Seth Williams Indicted On Corruption Charges

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams was indicted today on federal corruption charges for allegedly taking bribes among other charges.  Seth-Williams3

Williams is charged with 23 counts including bribery, and wire fraud related charges, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The charging documents detail Williams accepting gifts in the form of trips to Mexico and the Dominican Republic, and a sofa worth thousands of dollars among other goods, in exchange for fixing cases and easing penalties for a business owner friend.  

The charges mostly stem from 2012, two years after Williams was first elected to the DA’s office.  

Williams has already dropped out of the race for DA this year.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for New Jersey is scheduled to hold a press conference at 3 p.m. today to officially announce the charges.  

37 Responses

  1. Filthadelphia has turned into a black enclave. A hellhole where tolerant liberals put up with sky high crime rates and extremely high taxes in order to placate their black “pets”. You see, in their vernacular, blacks can do no wrong. They are mere “children” who must be coddled and taken care of by “the state”. Hundreds of millions of Pennsylvanian’s taxpayer dollars flow into Filthadelphia and is wasted on this population and has showed NO RESULTS, despite 5 decades of wealth redistribution. Seth Williams tried to “game the system” and he got busted big time! Lock him up!

  2. How can this scumbag afford an expensive jew lawyer? Kwame Kilpatrick the II! F’n lying dirtbag! Send him to club fed!

  3. @ D2:


    You wrote: “Rendell may have sought the death penalty as you said, but I don’t believe he was heavily associated as an advocate for it then (or now). Lynn was a big death penalty advocate.”

    Your faith generates your posture, regardless of facts.


    “In general I oppose the death penalty, and it seems to be an ineffective deterrent to the crimes it’s proponents think it reduces.”

    Drop the apostrophe.

  4. Robert B Sklaroff-

    1) I did refute you. Please learn English.

    2) Really? A bit much? For an industry that makes a product that kills 1/3 of its users, and covers it up?

    From the CDC: “Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States, including more than 41,000 deaths resulting from secondhand smoke exposure. This is about one in five deaths annually, or 1,300 deaths every day. On average, smokers die 10 years earlier than nonsmokers.”

    3) Again, see #1 and learn English.

    4) No opinion on Baldwin.

  5. If that’s true, the godfather has godawful taste. Not acceptable to do her with your staff, Chuckie.

  6. Cynthia Baldwin? Oh yeah, her. True, she was inept, stupid, some said racist but still not very quick. Although she wasn’t a Supreme, we put her there for a warm seat until my cousin JUNIOR was ready. Uh, not yet, and, oh yeah, the godfather was doing her. Sorry, I forgot about that part. Oops.

  7. @ D2:

    First, you failed to refute my having nailed your self-generated contradictions, only enhanced by your lame efforts @ obfuscation.

    Second, despite having been a lifelong anti-tobacco activist [since the ’70’s], the death penalty for Big Tobacco is a bit much.

    Third, you demonstrate difficulty with English grammar, and it would therefore be apt to query as to whether it’s actually your 4th lingo.

    Perhaps you could agree with me regarding Baldwin? [perish the thought?]

  8. @ eagleswing

    She had a responsibility to update the Board; she didn’t uphold her duty and should be prosecuted accordingly.

  9. re: indicted “Cynthia Baldwin yet for unethical conduct at grand jury or obstruction of justice that caused most charges to be dropped against PennState3…? ” CB was an inept lawyer with zero experience running a legal department for an institute of higher education. she got the job due to connections , not hard work or credentials. it’s a shame the bd of trustees did not demand an accounting about this scandal millions of dollars ago before Penn S got involved spending $$$ defending the guys who just pleaded guilty. Baldwin was no bright star of intellect in the family division court. so it is not surprising she would be clueless as counsel in a grand jury proceeding. ineptitude and stupidity are, however, not grounds for criminal indictment –or a lot of lawyers might be in jail…

  10. Robert B Sklaroff-

    You really have difficulty reading English. Is it a second language for you.

    My point was quite clear that Lynn was a STRONG advocate for death penalty and is associated as a “champion” of that issue. Rendell is not a hero of the death penalty movement, even though he sought the death penalty in some cases. This is not a contradiction. No one was executed in PA while he was governor.

    In general I oppose the death penalty, and it seems to be an ineffective deterrent to the crimes it’s proponents think it reduces.

    However, I would be in favor of the death penalty for corporate executives in the Tobacco industry who suppressed information about the harmful effects of smoking and actively promoted false medical research. Also, for owners of coal mines who fake safety and inspection reports, and for drug companies that fake results to put unsafe drugs on the market. Polluters too, who break environmental laws and illegally dump toxins into streams and the water supply.

    In these types of case, the death penalty would probably be an effective deterrent, and well deserved.

  11. @ D2:

    You continue to demonstrate your lack of credibility, notwithstanding your resolute denial facts regarding KK’s admitted-guilt [plus other defenses of Dem-politics, @ home and abroad].

    You wrote: “Lynn Abraham[‘s] stance [against] death penalty demonstrated [her] Republican heart….”

    Then you wrote [after having been challenged]: “Rendell may have sought the death penalty as you said, but I don’t believe he was heavily associated as an advocate for it then (or now). Lynn was a big death penalty advocate.”

    As usual, the internal contradictions abound.

  12. I have been typing this observation for many years:

    tapp says:
    March 21, 2017 at 8:38 pm
    …[T]hey have not indicted Cynthia Baldwin yet for unethical conduct at grand jury or obstruction of justice that caused most charges to be dropped against PennState-3.

