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Shapiro Condemns Hamas Attack: “We Need to Stand with Israel”

Gov. Josh Shapiro provides budget update

“This is a moment where it’s important to stand up in my case and say I’m a proud American Jew and not hide from who you are.”

Gov. Josh Shapiro had some strong words about the attack on Israel by Hamas terrorists over the weekend on a KDKA radio broadcast Wednesday morning.

Shapiro and his wife, Lori, have a niece who is currently in Israel as part of a study-abroad program.

“We’re praying for our niece who’s in Israel right now and I know that so many Pennsylvanians have connections to Israel, either family and friends who live there who now live in a war zone or family and friends that they’re desperately trying to get home,” he said. “That people who have never been to Israel, who don’t have family there, they know that Israel represents our shared values as Americans – freedom, democracy.

“I know this is an incredibly challenging time and we’re praying for the Israelis and we stand firmly with them as as they defend themselves as they have every right to do.”

When asked by the hosts of the Big K Morning Show with Larry Richert and Marty Griffin about banners on Pennsylvania college campuses supporting Hamas, the governor said “There is no moral equivalency here between the acts of Hamas, a foreign terrorist organization and designated by the United States, and Israel.

“Pluralistic democracy has been attacked, where more than 1,000 people in Israel have been killed, or people have been taken hostage in these barbaric acts by these terrorists. There is no moral equivalency here. And I think that this is a moment where we all need to come together and recognize what is so clearly wrong, the acts of Hamas.

“Hamas is hell bent on destroying Israel and ridding the region of Jews. They do not seek peace, and they do not seek lasting compromise. And I think for anyone who tries to paint a picture of moral equivalency here, I asked you, you know, is taking innocent civilians hostage? Is that okay? We are witnessing crimes against humanity by Hamas. They are a terrorist organization. Period.

He concluded by saying “I think it’s also important for all of us as Pennsylvanians, once our loved ones are home, to not lose sight of what’s happening in the region. We need to gird ourselves for what appears to be going to be a long war and we need to remain on the side of Israel. We need to stand with Israel. We need to stand up against this type of terror. We cannot allow this anywhere in the Middle East or anywhere in our area.”

The conflict in Israel was the lone topic discussed during the 10-minute segment that aired in the 8 a.m. hour.

2 Responses

  1. How’s about you guys in the press don’t grant the governor another headline until he comes clean about Vereb’s resignation and any settlements paid to his victims?

    1. Couldn’t agree more. It’s obvious he’s just trying to wait out the situation until the press stops asking about it, and he pretends like it never happened.
      They should boycott him until he acts accountable. Guy loves being in front of a camera more than anyone, taking that away from him would be his biggest blow.


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