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Sestak Says JoePa Didn’t Get “Due Process” (With Video)

By Keegan Gibson, Managing Editor

While other political figures are distancing themselves from now-former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno – Sens. Bob Casey and Pat Toomey have rescinded their nomination of JoePa for a Presidential Medal of Freedom – former Congressman and 2010 Senate candidate Joe Sestak is doubling down – sort of.

Sestak during an interview on Fox News that he thought PSU’s Board of Trustees hadn’t handled the situation well.

“Before you throw somebody away, due process should be done – at least an investigation. Both have failed to do that,” Sestak repeated on twitter this morning.

Penn State’s Board of Trustees last night fired Paterno as well as University President Graham Spanier. Though neither face any charges, they have been found guilty in the court of public opinion of looking the other way as former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky sexually abused at least 8 minors.

The comments unleashed a firestorm of negative reactions on Sestak’s facebook page – and not just from David Diano.

“I had respect for you until you posted this, joe. There has been an investigation and he was covering up for a sexual predator,” wrote one commenter. “Don’t be a scumbag. Embarrassed I voted for you.”

“Joe, I’m shocked. Would you have allowed this under your command. I’d like to think you wouldn’t,” asked another.

Sestak’s social media updates stem from this interview he gave on Fox News today:

Watch the complete interview, which mainly focuses on the presidential campaign and the congressional super committee, here. The Washington Post has already picked it up.

16 Responses

  1. @John-
    Don’t associate the pedophilia with homosexuality. There are far more male pedophiles having sex with little girls than boys. When you shift focus to “homosexual”, it’s like treating it as a lesser crime if Sandusky was having anal sex with a 10 year old girl.

  2. INSANITY, The Cable Networks are seething, and snarling, and have SNOT bubble coming out of their noses attacking everything but what they should be attacking in this news story.

    The Penn State PEDOPHILIA Case will not let go of JoPa, especially FOOTBALL, or the University.

    HELLO, It should, FIRST address, PEDOPHILIA, WHOA, that also brings into Play HOMOSEXUALITY. WOW, we can’t talk about that now can we………………

    HOMOSEXUALITY, WHICH is OFF LIMITS in America, WILL NEVER be addressed in this bullshit case because the media doesn’t have the BALLS to do it.

    THEN, lets brings into play the facts that LAW ENFORCEMENT knew about the filthy attacks by Sandusky on little children and did nothing. BURN THEM………..ALL!

    WEAK sisters WIMPS and Lackeys like the RED HEAD McQueary, didn’t go into the shower and rip Sandusky’s brains out of his head to save a child from SODOMY…………that he saw Sandusky was doing to a ten year old child. McQueary should get prison time and bunked with “The biggest Bitch Queen in the Prision”

    WHY in the Hell can’t the MEDIA say the “IT” !!!
    A Filthy discussing slug who’s lifes passion was to set up special programs for little children who were disadvantaged so he can set them up in a “STABLE” of sexual MEAT/little children to pray upon…attacking our most vulnerable little children to sexually abuse them and satisfy his perverted sex hunger is a death penalty conviction in my opinion.

    SAY IT MEDIA, SAY The words,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



    JC Send

    Thanks to all of the PA folks for your help.

    This will go out tonight to over a quarter of a million Pennsylvanians. I pray to God that the forward this.

  3. Kathleen-
    It sounds like you might be a Republican. If you discover Sestak’s true nature, you’ll realize he’s a closet conservative who has only been playing the role of a liberal Democrat.

    It was Paterno’s OWN GRAND JURY TESTIMONY that showed he covered this up and turned a blind eye to the suffering of children in his “beloved” Penn State football locker room.

    Paterno should be locked up as a conspirator/accessory after the fact for his role in the cover-up.

    Do YOU (and Sestak) that Paterno’s ADMITTED behavior should be rewarded with even one more day of Penn State coaching?

    Any pension and severance he “earned” after 2002 should be distributed to the victims.

    Pope Paterno and Pope Sestak need to realize that they are not deities.

  4. This is the first, and most likely last, time I will agree with Sestak. We grant more rights to CAIR and illegal aliens than we do to an American icon who devoted decades to a school and impacted thousands of young men. Innocent until proven guilty no longer applies to American citizens.

    For those who ask how we would feel it it were our children who were the victims I ask how they would feel if their children were in Joe Paterno’s position – having been judged, convicted, and expelled within 24 hours.

