Shapiro Fires Back at Rafferty in New Ad (VIDEO)

On Monday, John Rafferty released his first TV ads. On Friday, Josh Shapiro struck back.

The GOP nominee’s first fifteen-second spot tried to tie Shapiro to the scandals of other Democrats like Kathleen Kane and Rob McCord, while the other focused on the heroin epidemic.

The first half of Shapiro’s new thirty-second commercial, titled “Real Record”, criticizes Rafferty’s record on drug abuse and the second half makes the case that the Democratic nominee would bring change.

“Is this guy for real?” the narrator asks over footage of Rafferty’s ad. “John Rafferty is the Harrisburg legislator who voted to cut funding for drug treatment. And Rafferty voted to eliminate funding for opioid overdose kits for first responders.”

“And Josh Shapiro? He’s the reformer,” the narrator asserts. The commercial then cites Shapiro’s work as head of the PA Commission on Crime and his endorsement from the Philly FOP.

“Josh Shapiro, the Attorney General Pennsylvania needs now,” the narrator concludes.

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6 thoughts on “Shapiro Fires Back at Rafferty in New Ad (VIDEO)”

  1. HaHaHa says:

    Jax – pleas provide link. I was unable to find anything that would indicate Seth Williams (persona non grata these days) is “campaigning” for Josh Shapiro.

    Perhaps you are just the RETARD TROLL using Jax’s name?


  2. Garet Jax says:

    Is Seth Williams still campaigning for Shapiro? Guess josh won’t be looking into that tire slashing coverup and the filing false police reports.

  3. HaHaHa says:

    Is the lipless Repervlican even campaigning? What is his position on Donald Trump? Has he seen Donald’s micro-penis?

  4. David Diano says:

    Endorsement by the Philly FOP is a reason not to vote for an AG.

    The police departments across the country need AGs who will take a hard look at them and the systemic corruption and racial bias. If a FOP organization endorses a candidate, 9 times out of 10, it’s because they want an AG (or DA) who will look the other way. The 1 time out of 10 is when a department is under-resourced and needs candidates who will provide needed resources or help.

  5. aaron says:

    Has the corrupt Seth Williams been indicted by the Feds yet?

  6. Jake the Snake says:

    Stan, who is responsible since you seem to know?

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