Shapiro Introduces President Obama on DNC Call

shapiro-obamaWell, that was fast.

Yesterday, we noted that Josh Shapiro could be a rising star as a young statewide office-holder at a time when the Democratic bench is perilously thin.

Today, Shapiro was one of the introductory speakers for President Obama’s DNC conference call.

Along with Kamala Harris, Senator-Elect from California, Shapiro was implicitly presented as the party’s future.

“I am keenly aware of the anxiety people feel now,” Shapiro stated. “The lesson we must draw from Tuesday is that we cannot rely on others to do this work for us. We understood when the president came on the scene and we have to remember, change is up to us.”

He even quoted Obama’s Second Inaugural Address, which earned praise from the President.

“An expected loss is hard, but an unexpected loss is worse,” Pres. Obama told listeners. “I told my folks they’re allowed to mope, for a week-and-a-half, maybe two, but then we’ve got to brush ourselves off and get back to work.”

As the 44th President put it in September, Shapiro’s “an old friend of mine, somebody who was with me early, early, early on”.

Shapiro endorsed Obama in 2008 and the President cut a web ad for him last April before the Democratic primary.

6 Responses

  1. Glad to see he will be a “nonpartisan”, “nonpolitical” Attorney General. He needs to learn about the inside of a courtroom and get out of the political arena

  2. wow —just yesterday Kathy Kane was going to be senator, then governor and president. People here need to get a grip

  3. @Whistleblower: I feel you. Really, I’m pissed too. But Shapiro and McGinty are not the same. McGinty is the definition of a hack and she hired a bunch of hacks to run her campaign. Shapiro is the real deal. You can tell by just listening to them talk.

  4. Tone Deaf Dems. Clearly our party in pa has made it clear :STOP FORCING RENDELL HACKS DOWN OUR THROAT MARY ISENHOUR AND TOM WOLF. Shapiro is the same thing as McGinty now. The house and Senate are falling apart around us. Racism is now fashionable and silence is deafening. Wagner and the ” whites” are gonna smoke the Dems

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