment.”

  10. Hey – Scanton Suk Boy – why you’s not using you’s other aliaz any more – “Unsanitary Retard” ?? I’ze likeded dat one better; ;

  11. Marie, JoePa is dead. He covered for a serial child rapist and got exposed. Fina was part of an overwhelmingly successful prosecution of your boy Sandusky. Case closed. Time to move on with you life and try to regain some common sense.

  12. Fina unethical? Fina engaging in “highly improper” behavior to rail-road people?? No way ……. [sarcasm] ………

    How can that be? There was just a fat old white guy vouching for Fina on

    When does the DA have to go get his budget approved by City Council? Can’t wait to see if Fina is still an ADA when that date rolls around!! Williams must not value his job much. The guy is a racist woman-hateing pervert. And now we know he is unethical in Court as well. But yet Williams continues to employ him. Career suicide.

  13. Pat – You got your wish. The RETARD TROLL is now pretending to be you. Congrats!!

    Can’t wait for this TRIAL!!! Lord knows – a fair trial in a Court of Law is the last place the Clown Car wants. It is not part of their playbook.

  14. HaHaHa, it’s not nice to call me a retard. Yes, Kathleen Kane must go before a judge on Friday to set the date. That’s a matter of public record. I know you’re not very bright, but you could easily look it up (or get an adult to help you).

  15. Trial date? Did the RETARD TROLL type “trial date”?????

    Should I get some new POPCORN? The 17 other batches I bought have gotten stale … sorta like all the claims that AG Kane is “done” … “finished” … “gone” … ROFL.

    Here we are in 2016 and AG Kane is still standing. That is one tough woman!! lol

  16. Just because Kane must appear in court this Friday and get her trial date does not mean that the end is near. It doesn’t matter that they have evidence out the wazoo to convict her. It doesn’t matter that all three branches of government are currently working to remove her from office. You know why? Because HaHaHa says “Repervlicans and Clown Car,” so it’s all going to be okay.

  17. I screamed for months that the Senate would remove the duly elected AG of Pennsylvania without a trial. But I was dead wrong. What do you expect? I am a RETARD.

  18. Fina prosecuted me for touching boys and I’m still commenting. Same with Kathleen! You go, sister!

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