Shapiro Sitting on $1.17 Million Two Weeks Out

josh-shapiroJosh Shapiro should have enough money to finish off this campaign.

From September 20th to October 24th, Shapiro raised $1,238,715.67. He’s also carrying over $1,430,430.03 from his previous report.

Over the past month, the Democrat has spent $1,497,609.32.

Altogether, that gives Shapiro $1,171,536.38 cash on hand fifteen days out from the November 8th election.

Shapiro is running against GOP nominee State Sen. John Rafferty to be the next Attorney General.

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  1. Garet Jax-

    “He didn’t have the decency to tell his campaign contributors that he was staking their money and going to use it to beat Zappala”

    Actually, that may be true for some, but there were plenty of indications that other (ie big) donors and party operatives clearly understood that Josh was really earmarking the money for an AG run and were aware of the obvious duplicity.

    Of course, the AG run is clearly a “stealth” run for Gov, because no honest person thinks Josh is qualified to be AG nor believes that Josh really wants to be AG instead of Gov.

    Delco Blue-
    I agree that there should be a quit-to-run rule. Or at least, a rule that you have to finish some percentage of your term. If (when) Josh wins, he will quit his Montco Commissioner term, having served only 25% of it. Maybe, there should be some fine/penalty to help fund the next election for your replacement?

  2. @delco blue-I guess the same can be said if Shapiro since he refused to step down as county commissioner while running for AG. But that was to be expected since he he ran for commissioner and raised over $1million while eyeing up the AG race. He didn’t have the decency to tell his campaign contributors that he wa staking their money and going to use it to beat Zappala. But than again decency is not a word that Angie. Would ever use in describing Shapiro. He’s a blight on politics. He threw is mento Joe Hoeffel under the bus and would throw his mother under it if it meant getting elected. No experience. No integrity.

  3. If Rafferty was serious about running he would of stepped down as Senator to show Pa he was willing to risk it all. But like most elected candidates they play the system.
    This state should pass legislation if a candidates wants to seek higher office and are presently holding a seat they should retire it.

  4. Saving Nickles, saving dimes, working ’til the sun don’t shine, becoming gov when it’s just my time…on blue “how you?” our family is good with Shapp, part deux, So long as we get up against The trough “just like a before.”

  5. Is Rafferty running a race? I have seen anything from him. It’s like he’s just a name on the ballot because the PA GOP had to run someone.

  6. All valid political points to use against Shapiro. However, the state GOP and Rafferty cannot effectively do that because the Republican leadership is corrupt (Asher), inept (Gleason), and has not political, or organizational skills (or an organization, for that matter!). The Republican candidate could still have won if her or she was far better than Rafferty who is swimming in the ocean with an inflatable pool toy as his ship.having bad candidates is the GOP mantra because they would rather lose to the Ds than elect a capable Republican who might actually take power from them. Can’t have that. Can’t make Asher irrelevant. The ruination of PA GOP is that guy.

  7. No way he’s spending that money on this race. He’s already planning out his next move.

    He’s a naked opportunist on the ballot every November:

    “During the televised Democratic Attorney General Debate on April 7, Shapiro was asked during the speed round of the debate, “Will you run for another elected office in the future if you are elected?” Shapiro answered, “I have no plans to.””

    How can you tell the people of Montco that you want to continue to “serve” as County Commissioner when you already have an AG campaign team lined up?

  8. I agree Shapiro has no business being in this race from a law enforcement point of view, though he has run a large government agency with perceived success. The GOP are the real losers here for blowing an opportunity to find an A-list candidate to take back the seat. Shapiro will use that blunder to become a powerhouse in state politics. Rafferty is from the D-list. And yet, he is who Asher and the boys wanted. That crew loses very time. Every Time.

  9. @Montco, “what exactly are they going to buy? Prime spots have been sold out for months. Guess they are going to flood the 2AM-6AM basic cable availabilities. Good luck with that, try to sew up the vast insomniac vote.”

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