  5. @Keegan – Thanks for the shout-out!

    In 2005, Sestak got a swift (and long overdue) sacking by Admiral Mullen, for Sestak’s years of mistreating his subordinates.

    In 2006, Sestak had a total meltdown in front of the campaign staff, threatening to fire anyone using Google Maps. The reason: because Joe spend $10 on a map book of the area when he returned after 30 years away.

    In 2007, one of Sestak’s female staffers quit after Joe’s district manager berated her and said that she was “hired for her looks, not her opinions. And her job was to ‘look good for Joe’ ” at events as part of Joe’s public image. The girl got a recommendation letter in exchange for her public silence (and, I guess, not suing for harassment). The manager kept his job and got raises and bonuses, because that’s how it works in Joe’s military boy’s club.

    Let’s not forget….Sestak was endorsed by his good buddy Eric “Tickle-Me” Massa back in March 2010. I can’t find a quote from the time, because Joe pretty much was silent over Massa actions. However, if there is quote out there, I bet it contains the words “due process”.

    Sestak uses “due process” a lot. It’s basically “code” for his trying to play both sides of a hot issue and put the responsibility on “the process”, rather than take an actual stand.

    Sestak’s part of the same cover-up mentality that puts image and brand over substance and doing the right thing. When Sestak ran for Senate, he had “Democrat” all over his ads during the primary. Once he beat Specter, Sestak dropped “Democrat” from his “branding” and instead his staff had t-shirts with just the word “Admiral” on the chest, and the word “Democrat” nowhere to be found.

    Think about it…. take away Joe’s “image” and “brand” and he’s just a guy spouting empty folksy platitudes or repackaging the obvious.

  6. Completely agree with Donna’s comment above. Regardless of anyone’s opinion on Paterno, if he got fired then Curley and McQueary should be fired too. Curley is on a paid temporary leave, and McQueary has face no punishment at all. I think everyone can agree that both of these men are far more guilty than Paterno.

  7. If Joe Paterno “had to be fired” because he didn’t call the police (when university policy required he report the crime he HEARD ABOUT BUT DID NOT WITNESS to the athletic director, which he did), then why, why, WHY is the person who actually SAW THE CRIME AND ALLOWED IT TO CONTINUE still employed by the University?

    Why is Mike McQueary’s father, a medical administrator and probably a mandated reporter for child abuse, not being questioned about why HE didn’t call the police when his son told him what he’d seen? McQueary’s father never worked at Penn State, he wasn’t bound by University policy to report a suspected crime to his supervisor. So….what kind of medical professional hears about a hideous incident of child abuse and does NOTHING? Oh, wait, the father of a person who WITNESSES such a crime and does nothing….like father, like son?

    People are complaining that Paterno “knew” about Sandusky for years and didn’t do more, but NO ONE KNEW SANDUSKY better than Mike McQueary, who saw him raping a child, did NOTHING to stop it, didn’t call the police (he actually followed university policy of reporting it to his superior – JUST AS PATERNO DID), and kept his mouth shut about what he’d seen for NINE YEARS. (Need we mention the promotions he got during that time?) And now, McQueary is being hailed as a “whistleblower?!?!?!?” “Coward” and “rape enabler” are far more accurate.

    This 28 year old six foot four 240 pound hulking former football player SAW SANDUSKY raping a child and didn’t stop it. Everyone else in the chain of those condemned and fired only HEARD ABOUT as much of what happened as McQueary decided to tell them (and we still don’t know exactly what he DID tell Paterno or anyone else.)

    Just for the sake of accuracy – Sandusky retired from Penn State in 1999. McQueary saw him raping the child in 2002. Sandusky didn’t work for Paterno when it happened, so anyone who makes noise about why JoePa didn’t “fire” him is clueless about the timeline. How could Paterno “fire” someone who didn’t work for the University? How could Paterno “drag him into his office and demand an explanation” like I heard one commentator demand to know last night on cable news?

    Someone should drag Mike McQueary into an office, or in front of a bunch of hostile reporters, to explain why HE let a disgusting old man FINISH raping a defenseless child instead of doing something to stop it – or at the very least, dialing 911 to let someone with some balls stop it.

