Shapiro: Trump Said Opponents Could be Behind Bomb Threats Against Jewish Centers

Josh ShapiroPresident Donald Trump calls the recent bomb threats against Jewish community centers and vandalism of Jewish cemeteries are reprehensible, but said they could have been staged.  

Attorney General Josh Shapiro gave reporters a rundown of his meeting with Trump about the recent bomb threats against Jewish community centers and vandalism of Jewish cemeteries.  

Shapiro met with Trump, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and several state Attorneys General from across the country.  

According to Shapiro, Trump said what is happening is “reprehensible” he had his own ideas of who was causing it.

According to the Post-Gazette, Shapiro said Trump believed “Someone’s doing it to make others look bad.”

“I really don’t know what he means, and I don’t know why he said that,” Shapiro said according to Billy Penn.

During the meeting, Trump also assured the Attorneys General that he would address the threats during his speech to a joint session of Congress tonight.  

“Hopefully he’ll clarify a bit more about what he means about the reverse possibly being true,” Shapiro said.

The meeting comes after hundreds of headstones in Jewish cemeteries in Philadelphia were vandalized, and bomb threats were made against Jewish community centers in Harrisburg, York, and Philadelphia.

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  1. Whistleblower-

    How many polluted aquifers will it take for them to stand up to the oil/gas frackers?

    How many people have to get cancerous tumors?

    How many have to die?

    Make the legislators drink bottled water from these polluted regions if they think it’s safe.

  2. @ DD you notice how the administration sh!t canned Greg Vitale out of his Chairmanship on the energy committee. Just like Quigley when he told the truth. Just like Gary Tennis when he told the truth. Look at that mess at the unemployment comp centers. Manderino SILENT NO ANSWERS. Sadly she probably knows the answers but can’t say because it would conflict with the BS the administration is trying to spin and then they’ll sh!t can her next.

  3. Of course I [and The Donald] can’t endorse anti-Semitism, but the concept of false-flag behavior must be recognized [such as when the Soros-types agitated against The Donald’s Chicago rally]; also, even if the quote is accurate, the headline is discordant.

    The key-point is that this sudden attention to anti-Semitism stands in contrast with what occurred during the prior 8 years…particularly on-campus [and perpetrated by anti-Israel “students”].

  4. Whistleblower-

    I think Josh is more concerned with Johnny Doc funding him than Wolf.

    More importantly, I doubt Josh will ever look into the donations by the charter school PACs to candidates and elected officials and what quid-pro-quo is expected in exchange. In most cases, a reasonable voter would expect that the payback is voting for school charters and funding to these for-profit drains on the public school system.

    Josh is the 6th highest recipient from Students First PAC. What kind of “quid-pro-quo” would a charter school PAC that appears to bribe officials expect from an AG? Looking the other way, perhaps?

    3) REFORM PA PAC $250,000
    5) House Republican Campaign Committee 2006, Inc. $151,000
    6) JOSH SHAPIRO $150,000

  5. If they actually catch whoever is behind this, I have total confidence in our new Attorney General to prosecute them, even though he’s never tried a case in his life.

  6. Josh please stop campaigning on state time you won. Are you ever gonna work. How about indicting John J Dougherty for aggravated assault you have it on YouTube video. Maybe if you wait long enough the statute of limitations could run out and then John can fund governor wolfs re election campaign without being criticized. GOVERMENT THAT DOESNT WORK

  7. Kathy Kane at least had good intentions to clean up govt and had NO Russian connection.

  8. trump’s speculation that it’s not antisemitic mobs are destroying jewish cemeteries, it’s ‘somebody’ out to get somebody is totally absurd. another pronouncement from The Book Of Moron.

  9. rsklaroff and Steve-

    The rise in hate crimes against Jews and Muslims is unquestionably tied to Trump’s supporters. In a number of instances, they have attacked people and invoked Trump and the election results as justification, and repeated Trump’s rhetoric about “our country”.

