Shakeup at Montco GOP: Kerns Out, Vereb In

Corbett Cawley Kerns
Kerns, center, with Tom Corbett and Jim Cawley in 2010

Following a week of rumors about a sexual assault charge, Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Bob Kerns resigned his post abruptly on Thursday.

No charges have yet been filed, but several Republican insiders said Kerns, 66, is accused of assaulting a middle aged woman employed by his law firm after a party on October 25.

“The Montgomery County Republican Committee (MCRC) today received the resignation of its chairman, Robert J. Kerns,” party executive director John Kelemen said in a press release.

“MCRC has no comment on media reports related to a possible criminal investigation of Mr. Kerns unrelated to his duties as chairman.”

The sensational news follows a busy month in Montco GOP politics. Party leaders including Gov. Tom Corbett helped broker a truce to end a long-running personal feud between two of the county’s biggest Republican fundraisers, Bob Asher and Vahan Gureghian.

Kerns and Asher had long been at odds.

As Republicans feuded over the past several years, Montgomery County Democrats made major inroads and now control local government.

State Rep. Mike Vereb also played a major role in getting both sides to the table.

He told several Republicans that he planned to seek the post of Chairman.

Republican County Commissioner Bruce Castor said he supported Vereb’s bid, and that Vereb was unopposed for the position.

“Rep. Mike Vereb and I have been speaking since yesterday afternoon. I have agreed to support him for MCRC Chairman. That agreement has cleared the field, and Mike will be the next Chairman,” Castor said.

“I’m confident Mike has the relationships to heal old wounds and get our party moving again. I thank party leaders from all spectra of the GOP for their willingness to rally around Mike Vereb.”

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  1. State Representative Mike Vereb is a close supporter of Governor Corbett. Attorney General Corbett sent legislators to jail for mixing politics and official duties. Will Vereb assure the citizens of PA that his Capitol and District Offices will not include state and county political activity for the party and Corbett?

  2. It is desirable to provide an excerpt from an e-mail by Vereb [sent to a constant-critic of the status quo who is NOT a member of the MCRC] regarding his mindset [illustrating, on many levels, his pathway to this current spot]: “I am agreeing to do this job based on a few things. One of them is that we all have input and that we respect each other’s opinion and, secondly, that I am not in this alone. I can’t do this alone and need everyone that has been on the sideline to step on to the playing field and participate.”

    This constitutes a breath-of-fresh-air when the insularity and [physical/philosophical] deafness of his predecessor is recalled; for example, when this physician sought to subject him to a re-election vote in 2011 [pursuant to the Bylaws], he exhibited a raw version of autocracy [for he had been provided notice–via registered-mail–of this plan].

    The MCRC needs rehab, both loco-regionally and within the fabric of the MCRC [manifest both with regard to technology and policy]; it is urgent that this be appreciated ASAP, and private efforts are underway to facilitate appreciation of what specifically must be accomplished [“yesterday”].


    Dissidents unable to topple Montco GOP leadership

  3. PSEA-PACE contributed $18,500 to Friends of Mike Vereb in 2012 and 2013.

    Vahan Gureghian is a proponent of Charter Schools.

    How will that work out?

  4. Brucey, you silly guy. Vereb has no use for you. You can plan on a continued effort to make you isolated.

  5. It must be driving you Asher-ites crazy and the newspapers are crediting Castor for helping to truly unite the party by paving the way for a compromise candidate in Mike Vereb. Not like that joke “unification” from the County Dinner with the convicted felon and the soon to be convicted felon on stage with the Governor. “The rapist and the racketeer stand with Gov. Corbett as he announces his reelection team.” Tag-line for D ad next year. Just when Felon Bob I thought he was back in the game, he’s joined with soon to be Felon Bob II. Then when AG Kane jumps in to the race armed with her report that Corbett slowed the Sandusky investigation until after the governor’s election for his own political gain and the mid-staters desert the GOP in droves next year, and the legislature come out full force against Corbett to keep from being slimed by him themselves in their own re-elects. Finally, eyes will be opened to the destructive nature of Bob Asher. Somewhere down in Montgomery County, Bruce Castor is laughing, and laughing hard. And it is driving some of you out of your skulls. Its funny even thinking about it!

  6. Dear Senator Pileggi: I want so badly to be a GOP Corporate Welfare Queen. New business propositon: I want the concession for the Cyber Charm school for SEPA GOP leadership. MESSAGE TO SEPA GOP LEADERHSIP MAD MEN is an HBO series; not today’s world. Acting like Don Draper will not close the GENDER GAP! Give me 20 hours on-line with the SEPA GOP CAVEMEN and they will graduate like male Stepford wives.

  7. You know what they call a leader with no followers? Just a guy taking a walk.

    That’s Bruce Castor.

  8. Rut ro George. Montco Dems have benefited from a fractured Republican Party over the last couple years. Hopefully they can keep making the gains they have been or risk becoming Delco Dem party.

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