    McQueary must be SO proud of himself for coming forward nine years later…..since he is directly responsible for every child Sandusky abused from that date forward. As the only viable eyewitness to Sandusky’s perversion, it was HIS responsibility to stop it right then and there – which he could have done by dialing three little numbers. But the 28 year old “man” chose to run home and call his daddy instead, leaving that defenseless little boy pinned up against a wall by a monster in the locker room shower. Nice job, McQueary.

    Oh, and nice job, Penn State trustees, for deciding to keep THIS cowardly piece of crap on the Penn State coaching staff

  8. On Nov 9, 2011 JoePa knew he did the right thing in 2002. On Nov 10, 2011 He knew that he’d made a mistake in 2002 that cost him his job and his legacy.

  9. And yes, it’s possible that Paterno will sue for wrongful termination and get a nice settlement. Pitt fired their new football coach when he was arrested for (but not yet tried and convicted of) spousal abuse, and they were willing to pay to rid themselves of him. Paterno was not arrested by the Gestapo and executed or thrown in jail. He’s a wealthy 84 year old man who was let go from the position he held for 46 years for failing to fulfill his moral duty to protect vulnerable children from rape. If you think that’s tragic, your priorities are up your ass and nothing I can write will change that.

  10. Penn State is only state-related, like Pitt and unlike West Chester, IUP, and Slippery Rock. The state’s contribution to Penn State’s operating budget is under 8%. The athletics department is rather famously bankrolled by loyal alumni. If this had happened in, say, the Biology department, you might have a bit more of a case. But this would not likely have happened in an academic department. If it did, most professors would be protected by tenure, and the decision would likely have to go through a few committees. Untenured staff would be fired immediately. A coach serves at the pleasure of the board, and they can fire him for farting in a meeting if they feel like it. And Sestak has arbitrarily fired Congressional staffers, who have a much stronger claim to “due process” than Penn State’s grandpa/mascot. Get the facts before you post, JStreet.

  11. 1998 cops and mother report and did nothing to sandusky slap his hand ,, may 1999 joepa tells sanduxky he will never be head coach , Mcquearly sees 2002 tells joepa again, tells ad and vp . and still lets him pratice at college till weeks ago,

    WTf and this investigation going on for 3 years, Joe Sestak , jstreet what is wrong u r calling everyone liars the grand jury the trustees mothers, victims, u guys need to read Legal paper work and Learn from those facts A BIG COVER UP small one in 98,due process

    IF ANY WAS FALSE joE pa would of spoke up before and not try and run to retirement..Due Process.. Say Sorry,,and be quiet and listen and report ANY CHILD ABUSE,

  12. Gonna have to disagree with the person above and agree with Sestak. JoePa was entitled to Due Process because his 14th Amendment Due Process protection is not in regards to the “legal system” but in regards to government conduct. Penn State, being a PUBLIC university, is subject to abide by the US Constitution in light of its governmetn funding. JoePa was deprived of his CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to procedural due process. If I were JoePa I would sue the university for wrongful termination and defamation. He did everything he was LEGALLY OBLIGATED to do. Moreover, I would love to see Penn State’s board of trustees justify firing JoePa but not the man who saw the actual conduct and did not intervene.

    JoePa is merely a scapegoat for the Board of Trustees and the entire administration of the University that failed at their duty.

  13. Americans are entitled “due process” in the legal system, not in the workplace. Sestak knows that all too well. He fired many of his congressional and campaign staff members during his frequent temper tantrums. He even did it over the phone! If he regretted it later, he would enlist another employee to let the fired person know that he or she was “unfired.” Of course, those who got fed up and quit were then notified that they would not be eligible for unemployment benefits (even though few made enough money for it anyway). A board of managers meeting and making a decision much more closely resembles “due process” than Sestak’s sorry excuse for management.

    He’s so desperate to stay relevant until his next run for office that he’s resorted to trolling. His daughter is ten years old, which is the same age of the child who Sandusky was anally raping when a graduate assistant walked into the locker room. If someone witnessed a man harming his child and did anything other than call 911, Sestak would be outraged. But these were other people’s kids, so he feels free to shamelessly exploit their tragedy all for a cheap two minute press hit.

    People hate politicians because they will readily do things such as defend the indefensible for a bit of personal gain. To him, this was just an opportunity to get in front of the camera and say “accountability,” his favorite buzzword. Maybe Sestak will win the support of the coveted rape apologist demographic. The rest of us are disgusted.

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