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Shapiro Holds $1.3 Million in His Campaign Warchest

Josh ShapiroJosh Shapiro won’t be lacking for funds in the Democratic primary for Attorney General.

The Montgomery County Commissioner’s latest financial report shows that he has $1,317,776.61 cash on hand.

Nearly all of that is carried over from Shapiro’s 2015 re-election race. Since both contests are for PA offices he is allowed to use it for the upcoming contest (this may have played a big part in his decision to run for AG this year instead of the Senate).

In the period between his re-election and the end of the year, Nov. 24th to Dec. 31st, he received just two donations. $10,000 from the IUOE Local 542 and $1,500 from Exelon PAC.

The campaign did spend $89,107.19 over that time, though most of that was for services in the last campaign.

Shapiro is running against Allegheny County DA Stephen Zappala, who currently has half a million COH, and Northampton DA John Morganelli in the Democratic primary. Kathleen Kane may also be running for re-election.

16 Responses

  1. The money’s all from running for commissioner reelection (and whispering that he was planning a run for AG).

    In December, (before Josh was sworn in for 2nd term, and subsequently announced for AG), SEPA donors approached for contributions (by other candidates) mostly seemed aware that Josh was running for AG and were planning to contribute him, despite no official announcement.

    To what extend Josh was able to raise money for Montco and state/imply ambitions for AG office to donors, you’d have to ask the donors whether that influenced them giving more money.

    I don’t know what the explicit (vs ethical) rules are for that, especially with how lax the PA rules are. But, as a prospective donor, if a candidate was collecting money to run for an announced local office, and whispering that he really needed the money as a nest egg for a statewide office, I’d be pretty pissed at the candidate. But, others might see it as a buy-in opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

  2. Both Stephen Zappala and John Morganelli have successful experience in both the courtroom prosecuting criminals and in managing a prosecutors office. Both Josh Shapiro and John Rafferty are politicians,not prosecutors.

    I am a Rush Limbaugh, Ted Cruz Republican with very low regard for Pennsylvania’s Republican leadership.

  3. Looks like the pathetic troll-boy is looking to get OWNED again. But I will just let him continue to type my screen-name while I continue to laugh at him. He’s obsessed -like one of those little girls SCREAMING for Justin Bieber. He is my little GROUPIE !!!

  4. Pericles, I couldn’t agree with you more, but idiots like HaHaHa/Pat Unger are so committed to ideology that they would vote for Kathleen Kane, let alone Josh Shapiro who couldn’t find his way around a courtroom with a map.

  5. He has a lot of money, but no experience as a prosecutor. Really, when will people learn: the AG’s office (like a DA’s office, but even more so) is NOT A POLITICAL OFFICE. We need someone with experience. Does everyone see what has happened with Kane? And the primary reason it has happened with Kane was because she had no experience as a head prosecutor (ok she tried and prosecuted 14 cases in 12 years and then resigned and had not prosecuted for 7 years before her election). Kane was never the final person to decide on criminal charges or to sign her names to indictments, she LACKED EXPERIENCE. Josh may be a very good political leader, but we do not need the Commonwealth’s top law enforcement official learning on the job or, worse, designating prosecutorial tasks to his assistants. We should have a debate where we specifically go through criminal scenarios and see if Josh knows the elements and standards of criminal law. Yes, I am sure he can learn them, but it ain’t gonna happen overnight and will take many years experience before he can make criminal determinations on his own. The AG position (despite what Kane is saying) is not a purely Administrative position. How can Josh lead other experienced prosecutors when he does not even understand or practice in the criminal arena. Moral is low int he AG’s office now and it will not get better by bringing in another inexperienced leader. Ask yourself this: would you go to a person who has an MD after his or her name to treat you for cancer, if that person had never practiced oncology, and who had not practiced medicine for 15 years?? If your answer is no, then the same answer would have to apply to Josh. BTW, I am an R and support none of the D candidates for AG (and do not support the R candidate Rafferty either — for the very same issue I do not support Josh — NO EXPERIENCE!!).

  6. wing —

    Corbett also had tons of prosecutorial experience. Yet he ignored child rape victims, gave grants to the rapist’s “charity” (where the rapist found his victims),. Corbett also hired, promoted and covered for corrupt racists and woman-hating creeps (Fina and his pals). He was an abject disaster.

    Kane leaking a document is no different than what Fina & the Corbett Pervs did a million times.

    I happen to think it is important to have a “real prosecutor” as Attorney General. But that person needs to have ethics. He or she needs to have integrity. I don’t see a person like that in this race.

    The Repervlican candidate is a pro-lifer who was a prosecutor for a cup of coffee. Give me Shapiro over him all day.

    Of course – not sure if anyone is going to beat Kane in the primary. It will be Kane against a bunch of men. She will prevail and face Rafferty.

  7. Maybe he can uses some of the money to buy some actual experience as an attorney? It’s sad that people are cheering this news. Anyone from MontCo knows that Shapiro mandated that all contributions flow through him for the last election cycle with the understanding that he would use it to help the rest of the ticket who couldn’t raise a dime. Instead he hoarded it for his own campaign for AG. He’s been a nice elected official but he’s all about himself and not a team player. This attitude does not work in the AG office. Sorry folks.

  8. i am a little concerned about an AG candidate such as Josh who has never been a prosecuting attorney. (although one might point to KK as evidence that having been a prosecuting attorney does not necessarily mean one abides by the law, or understands oaths.) I am more than a little concerned that he s seems to be another Rendellian being pushed by the state machine. but of course, steve Z has the machine of big steve Z, which was quite impressive in its day and included such former notables as the deposed V. Fumo. . we’ll wait and see on this race.

  9. LOL …. FOXtard Whistleblower wants “manners.” He also wants a return to rotary dial phones!!! And whatever happened to pagers?!? Whistleblower wants his pager back!

  10. @Montco News Junkie: Josh had to spend money on his reelection… which he won with a huge margin. Guess you aren’t such a Monto news junkie if you missed that 🙂

  11. All it proves is Josh helps no one but himself; and all the so called little people understand that across PA. A vote for Josh means you’ll never get your phone call answered just like Wolf. Shady back room dealing Rendell hacks. No juice No manners No substance. I’m not buying it.

  12. Josh had 1.4 million cash on hand on his last report and 1.3 million on this one. Seems like it should be going in the other direction.

  13. Impressed. Shapiro comes to the table, ready to run a race. Travels across Pennsylvania, talking and meeting voters. Josh understands if your are going to write a great chapter in life-you better bring a pencil.
    Great guy, Great Attorney General. He will fix that mess just like he fixed everything he touches. He knows how to get the job done.

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