Sharron Angle Endorses David Christian for Senate

Sharron Angle, the Tea Party favorite who won the 2010 Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Nevada but lost in the general to Harry Reid, has thrown her support behind Pa. Senate hopeful David Christian.

In a letter to conservative activists in Pennsylvania, Angle lauds Christian’s work as a businessman and a veterans’ advocate.

“He was instrumental in creating job training programs for returning Vietnam veterans and helped make Pennsylvania the only state compliant with federal employment law for returning veterans,” Angle wrote. “As a result, tens of thousands of our veterans have found meaningful jobs.”

Additionally Angle, who has a less than stellar relationship with the Nevada Republican Party, criticized the PAGOP and Governor Tom Corbett for their endorsement of Chester County entrepreneur Steve Welch.

“Frankly, the actions of Gov. Corbett and the PA GOP State Committee are indecent and immoral and a major reason why Obama could win,” she wrote.

It’s not the first obscure endorsement of the campaign. Alaska Senate hopeful Joe Miller, who defeated Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the GOP primary but lost to her write-in campaign in the general, endorsed Marc Scaringi for Senate last year.

Her entire letter is below. Note: several elements of her letter are not accurate – specifically the timing of Welch’s party switch and the exaggerated degree of his support for Obama.

From the Desk of Sharron Angle:

Dear Patriot,

Pennsylvania is called “the Keystone State” for a very good reason. In 2012 it will play a key role in beating Barack Obama, his agenda and taking back the U.S Senate and the White House. In the last 50 years, no Democrat has won the Presidency without winning Pennsylvania.

We need a strong leader for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania to galvanize voters for victory, because Obama is weak there. If the Republicans cannot recapture the White House, they need only 5 winning U.S. Senate candidates to take control of the Senate away from Harry Reid and the Democrats. That is why I’m supporting David Christian as one of the five candidates we will need to elect to stop Obama.

My support for David Christian was not given lightly, just look at his credentials. David is the only candidate with the gravitas to lead the state to victory. David is one of the most highly decorated US Army Veterans to come out of the Vietnam War: 7 Purple Hearts, the Distinguished Service Cross, two Silver Stars, a Bronze Star, nominated for the Medal of Honor twice and was the youngest commissioned officer since the Civil War. There is no doubt of David Christian’s courage to do what needs to be done in Washington.

Compare that to what the PA GOP State Committee and PA Governor Tom Corbett have recently done. The Republican leadership of Pennsylvania cut a deal to support a former Republican, turned Democrat, turned Republican again, named Steve Welch because they believed he could self-finance his campaign. In 2008 Welch was an outspoken supporter of Barack Obama and changed his party registration to Democrat to he could vote for Obama in the Democratic Primary. Then Welch changed his registration back so he could seek the Republican nomination to run for the U.S. Senate in 2012. Yet, he donated to liberal Democratic Congressmen Joe Sestak and was a significant financial supporter of Governor Corbett as well.

Frankly, the actions of Gov. Corbett and the PA GOP State Committee are indecent and immoral and a major reason why Obama could win. They all must be stopped and David Christian is the only person who has the moral fiber and tenacity to put an end to this nonsense.

David knows Washington D.C. He has advised U.S. Senators and 6 different Presidential Administrations. His closest relationship was with President Ronald Reagan. However, David is definitely not a Washington insider.

He was called to Washington to get results, and he did. He was instrumental in creating job training programs for returning Vietnam veterans and helped make Pennsylvania the only state compliant with federal employment law for returning veterans. As a result, tens of thousands of our veterans have found meaningful jobs.

Ronald Reagan recruited David to run for Congress in 1984, therefore, he is one of the few who can truly claim the mantel of being a “Ronald Reagan Republican.”

David’s private sector experience is equally as impressive. He currently, owns a consulting company that helps American companies sell their services and products to emerging nations around the world.

During the 1990s David was again called to Washington to solve problems in an insecure world. Relying on his international contacts, the government sent him to Cambodia, Bosnia, Russia, Lithuania, Chechnya and other dangerous places that were critical to the security of the United States. David was tasked to gather information and debrief U.S. officials. He is one person who does not need on the job training in Foreign Affairs, because he’s been there and has lived it.

