Sestak Picks Up Another 2016 Endorsement

Joe-Sestak-headshotIt’s never too early to be thinking about 2016, at least that’s Joe Sestak’s attitude. The former Congressman and 2016 Senate candidate announced today that he has already received the second endorsement of his attempted re-match against Senator Pat Toomey. Sestak is being backed by the organization, the Council for a Livable World.

“During his military career and tenure in the House of Representatives, Adm. Sestak has been a champion for a pragmatic foreign and national security policy that addresses America’s 21st century security threats,” said Jules Zacher of Philadelphia, a member of Council for a Livable World’s Board of Directors. “We’ve proudly supported Adm. Sestak in his previous House and Senate races and are excited to offer our support again.”

“I’m honored to again have the support of those who advocate a practical approach to U.S. global security interests at the Council for a Livable World,” said Sestak.

The Council for a Livable World supports bipartisan, forward thinking policymakers on national security and foreign policy issues. It backed Sestak’s successful candidacies for Congress in 2006 and 2008 and his first race against Sen. Toomey in 2010. Last month, PeacePAC, their political action committee endorsed Kevin Strouse in the PA-8 primary.

So far, Sestak’s campaign has raised just over $1 million in the race and at the last filing deadline disclosed that they currently have $913,175 cash on hand.

Sestak may not have a clear shot to a general election rematch. Recent polling found that Attorney General Kathleen Kane would perform better against Sen. Toomey in a hypothetical 2016 matchup.

Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-Lackawanna) and Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro are also on radar for the 2016 Democratic nomination.

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  1. Jeremy-
    Interest theory, but Kane wouldn’t need to cut a deal, or wait, as she could kick Sestak’s rear end any time she wanted.

    However, it would make for an interesting deal between Sestak and McCord in exchange for McCord’s campaign hiring Joe’s brother. (I can’t think of any other legitimate reason for the hire, unless he has a hidden talent for stapling that I’m unaware of or embarrassing pictures of Rob.). 🙂

    McCord gets two terms as Gov and then gets elected to Senate in 2022.

    Unfortunately for Joe, he is going to have to have to run against the 2nd place finisher in the Dem Gov primary.

    A while back, I heard rumors of Rendell running for Senate. If he was interested would be some sweet payback by Ed after the way Sestak treated his buddy Specter.

  2. From the names mentioned above:

    Shapiro- I met him once. I liked him. He has a good record of accomplishment. Most say he is interested in Congress. I say he could be a future Gov of PA.

    Kane- I could see a scenario where Kane supports Sestak for one term then Sestak grooms Kane to be his successor. He would get NEPA support and Kane’s husband’s financial support.

    Cartwright- I know Matt Cartwright and have volunteered for his campaign. The problem I see is that why would he leave his Congressional seat that he would NEVER lose in order to run for Senate seat that is not guaranteed to stay even Democratic. He more likely will be a powerhouse in Congress.

  3. Are you on drugs? Shapiro would make an excellent Senator for PA:

    1) Unlike Sestak, Shapiro is actually a Democrat and a liberal.
    2) Unlike Sestak, Shapiro actually lives in PA with his wife and children.
    3) Unlike Sestak, Shapiro has a good record of accomplishment as an elected official.
    4) Unlike Sestak, Shapiro is well liked.
    5) Unlike Sestak, Shapiro has demonstrated his ability to work in bipartisan manner.
    6) Unlike Sestak, Shapiro doesn’t actively undermine his running mates on the ticket.
    7) Unlike Sestak, Shapiro is not on Obama’s sh*t-list.

  4. In a presidential year, with high Philly turnout, Toomey is about as vulnerable as Corbett is now.

    But, Sestak himself stated in 2010, that he wouldn’t seek a Senate term in 2022, if elected, because he’d be too old for the job.

    So, why would PA Dems want to spend millions of dollars to elect a one-term Senator, who would never have to answer to the voters again?

    I didn’t realize Matt was on the radar. Any of the three would be 10 times better than Sestak.

    BTW, does this mean that Sestak is willing to admit (what everyone already knows) that his whole “exploratory committee” is a load of bullsh*t? Also, as a declared candidate, will Joe step down from the Bradley Chair position?

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