Shapiro Fires Kane’s Sister

Kane-SisterThe new Attorney General Josh Shapiro is looking to eliminate all vestiges of his controversial predecessor Kathleen Kane.

Kane’s biggest connection to the AG’s office, of course, is her twin sister Ellen Granahan. So Shapiro asked for Granahan’s resignation last Friday.

Granahan attracted criticism after her sister promoted her to head the child predator unit and she subsequently filed a complaint over back pay.

According to Angela Couloumbis of the Post-Gazette, Shapiro also asked for the resignation of four other members of Kane’s inner circle: Renee Martin, Chad Ellis, Louis DeTitto and Angela Beaverson.

This move comes just a few days after Shapiro signed a new code of conduct for the Attorney General’s Office.

10 Responses

  1. Looks like the final traces of Kathleen Kane’s “World of Dishonesty, Fabricated Stories & Wasteful Spending” have come to an end. What a shame. Boo hoo.

    Poor Kathleen. Her Cardboard Fortress fell apart.

  2. Wow, you guys must really Josh and his two faced tactics. He must be good. Fake it till you make it could be his claim to fame. I hear he’s moving his office into center city Philly so he can be near the big money folks. Lots of lunch and dinner dates.

  3. @Garet Jax: LOLing at “the king of quid pro quo.” There are still some down in Montco who don’t understand why Josh hired Mike Vereb. Can you do a seminar?

  4. Josh being josh. Has to clear some space for his political donors kids and flunkies on the payroll. He’s the king of quid pro quo.

  5. Happy Pete, I couldn’t agree more. Renee is a great person who got caught in the political crossfire. Anyone with half a brain would pick her up in an instant.

  6. Awe, poor Renee. She is a good egg that put up with a lot there. She will land on her feet better than ever.

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