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Shapiro Touts DA Endorsements

Josh ShapiroMontgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro is highlighting the endorsement of six PA District Attorneys today.

The DAs backing Shapiro’s campaign for Attorney General are: Berks County District Attorney John Adams; Cambria County District Attorney Kelly Callihan; Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller; Clearfield County District Attorney William A. Shaw, Jr.; Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele; and Somerset County District Attorney Lisa Lazzari-Strasiser.

“We need an Attorney General like Josh Shapiro who will use every tool available to take on criminals and special interests without fear or favor – whether they’re fleecing the elderly, polluting our drinking water or selling illegal guns on our streets,” said Berks County District Attorney John Adams. “Attorney General is a big job. We need a leader with integrity, vision and experience cleaning up a mess – that’s Josh Shapiro.”

“I’m deeply honored to receive the support of some of the most seasoned prosecutors in our Commonwealth,” said Josh Shapiro. “We need an Attorney General who will fight for all Pennsylvanians and I look forward to partnering with these distinguished DA’s in that effort. With the deck stacked against too many people in Pennsylvania, we must protect seniors, children, and families from illegal drugs and guns, as well as the polluters and scammers who must be held accountable.”

These endorsements are noteworthy because both of Shapiro’s opponents in the Democratic primary are District Attorneys. Stephen Zappala represents Allegheny County while John Morganelli serves in Northampton County. Morganelli particularly has asserted that Shapiro doesn’t have the necessary experience to be Attorney General.

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  1. Superb site you have here but I was curious if you knew of any forums that cover the same topics talked about here? I’d really like to be a part of community where I can get opinions from other knowledgeable individuals that share the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Cheers!

  2. JMarshak I couldn’t disagree more. I have worked for Mr. Zappala and he would make an outstanding Attorney General. Mr. Zappala is a hard worker; he tirelessly worked beside his ADA’s to strategize and provide the tools we needed to successfully prosecute our cases. He was always in the office and hands on; a fantastic boss. He created units and courts to assist crime victims, veterans and the mentally ill. He didn’t just take the post as DA as a political move. He is the DA because he believes in what he does and worked since 1998 to improve the office 200 percent. I can see just by the uninformed comments in these posts many of you haven’t even looked at the tremendous work that he has done. He doesn’t bow to political pressure. He protects citizens and prosecutes criminals no matter what their name is, how much money they have or their connections. He is a man of great integrity. Please don’t judge him on rumor or family. Evaluate him on his many accomplishments.

  3. I can tell you as a former prosecutor in Allegheny County I worked with Mr. Zappala and he would be a fantastic AG and would take the ground-breaking changes he has made in Allegheny County to Pennsylvania.
    He is a hard worker; he may not have tried the cases himself but he worked with his ADA’s every step of the way with strategy, assistance and making sure we always had the tools to do our job. He is always hands on and in the trenches. He has been innovative in creating specialized units and courts to assist crime victims, veterans and the mentally ill. He doesn’t fold under political pressure. He protects citizens and prosecutes criminals no matter what their names are, how much money or connection they have. I ask you to not judge him by what you think his family is but by his results. I believe anyone that has worked for him will tell you what a strong leader and fantastic boss he is.

  4. DD – Yeah … I already said that. But, it begs the question: experience doing bad things as a prosecutor is not what I am looking for in an AG.

    BTW – That is not to say that either Zappala or Morganelli did “bad things.”

    I know that the front-runner for AG for the Rs is a politician that was a prosecutor for a cup of coffee.

    I get your love for Kane … though I disagree.

  5. HaHaHa-

    In terms of “knowing the job” with relevant experience, Zappala and Morganelli are the only candidates that meet that threshold test.

    Kane deserves my vote for taking out Eakin.

  6. David – I agree that, ideally, you have a seasoned prosecutor in the OAG. But a seasoned prosecutor is not always a good, ethical prosecutor.

    Take Seth Williams — he has “experience” as a prosecutor. But his experience has been flying the Philly DA’s Office into the ground. His Office is a mess. I’d rather have a competent, ethical person (even if inexperienced) than a guy like Seth Williams

    The question is — how bad is Zappala? Is he Seth Williams bad? Or is he just a Justice’s son who never tried a case as a DA? I have serious questions about his handling of the Ford case. The state’s top law enforcement officer cannot be someone who puts blinders on when it comes to the Police and their issues with minority communities.

  7. Eric

    That’s really not what the job is about. You are describing Executive Director job.

  8. Marie

    I haven’t received any money from Zappala (though I did enjoy a nice wine and cheese event at state committee).

    My opinion regarding Josh and A.G. goes back to an August picnic conversation with Josh where I begged him not to run for A.G. and told him I’d vote for Kane over him.

    I never even heard of Zappala till months later in December. I was planning on voting for Kane if she ran, or Jack (if he hadn’t dropped out).
    When Josh finally did announce, I requested to be dropped from his mailing list until he ran for an office he was qualified for and stop insulting me with justifications for AG run.

    So far, Morganelli is best debater.

    At this point, I still plan to write in Kane.

  9. @Worst Boss EVER!
    Come on now, couldn’t be worse than Sestak!

    (Diano, can’t believe I beat you to it.)

  10. You know who won’t endorse Shapiro? Pretty much anyone who worked for him in his legislative offices. Worst.Boss.Ever!

  11. Josh has executive skills and creativity. AG is really about being a Department Director at State level. MONTCO is a huge,diverse county he has made changes that were needed for years the man is qualified for AG role.

  12. Stacy Parks-Miller? Really? Hahaha. Yeah, there’s an endorsement I’d be proud to have. Not.

  13. Josh Guy-

    I’m quoting Josh directly. He REPEATELY says he wants to refine office.