Now David Christian is running for the United States Senate in Pennsylvania. There can be no question that David Christian is clearly the best candidate for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania and I invite you to learn more about David Christian by going to his website,

On the campaign trail, David is an outspoken advocate for reforming the tax code; replacing the current system with a low across-the-board flat tax and abolishing the EPA, the Department of Education and the Department of Energy among others.

He is committed to lowering the corporate tax rate to bring foreign investment into our country and wants to review and streamline regulations on businesses to create a pro-growth commercial environment. For these reasons and more, I am supporting David Christian and I strongly encourage you to support David Christian as well.

Won’t you please help his campaign in Pennsylvania any way you can? Sign up to help, donate $20.12 to his campaign, make calls, do whatever you can, but please help get this patriot elected.

David’s election will be a key defining moment in defeating the Obama agenda and reining Obama in and ending the current national nightmare we see every day in Washington D.C.

Please stand with me and get behind the only true Reagan Republican running for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, David A. Christian. Once again, his web site address is

If you help David, you help yourself and you will be helping America in a very significant and historic way.


Sharron Angle

24 Responses

  1. Wow, you’ve gone fron 27 to 19 down to 15 and you deleted my comments when I called you about deleting comments. What the hell is Corbet or Casey paying you? Black journalisn at its worst. Why are you people so afraid of David Christian?

    And now magically you can’t read the captcha code either. Boy you guys are real scumbags.

  2. @truther

    I’m not sure what happened, or which comment you’re looking for. I can tell you that I haven’t deleted any comments from this story nor any other in over 6 months. In my 15 months with PoliticsPA, I think I’ve deleted 2 or 3 comments and redacted parts of 4 or 5 others that violated our comment policy. It’s not something I make a habit of doing.


  3. Just a quick follow up to my prior message. I had forwarded the link to this site and this particular “page” to dozens of people. I included the following statement when I forwarded the link: “Also, read the comments following the letter, especially the first 3 and what is now #27! As I said, I just went to the site and now there are 19 comments, plus my recent one which is 20 and this will be 21. So, as to my original statement about #27, which was one of the best, what happened to it. It has been deleted? Why?

  4. I notice you are indicating that there are 19 replies. A couple of days ago there were 27 comments indicated. Why did you delete 8 of the comments? Did Corbett’s people get to you as well. What ever happened to honest, impartial journalism.

  5. The problem, Lawrence, is that Sam never got one of his bills passed during that 18yrs. However he did vote on an increase in legislatures’ salaries, which benefited him, and increase in pay for an environmental committee. Cap and trade was passed while he was there. So, record yes…big results for conservative causes….no.

  6. it seems that, despite the fact that he’s leading in the polls, Sam Rohrer is getting no mention among you commenters. Why?? I’ve attended multiple debates and he won the straw polls handily. Furthermore, I spoke with him and most of the other candidates one-on-one, and he had most complete, balanced info and ideas on ALL the important issues. GOP’ers have to realize there is MUCH more to conservatism than just fiscal conservatism. I have read David Christian’s website and bio and I have no doubt that he is a courageous and noble man, and a Republican at heart, but I truly believe that Sam is the most rounded and intelligent candidate there is. He was a PA legislator for 18 years and has a solid reputation. There is a reason that he’s still ahead in the polls despite not having the $ of these other guys. I also challenge you folks to get the word out about RINO Welch so that he doesn’t hoodwink ignorant GOP primary voters with his upcoming TV & radio commercials.

  7. Mr. Gibson:

    You allege that Sharron Angle is telling untruths, namely about Steve Welch’s party switches (R->D->R) and the extent of his support for Barack Obama.

    Have you documentary evidence that Steve Welch’s party switches and other behavior are not as Sharron Angle described them to be? And if so, where might I find it?

