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Seven More GOP Members Break Ranks, Support Shapiro

Josh Shapiro

A month after nine Republicans spoke out in support of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro, seven more stepped forward on Tuesday to lend their names to the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s candidacy.

This group of Republican endorsers for Shapiro includes the former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security under President George W. Bush, former Pennsylvania State Senators and Representatives, and the former District Attorney of Bucks County.

The Republican leaders who are endorsing Shapiro include:

  • Michael Chertoff, Former United States Secretary of Homeland Security
  • Mario Civera, Former PA State Representative and Chair of the Delaware County Council, Delaware County
  • David Heckler, Former Bucks County District Attorney, PA State Senator, and PA State Representative, Bucks County
  • Raymond Bunt Jr., Former PA State Representative, Montgomery County
  • Jim Kelly, Former PA State Representative and Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce, Allegheny County
  • Beverly Mackereth, Former PA State Representative, Secretary of the Pennsylvania


“I am proud to receive the endorsement of these Republican leaders who are putting our Commonwealth ahead of partisan politics in order to come together and move Pennsylvania forward,” said Shapiro. “From cutting taxes and getting our economy moving again, to improving our schools and keeping our communities safe, I know we can work together to get things done for Pennsylvania. I have always worked to bring Republicans and Democrats together – and that’s exactly what I will continue to do in this campaign and as Governor.”

“I dedicated my career in public service to upholding the rule of law and defending the Constitution,” said Chertoff. “Right now, we all have a responsibility to support candidates of whichever party who will stand up and defend our democracy. Although I am a long-standing Republican, I am deeply troubled by Doug Mastriano’s embrace of dangerous extremism. Josh Shapiro, on the other hand, is a staunch defender of our democratic institutions and will lead  Pennsylvania with honor and integrity.”

“In his years in public service, Josh Shapiro has always led with integrity, bringing people together and fighting for the best interests of Pennsylvanians,” said Civera.

“Josh is smart, principled and driven to actually make a difference and he has stood with the law enforcement professionals of Pennsylvania during these troubled times,” said Heckler. “Although I am a Republican, I consider Mr. Mastriano to be completely out of his league. He is ill informed, divisive and unworthy to be Governor of this Commonwealth.”

The PoliticsPA average of polls shows Shapiro with a 7.7-point lead over Mastriano.

13 Responses

  1. It’s bad. A candidate for Gov is at the scene of an insurrection on Jan 6th and Republican leaders are ok with it. Good for these patriots standing up for the public good.

  2. What a disgrace, these Republicans take party money for years ask for our vote and do sh*t like this. Doug is a patriot and will make a wonderful governor.

  3. Does this mean Shapiro just picked up the whole Bev Mackareth voting block?! That is a huge win!

    1. Only a rino would go along with this . Just tired of left wing bullxxx do they like Biden’s fuel or killing our service members, giving our oils just tired

  4. More proof that thinking people who want normal government realize Ding Dong Doug is a Dangerous Insurrectionist that must me stopped. Shapiro has faithfully served and protected the US and Pennsylvania Constitutions as a county commissioner, state rep and as attorney general. Under a Governor Josh Shapiro, the next 4 years will be normal and PA’s votes in the 2024 presidential election will go to who PA voters decide on.

    PA voters, the choice is yours, NORMAL or DANGEROUS DING DONG DOUG?

  5. Too bad currently serving Republicans continue to choose fascism as the party platform. It’s good they’re speaking out but sad that more aren’t doing the same.

      1. Never was? He is a current state senator and that makes him elected to a higher office than most of these nobodies


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