    But, in reality, he’s trying to create a false definition of the job to fit his square resume into the well-rounded hole of prosecutorial management the job requires. (not “office management” but “case management”)


    My understanding is that Zappala worked at a law firm and had an actual legal career before becoming DA. Think of it this way: When Bill Gates or Steve Jobs managed programmers and software projects, they werent’ writing all the lines of code, but they had plenty of coding experience to understand the software development they were managing.
    Zappala’s years as DA have given him the right kind of experience to manage his prosecutors, cases, deals, and viability of cases.

    Or try this analogy. Zappala has a driver’s license to drive a car. He’s making the leap to drive a 18-wheeler truck. Josh is still riding a tricycle.

    Not Ready-
    I know. It was embarrassing. Josh was talking about the AG’s office like it was the Dept of Education at one point.

    Tom Corbett used AG office as stepping stone so he could run for Gov.
    Mike Fisher used AG office as stepping stone so he could run for Gov.
    Pat Murphy TRIED to use AG office as stepping stone so he could run for Gov.
    Josh Shapiro TRYING to use AG office as stepping stone so he could run for Gov.

    How about if Josh declares he will NEVER run or serve as Gov if he becomes AG (signs a contract and puts up his house as collateral)?

    As for Kane, the score is
    Kane 2
    Supreme Court Justices -2

    General comment:

    As for the Leon Ford case and other claims against Zappala, I have no problem with them being fully looked into and presented to the voters. My point here is merely that Zappala is technically qualified for the job, based upon his experience dealing with a large variety of cases and the legal repercussions/decisions. It’s experience that Josh simply does not have. If you break down Josh’s argument for himself, he’s running for office manager not AG. And, it’s an “open secret” that the Gov’s mansion is his actual goal.

    Frankly, I’m tired of politicians running for an office they don’t want to serve in, to get the job they really want. Josh just finished a big election to win a second 4 year term as Montco Commissioner, but the entire time he was planning an AG run, denied it every time he was asked publicly, yet all his big donors seemed to know he was seeking AG, and he announced his AG run before the ink was dry on the paperwork for the start of his second term.

    Finally, he shifted a million dollars from his commissioner funds to his AG race, when it’s pretty obvious that the solicited the commissioner money by indicating to his donors that it was for the AG race all along and his transparent goal of someday being Gov.

    It’s insulting to voters for three reasons:

    1) We all know he’s full of shit about his real goals, and he thinks it’s okay to piss in everyone’s ear and say it raining.

    2) He’s picked a path (AG) that isn’t remotely qualified to hold.

    3) He made such a big deal about how Montco needed his leadership for another term so he could finish the work/progress he started, but then he abandoned that stated goal to run for AG.

  14. Not so sure having the endorsement of Centre County DA Stacy Parks-Miller is such a good thing, seeing that she’s embroiled in her own scandal of her own making.

    Speaking of Centre County – why is it that the former Office of Attorney General under Tom Corbett did not have their Charitable Trust Division investigate Sandusky’s victim farm of a charity – Second Mile?

  15. LeRoy S. Zimmerman January 20, 1981[38] January 17, 1989[39]
    Ernie Preate January 17, 1989[39] June 23, 1995[40] WENT TO JAIL
    Walter W. Cohen (acting) June 26, 1995[27] October 3, 1995[41]
    Tom Corbett October 3, 1995[27][41] January 21, 1997
    Mike Fisher January 21, 1997[27] December 15, 2003[42]
    Jerry Pappert January 18, 2004[27] January 18, 2005
    Tom Corbett January 18, 2005[27] January 18, 2011[43] SHOULD GO TO JAIL
    William Ryan (acting) January 18, 2011[43] May 27, 2011
    Linda Kelly May 27, 2011[44] January 15, 2013

    Kathleen Kane January 15, 2013 [45] Incumbent
    Not looking to good for past DA’s

  16. Dino Get a job.
    Its not redefying the office. Does the constitution say a word about being a DA???

  17. All this BS about trial experience. Neither Z or Shapiro has it, but that’s what all those Asst AG’s are for. If the actual AG was in court, who would be running the office? Kane has no active law license right now, but seems to be doing OK with that job. Porno email judges going down and molesting priests being indicted. When does Graci resign? Should have lost his law license by now, too.

  18. DD: If you watched any of that PA Progressive Summit debate last month, you know re-defining the AG position means defining it to mean anything Josh wants it to mean. There was literally NOTHING that the AG’s office in PA shouldn’t be a part of. Excpet maybe actual law enforcement.

  19. DD – it is being reported that Zappala has not tried one case in his time as DA in Pittsburgh. If that’s true, Shapiro isn’t too much different than the Justice’s son.

    Also – have you seen the other article re: the Leon Ford case? Looks like bad news for Zappala – and makes Zappal look like just the kind of guy we do not want as AG.

  20. The irony of this story is that Josh is being endorsed by six people who are more qualified for the job than he is.

    Josh Guy-

    I guess the word “Attorney” in the job title must be confusing people into thinking the job requires some legal acumen and courtroom or case experience.

    Josh keeps talking about “redefining the office”. Maybe, he’ll rename it “Administrator General”. Or maybe Pennsylvania can make “Executive Director” or “Chief of Staff” an elected office.

  21. Will be waiting to see who Seth Williams endorses – so I can vote for someone else …

  22. Ears are hearing. Eyes are seeing. Cameras are taping. Wires are buzzing. Feds are paying attention to Attorney General Race. Z is going down. Even his Daddy and his corrupt judges and cops can’t help him now.

  23. Josh will win. Voters have watched as Past DA’s destroyed the office. Fact: Attorney Generals don’t prosecute they manage a agency to protect the public. But hey keep buying the lie.

  24. The Dems are riding for a fall in November if they nominate a guy who has never tried a case in his life.

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