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Shapiro Calls SCOTUS Immunity Decision “Dark Day For America”

Speaking in Lackawanna County, Gov. Josh Shapiro responded to the Supreme Court decision on presidential immunity, calling it a “dark day for America.”

After joining Rep. Matt Cartwright and Secretary of Revenue Pat Browne to announce that rebates on property taxes and rent paid in 2023 as part of the Property Tax/Rent Rebate (PTRR) program are starting to be distributed, Shapiro was queried about the decision.

“Here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, we made a conscious choice to break away from tyranny, to break away from a monarchy, to break away from a world where certain people were above the law,” he said. “And throughout the last 247 years, we have oft repeated that no one is above the law, and in many ways, that has been a stabilizing force for our democracy. That no matter what you look like or where you come from, who you pray to, which was critically important to the founder of this Commonwealth, that you ultimately would be treated equal under the eyes of the law.

“Today, sadly, the Supreme Court of the United States upended that and broke away from that bond of equality that has fostered the growth of this nation and has kept this nation together over two and a half centuries. I think this is a dark day for America, holding that now there is at least one person who is above the law. That is not the very core principle that this nation was founded, and the Supreme Court, I think, has ushered us into a dangerous new era, and one that all Americans should be concerned about.

“I have grave concerns with this ruling today, and not just because of what it means for Donald Trump – a corrupt individual who now is legally above the law in many cases – but I worry about the future of this nation, and I worry about the fact that we no longer have that same underpinning of equality that our founding fathers worked so hard to develop in the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection – the city of Philadelphia. This is a dark day in America.

“We’re going to move forward. We’ll do everything we can to fight and to make sure that we are able to bring back more equality in our system, to unpack the Supreme Court that Donald Trump had in his last term. God forbid we give him the chance to add more justices of this type of mind to a Supreme Court in the future. That’s why I’m going so hard to make sure in this election, we vote for freedom. We devote we vote for democracy, we vote for a rule of law, that is fair for all. Thank you all very much.”

7 Responses

  1. Just how is the president above the law? he is still subject to impeachment. that is if the charges are true and both congress and senate have the balls to take a stand to represent the citizens and apply the law. just because a president questions the outcome of an election doesn’t mean he committed a crime. and remember folks you dont vote directly for a president. you send representatives that can be convinced to change their vote. this has happened in history. so even should a president try to convince these people to change their vote it isnt illegal. Because we dont know how the system works we listen to politicians that are themselves corrupt and actually alter voting outcomes. We have many caces of fraud that are ongoing as I speak so if small cases exist then why cant more structures and well planed ones exist?——— I, Grampa

  2. Governor Joshua Shapiro is right, this was a “Dark Day In America.” 6 Justices decided that a President is absolutely immune from any criminal liability while in office. That is not why our founders broke away from King George for in 1776. They no longer believed in the “divine right of kings,” and concentrating all power in one person, the king. They conceived of a three co-equal branch style of government, with “checks and balances,” and on the principle that “no body is above the law, not even a President. This Court just negated that premise. They just shredded the Constitution, all to get Trump off the hook.

  3. You don’t have to like Trump to fear the kind of thinking Shapiro would encourage. The danger to democracy is a group of 3 radical judges in the minority thank God- who would rewrite the Constitution and make up the law as they go along. They are all that is wrong with identity politics- they’re not merit being on how highest court. Shapiro Biden and these Democrats- not the Democrats of the past. They would trample our Freedoms even worse than Trump. Shapiro reveals he is little more than a political pimp with this statement-

    1. Do you live in make believe land? The radical judges are the ones getting rid of Roe V Wade and giving the president the power to be above the law. Yet you still somehow see liberals as the ones who want to change everything in our country. Shapiro is literally saying he disagrees with this new ruling that will change American politics. Yet you see him as the one trying to trample freedom. Look at who’s actually changing things drastically, it isn’t the liberal supreme court judges. It’s the people put in by Trump. He chose the refs and now they’re backing him up. My god you are so naive.

      1. You can write sarcastic replies but facts are facts-
        Joe Biden is not fit mentally to be President- his lack of competence is a threat to Nation and democracy
        Both Biden’s are evil- they denied the existence and love for a grandchild
        The Biden family has enriched themselves at the expense of our National interets
        You can try to cover for Biden but you can’t cover for his mental failings and the deliberate effort by “naive” people like you to deceive other Americans about his obvious incompetence.
        You don’t have to like Trump to realize the Biden’s are skeaxy

      2. You’re writing satire, right? What was the party affiliation of the Colorado officials who tried to keep Trump off the ballot? How about the affiliation of the officials in Maine and Illinois who attempted the same thing? Which party is fighting tooth end nail to keep RFK Jr. off the ballot in multiple states? I can keep going if you want. I’m also not going to be as charitable as some journalists who would suggest you have no self-awareness to what your team is doing- you know EXACTLY who is actually the threat to democracy and you fully support it because your team has to win at all costs. If this opinion had been rendered by a 7-2 liberal majority Supreme Court while Barrack Obama was in office, you’d be celebrating its brilliance. You and the other lefties crying about this, including the clown Shapiro, are nothing more than hyper-partisan hypocrites.
        I’ll remind you that little Josh is completely down with condoning sexual harassment within his own office and more than willing to try and cover it up. I bet you are strongly against sexual harassment* (*unless sexual harassment is being perpetrated by any person with a magical D next to their name).
        This decision didn’t in any way suggest any President is now able to do literally anything they wish, as an official act or privately, and be held to no account, and every one of you whining about this damn well know it, including the lying, sexual harassment-aficionado hypocrite in the governor’s office. You have your own opinions all you want but you’re not having your own “facts” and expect not to get called out on it. The blatant media lying and cover up got blown up last Thursday, so now your team is trying to rebuild the mountain of lies, denials and hypocrisy it’s built on. Do better..

  4. We are not leaving this country to our future generations as the strong country we had with in the past. We are a free democracy not ruled with a dictatorship

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