Senator Farnese Acquitted by Federal Jury

Larry FarneseA federal jury acquitted State Senator Larry Farnese of conspiracy and fraud charges.  

Both Farnese and his co-defendant Ellen Chapman were cleared of the charges.  

The charges stemmed from Farnese’s bid to run the Eighth Democratic Ward in Center City Philadelphia.  

Prosecutors alleged that Farnese had donated money from the campaign to a college study abroad program that Chapman’s daughter was participating in.  Farnese’s defense argued that the actions he took we legal at the time.  

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  1. NEF-

    The PA SDCC is the only Dem organization worst than the HDCC. There should never be uncontested seats. The SDCC refused to help get a candidate on the ballot in Westmoreland (or even chip in for a robocall), allowing the incumbent GOP senator to get herself written onto the Dem ballot.

  2. If the Feds want to create new law again then pass legislation. The law was not broke. Tabas testified because he’s an expert on Campaign finance law. The fact he testified for a democrat only further explains his true character. I’m happy for the Senator.

  3. @Fumo or I mean Whistleblowhard Funny you say we’d have Sen McGinty & Sen Teplitz if it wasn’t for Doc. First we would of never had Sen Teplitz if it wasn’t for Doc in the first place and if I’m not mistaken he helped in his re-election campaign. I’m pretty sure it had more to do with Trump and the wave he caused for Teplitz loss in that area. McGinty was a bad choice and candidate in that race. You can’t send an amateur in to a race like that to compete with Toomey. I blame incompetence of SDCC and the PA Dem state party for the loses. How can you have 9 seats uncontested for a Presidential election cycle. If you want to point fingers anywhere, point them at SDCC & PA Dem Party, #TerribleLeadership #LetStateGoRed

  4. @daviddiano fair enough. But y’all need to get your heads out if your judgemental arses. Farnese always pats his assessments. He donates to other members. The only quid pro was when nutcase Stephanie Singer promised Chapman a job to run against Larry. Then they realized she couldn’t run as a city commissioner employee. The only vote Huntington had was his own. He never had Chapmans. And let’s not forget the Ward leader election took place 7 1/2 months afterrrrr Farnese helped the kid with the tuition money.
    @ porter and your just dead wrong. You people have no idea the destruction Johnny Doc has caused in the city against other Dems and that area in particular. Had Dems not have to spend upwards to 3 million trying to save dem seats they already have while the Boyles and Martina Whites of the world funded by that fool We’d have senator McGinty and Senator Teplitz. He went after Tartaglione and Sabatina. So don’t go blaming Farnese put the blame where it lies.
    PS. My ward leader helped pay for my dads funeral you saying they should him in prison too ?

  5. Whistleblower-

    This is one case where we’ll have to disagree. I heard about these shenanigans long before the Feds took it on. There was no doubt in what I heard about the quid-pro-quo of it.

    Porter Randolph-

    Lazy Larry is pretty good at helping himself and no one else. He’s in a safe seat and controls the 8th ward (thumb on the scale).

  6. This case was so weak, whoever decided a jury would buy this should find another occupation. What Farnese is actually guilty of is being a bad Democrat. Instead of helping fellow Democrats in contested districts, he stands idly by while those same Democrats get destroyed by well funded GOP candidates. All while giving away thousands in campaign contributions to causes other than his fellow Democrats’ campaigns. Pathetic.

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