    While these hate crimes are terrible, I have ZERO sympathy for any families that voted for Trump and got victimized. So, rsklaroff, if any of these pro-Trump groups with their anti-Semitic agenda come after you and yours, with graffiti or vandalism or threats, I will just sit back and laugh at the karma coming home to roost, as you voted for the Klan and neo-Nazism, and deserve to reap what you sowed.

  10. I was hoping that Trump would direct AG Sessions to co-ordinate an investigate into the bomb threats and the vandalism and vigorously prosecute anyone who is caught.

  11. Sklaroff – did you read the article? “Shapiro met with Trump, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and several state Attorneys General from across the country.”
    In other words, Shapiro WAS doing his job. Was he supposed to keep Trump’s goofy statement a secret? That would be doing the public a disservice, and it’s not fake if Trump said it. Is Shapiro supposed to be leading the investigation? Actually, the local LEO’s usually take the lead in vandalism investigations; Shapiro’s job would be to monitor those investigations and coordinate efforts if warranted. Wow, the hoops the Right will jump though to try and defend Trump.

  12. @ brag:

    we lost one lunatic by the name of kathy kane and now a new loony emerges by the name of … Josh Shapiro … until he STOPS politicizing his position [channeling his fealty for BHO] unnecessarily and unjustifiably … recalling how he supported the Iran-Nuke Capitulation-Pact [despite having been intensely/personally educated regarding the dangers of Tehran].

  13. we lost one lunatic by the name of kathy kane and now a new loony emerges by the name of don trump

  14. Josh is only proving why he is not qualified to be our state’s top law enforcement official. There is no evidence, no suspects and no motives at this point. All there is… is speculation.

    Could it be a hate crime? Absolutely. Could it be people trying to make others look bad? Possibly. Could it be a bunch of kids who had no idea it was even a Jewish cemetery, thinking it was funny to knock over some tombstones? Definitely a possibility. Until we have more facts, and know for sure why this happened, we should not dismiss any potential possibilities. Stop with the speculation. That is what creates fake news

  15. How’s this novelty idea that the current Attorney General, who has no prosecutory experience at all, let alone, any law enforcement experience, use his investigation unit and start an investigation into the crimes. This way, maybe in 5 years of Democratic Attorney Generals, they could actually get a meaningful arrest, prosecution and sentencing of individuals committing these hate crimes in Commonwealth. WOW what an idea for the AG’s office to do. Stay out of politics and do your job but we all know this is just another vehicle to eventual Governors run.

    We need an AG that believes in law and order and not in lawlessness and anarchy.

    Do Your Job

  16. D2 is again incorrect.

    Note difference between headline and text…and avoid mindreading.

  17. rsklaroff-

    He may have “condemned” the acts, but he’s claiming it’s the work of Hillary supporters. So, he’s really attempting to condemn his political opponents for the actions of his political base.

    Don’t forget, when he was asked about this a week ago, by a Jewish journalist, he claimed the be the most non anti-Semitic person anyone could meet. Which is completely ridiculous, and completely ignored the obvious presence of the very same Jewish journalist who was standing right there.

  18. As was noted @ the beginning of the speech delivered to the Joint Session of Congress, the recent acts are to be condemned…period.

    Whatever has been conjured, vaguely, herein…constitutes FAKE NEWS.

  19. Shapiro doesn’t know what Trump means? Really?

    Josh… let me explain it:

    Trump KNOWS that it’s the KKK and white nationalist that he (and Bannon) courted to win the election. His father was in the Klan. Trump is deliberately lying to cover this up (and doing so very poorly and not fooling anyone), and wants to put the blame on his opponents.

    So, that’s what he meant and why he said it.

    Next time you meet with Trump, please tell him that you KNOW he’s a f*cking liar and to stop being a hate monger.

  20. Trump probably meant it was the tooth fairy, who thought all those tombstones were just big teeth.

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