Senior House Democrats & Labor Help Critz Push Back Against Altmire Ad

Several House Democrats and at least one labor union are running to the defense of Congressman Critz in the wake of Congressman Altmire’s ad which argued that Critz voted to end medicare and defended Wall Street.

Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said, “House Democrats stood together and voted ‘present’ on the extreme RSC budget in order to expose its radical policies. Doing this showed the American people just how extreme House Republicans are and how devastating their policies would be for our nation, like ending the Medicare guarantee. This was a vote to protect Medicare and derail the Republican Budget.”

Critz organized a conference call with Chief Deputy Whip Jan Schakowsky of Illinois and Philadelphia Congressman and City Democratic Chairman Bob Brady. Both echoed Steny Hoyer’s argument that Democrats were trying to protect Medicare.

Labor also came to the defense of Critz.

“Any ad that characterizes Congressman Critz as having not stood up to a budget that would “dismantle Social Security or gut Medicare” is incorrect.  Congressman Critz has consistently stood up for working and retired people, that’s why the AFL-CIO endorsed him.   This should continue to be a campaign about ideas and we hope both candidates will take the high road,”  said Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Richard Bloomingdale.

Congressman Altmire maintains that the most effective way to stand up to the Republicans would have been to vote no on the Republican Study Committee budget amendment.

“Mark Critz voted present. It is no surprise that he is now scrambling to explain why he didn’t vote against the bill, which would have cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid by $2.3 trillion. As Critz tries to dig his way out and explain this inexplicable vote, one thing remains clear — western Pennsylvanians didn’t send Jason Altmire and Mark Critz to Washington to vote present.

The last thing we need are more politicians playing insider games, failing to take a stand and putting partisan politics ahead of protecting seniorss benefits. If you’re against something, you vote NO,” said a statement from the Altmire campaign.

One Response

  1. Congressman Critz loves to say how he was sent to Washington to make the tough decisions, and vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on an issue. It was supposedly one of the first real lessons he learned after the special in 2010. This present vote clearly is a contradiction of that lesson, and it will be more of the same should he win the primary. Jason Altmire voted no and actually stood up to the Tea Party. There is only one clear cut nominee who has a chance to win in November. Altmire for Congress 2012

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