    Add to that her having suppressed providing the Board any knowledge of what she had known/done for almost a year.

  13. No one seems particularly surprised at this news. And no one will probably care to do much about it, except to find another Democratic party hack to take Williams’ place.

    However, in the fullness of time SE PA may run dry on its already short supply of unindicted politicians.

  14. Charles Pont-

    Rendell may have sought the death penalty as you said, but I don’t believe he was heavily associated as an advocate for it then (or now). Lynn was a big death penalty advocate, and Seth spoke out against Wolf’s moratorium. So, I don’t think Rendell is in the same boat as Lynn and Seth on that issue.

    Kane took down a lot of big players. Can you imagine little Joshy standing up to special interests (like the School Charter PAC that gave him $150,000) and investigating whether votes were quid-pro-quo for donations? I’m sure Kane wishes she had been the one to take Seth down.

  15. Kathleen Kane should get time off for good behavior. What good behavior? Taking down another political pig, Seth Williams. Add that to her take down of Fina and 2 PA Supreme Court dirtbags. Her good work just keeps on giving. Who is next? Graci?

  16. Shame on Seth. My cousin Stevie, JUNIOR would never get caught doing something like that in Allegeny County. He’s a real crime fighter. When Joan Orie Melvin attacked Stevie, JUNIOR’s brother Greg for owning the cash for kids network, Stevie,JUNIOR indicted her whole family. Now that’s justice and all others beware.

  17. Mr. Diano
    Rendell favored the death penalty too when he was the DA. Many people received death sentences while he held that office. However, I do agree with your point that Kathleen Kane was railroaded. Her big mistake was bringing Richard Sprague to her meeting with the Inquirer editorial board. Mr. Sprague has a long history of winning huge libel verdicts against the Inquirer and the newspapers in this state are sacred to death of him. So she had to go.

  18. BTW, did Robert Graci get fired, disbarred or indicted yet for his unethical cover-up for PA Supreme Court justice in porn email scandal?

  19. John and Josh: That’s right, PA is so corrupt. But they have not indicted Cynthia Baldwin yet for unethical condyct at grand jury or obstruction of justice that caused most charges to be dropped against PennState3.

  20. Charles Pont-

    I never considered Lynn Abraham to be a Democrat. Another Republican who infiltrated the Dems. Her and Seth’s stance on death penalty demonstrated their Republican hearts.

    Rendell’s DA tenure wasn’t really on my radar, as I was in high school and then away at college during that time.

    I really didn’t become aware of him until he became Mayor and did a very good Dem job of revitalizing Center City. Even my friend who votes solidly GOP and doesn’t like Rendell (for sexually harassing his sister in the DA’s office), still acknowledged he was a good mayor.

  21. Mr. Diano, If Seth Williams was not really a Democrat than neither were two of his Democratic predecessors, Lynn Abraham and Edward Rendell as they have all generally run the office same way. Thus, following your argument Philadelphia has really had Republican District Attorneys since 1978. Sorry but I disagree. I would make the counter argument that Rendell, Abraham and Williams were Democrats and Ron Castille was not much of a Republican.

  22. Al-

    Philadelphia is 78% Dem and 11% Republican. The problem is that Seth was really a Republican at heart who pretended to be a Dem to get elected (and broke his campaign promises once in office).

    Don’t mix Kane in with the likes of dirt bags like McCord and Williams. Those guys took and/or solicited bribes/donations in exchange for quid pro quo services from their elected offices. Kane was the victim of a political witch hunt, trumped up charges, and a corrupt prosecution/court.

    Mary Jo-
    Any news on the audit?

  23. I knew Seth while here at Penn State. He was a hard working honest man. Sometimes temptation can cloud ones judgement.

  24. Common themes explain these cases. They hire campaign flunkies.
    Look at Wolf. He has fired switched changed more staff then any Governor.
    News to watch: Mary Sin Obie on the news watch list. All three controlled the back door of the Governor and party. Mary and Obie are in hiding. Sin soon to go once the audit is done.
    When you surround yourself with dogs with fleas sooner or later youll be scratching.
    Governor Wolf you need a flea bath.

  25. Hmmm…somehow the author fails to mention Williams is a Democrat. I’m sure an honest mistake. Kane, Williams, McCord, the list goes on and on for these Dems. Off to the 67th Ward for Mr. Williams.

  26. Craig, you are wrong. as a life long resident of Philadelphia I can tell you that a majority of our voters would vote for a bag of potato chips if it was listed as a Democrat on the general election ballot.

  27. Corruption and prosecution go hand in hand. It’s not about justice, but putting a star next to their name.

  28. Wrong Al. People of PA will try and vot for the correct person like always. Just us DEMS have more heart and are quick to forgive. You think OKIES will quit voting for R’s because of that child (same sex,btw) rapist R in God’s Country being kicked out of their state senate? Nah.

  29. Disgrace yes but watch the people of Philadelphia will keep voting Democrat. Can’t fix stupid.

  30. Give credit to the Obama DOJ for this investigation and prosecution. Power tends to corrupt…

  31. Damn shame. Seth and I were close at Penn State and we’ve stayed in touch off and on. It’s painful to see this, not only personally but c’mon, what is going on in Pennsylvania? So much corruption.

  32. I cannot believe how corrupt PA is. Between Fattah, McCord, Kane and now this?? Unreal.

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