Sestak and Shapiro Win Progressive Summit Straw Polls

Joe-Sestak-headshotThe two debates at last weekend’s Progressive Summit couldn’t have been more different.

The Senate contest was respectful and rather lifeless while the Attorney General joust was lively and combative.

At the end of each debate, the organizers from Keystone Progress conducted a straw poll of the audiences.

In the Senate race, Joe Sestak prevailed with 41.9%. John Fetterman came in second with 30.9% while Katie McGinty finished third with 27.2%.

As for the AG primary, Shapiro was far ahead of the competition with 64.5%. Zappala got 26.4% and Morganelli received just 8%.

It’s tough to say how important these surveys are. Campaigns often try to pack the crowd with supporters, although that could be read as a sign of organizing skill.

Anecdotally, as someone in attendance at both debates, it was obvious Sestak had the largest contingent with him while it was harder to tell during the AG debate.

In retrospect, Shapiro could’ve used the help from his supporters in the crowd as his two opponents teamed up against him on the stage. There is a chance, however, that this small sample of results could be an indication that Morganelli’s sound and fury was counter-productive.

As with all polls, only time will tell.

16 Responses

  1. Fetterman did not support single payer. Bernie does! Fetterman is in love with the ACA, does not understand the privatized insurance approach is not working and cannot sustain itself—and—leaves 30 million permanently uninsured. Fetterman needs to get some education……

  2. –1— StevenTodd and David Diano – – Well, i certainly paid attention during the debates, and in both forums my final vote was affected by what i heard.
    –2— jjcnpa – – Fetterman was not gimmicky; on the issues, he was 100% like Bernie Sanders, so, *IF* that’s your cup or tea, he’s your man.

  3. Troy is right. Take a look at just a few strong arm political maneuvers that Morganelli engaged in through the years:

    1. Refusing to prosecute Tom Severson (prosecuted by Tom Corbett-guilty)
    2. Using a grand jury to remove a D from Bethlehem City Counsel (D Nolan-no indictment)
    3. Filing a civil action to remove Ron Angle from County Council
    4. Using a grand jury to remove EASD elected officials from office (no indictment)
    5. Using a grand jury to seek the resignations of Museum officers (no indictment)
    6. Letting an elected official skate in a highly publicized theft of LCTF records
    7. Refusing to prosecute and EPD officer for the assasination of an unarmed man in his disabled vehicle
    8. Destroying the nomination of a well qualified Philly Judge to the Federal Bench

    The examples keep going, but you get the picture

  4. Solid picks by the Prog Summit attendees, as usual.

    To the “packing the audience” issue: I don’t recall ever once being swayed to a different candidate by a debate. Especially in the ones I’ve paid to attend, such as this one. But I can’t imagine attending a two day event (two and a half for those of us who attended the Sunday events for members) just to pack the audience for a candidate.

    I backed both Sestak and Shapiro going in, and I voted that way. Neither took any action to pack the audience with me, although Sestak’s staff asked me if I was going and I said yes.

    I have come to know a great many of those who attend our Summit over the years. While many of us seem to arrive with their choices in mind, and are enthusiastic to watch these debates, I doubt one has ever attended solely to pack the audience for a candidate.

  5. Shapiro is unqualified and nothing but a political hack. Zappala is the best choice. As for US Senate I was leaning toward Fetterman but he seems too gimmicky. I am not happy with any of the choices.

  6. This is why Progressives are a joke and actually counterproductive to the Democratic party. They vote with their heart and not their head. Let’s pick Josh because he’s never practiced law or tried a case and has no clue what the office does. And let’s not like Zappla and Morganelli because they put criminals in jail. Uh. That’s exactly what the AG is supposed to do-along with consumer protection and defending the Commonwealth in court. No wonder the Dems can’t win that race year after year. They pick losers with no experience.

  7. This event is totally irrelevant. Actually the victors were those who didn’t win the straw poll.

  8. Troy:
    So, Troy, who are you for? And, I’m sure you can substantiate the wild accusation you just made, right?

  9. Morganelli finished last because that is what he deserves. Intense personal friendships with career criminals, and a perplexing and astonishing habit of using his office for political purposes are his signatures. He brags about his 25 career prosecutions of death penalty cases, yet fails to mention that his entire criminal docket each year is filled with petty offenses that get pushed into the ARD cattle shoot. The ARD program in his county results in hundreds of ARD candidates getting sucked back into the jail system for failure to pay ARD costs. The number of people removed from ARD because of a lack of ability to pay the program costs is suffocating the court dockets and filling the jails.

    He is a poster boy for debtor’s prison and should finish last this April. In the next debate, I would like the candidates to stand. We can have a ladder for Johnny, who will be hidden behind the podium. Obnoxious and unqualified nepolean will see why no one votes for him.

  10. Morganelli is a right wing loon, but he had Josh on the ropes, and Josh had no answers. It is absolutely true that PCCD does nothing but act as a conduit for grants, and is not a qualification for dealing with “crime” or “victims.”

    Also Josh had no answer for why he got $25,000 from those who want privatization of public schools. (Morganelli said $25k, but it is really $50k…$25k in each of 2012 and 2015.) He has to explain it and give it back.

  11. It would have been interesting to have a straw poll of “support” before each debate. Then a “who won” poll after the debate to see if anyone’s mind changed.

  12. clarification:

    Shapiro should give the charter school contribution(s) BACK to the privatizer/charter school crowd. I intended to say “back”, as in return that dirty money.

  13. Nick Field–give us a break. Shapiro had the room stacked for him. As for Morganelli, he kicked ass and won me over. Shapiro was seemingly afraid to even engage Morganelli. As for McGinty–another Rendell puppet like Shapiro–she came in last because she is a light weight and not qualified for such high office.

    To give Shapiro credit, even though he is not qualified for AG, he is smart and well-spoken and belongs in the state legislature or higher, not pissing around in county government. He needs to separate from Rendell, however, and from charter school interests. Give that $50,000 or whatever it is to the charter operators.

  14. I think the folks who voted for Shapiro already had their minds made up, because the debate certainly didn’t win him any supporters.

  15. Wow, that’s pretty bad for McGinty. SEIU even had the room lined with their paid puppet-heads holding up SEIU/McGinty signs.

    Agree that Sestak had a large group of hooting supporters who showed up to cheer him on rather than to gain information.

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