  8. America needs battle tested heros to run our country, not career politicians who send are men to harms way and remain in safety. We need men like Christian who have the rare unique qualities of tasting the sting of battle, rising from the shadows of death crippled only to run marathons again. Any person with this type of stamina is a born leader and would do our country a great service as a politician. Remember our greatest president was a Warrior, General Washington. David Christian can lead Pennsylvania and like the father of our nation he will not be bought or controlled. He will act on his instincts. The same instincts which put America first causing him to be severely injured for our freedoms and defeat death making him a perfect rambo type hero who can make us feel pride,honor, and celebrate our countries gallant efforts to rule the free world. Washington the General, Reagan the actor Christian the War hero. Sounds like a great line up only problem two are in heaven rooting for Chrsitian and we all just need to listen carefully to the giants in the sky as they shout ” Christian Christian……. Win….. Chrsitian take the senate seat from casey… GO Chrsitian GO”

  9. Anyone listening to Welch on Saturday in Allentown [@ the Lehigh Valley GOP-event] would have to recognize that – despite the fact that he was the headlined-endorsed speaker – he only spoke of himself…rather than ANY of the issues.

  10. Let’s face it, the only reason that Welch and the party want Christian off the ballot is simple, with him on it, Welch, the anointed one by the party, cannot win. He [Welch] and the PAGOP are terrified of a fair fight. Welch and his tactics reminds me of the high school bully, picks on everyone, fights dirty, uses intimidation, picks on the little old lady and kicks the cat for good measure when leaving the school yard, but when stood up to by a real man [Christian] Welch will run home crying to his mommy.

    The PAGOP just committed political suicide by attacking one of America’s greatest heroes from the Vietnam era, I hope that everyone that reads these comments sees Welch for what he is, a spoiled brat, RINO, that is trying to buy his way to the Senate by stepping on everyone he can on his way.

    We all should visit Christian’s website, and see if there is anything we can do to derail the machine and this RINO.

    The behavior of the PAGOP and the Welch camp is just disgraceful, shame on you all.

  11. I think Republicans have to take a close look at Kathleen Kane who appears to be INDEPENDENT of DEMOCRATIC PARTY LEADERSHIP.

    Dave Freed’s Father-in-Law, political mentor, former Republican Pennsylvania Attorney General is now under investigation misuse of Hershey Trust funds.
    LeRoy Zimmerman may not be in a league with Jerry Sandusky or now convicted Kids for Cash Luzerne County former judges Michael Conahan and Mark Ciavarella. And he may well be innocent of any criminal wrongdoing but that does not mean he was not doing wrong.

    LeRoy Zimmerman was getting rich from the legendary legacy of Milton S. Hershey which was intended to benefit vulnerable, disadvantaged, needy children, not enrich political hacks like LeRoy Zimmerman or advance his son-in-law’s career.

    How LeRoy Zimmerman’s Hershey Charity Director Fees Rose from $35,000 to Half Million Dollars July 20, 2011 By Bob Fernandez, Inquirer Staff Writer

    Zimmerman, Senate Bonusgate, Sandusky investigation delay are all in the AG’s jurisdiction. Do we need another cover up?

  12. Deb
    Penna Republican is trying to get Dave Christian off the ballot by challenging signatures.

    At the least, this is costly and distracting. It makes no sense for Penna. State Committee to challenge signatures except as cover for Steve Welch. It is a surprise that the Welch and Penna Committee see Dave Christian as a threat.

    It is clear that he can’t be controlled by party leadership.

    Dave Christian is most definitely a Republican. In fact, he is Free Market Constitutional Limited Government, Economic Freedom and strong National Defense.

  13. Christian for Senate! Not many things in life truly piss me off. I’m pretty easygoing. But don’t screw around with one of the most decorated veterans of the Vietnam War. How many purple hearts does Gleason have? How many distinguished service crosses? How many Silver Stars? How many Bronze Stars? How many Meritorious Service MEdals?


    Dave Christian is a fighter and the PAGOP is a group of low-life scumbags.

  14. I have to agree with MarkyMark. I not normally agree with much of what Bob Guzzardi says either, but to attack Dave Christian and try and throw him off the ballot? How low can the PAGOP go? They sold their soul to the devil with Welch and now they’re doubling down. Tom Smith all the way!

  15. Guzzardi, What attack? Is state committee up to something that I havent heard about it? It wouldn’t be the first time!

  16. Sharon Angle? Seriously? This should disqualify Dave Christian from being considered as a serious candidate. The only thing that could be more damaging is an endorsement from Christine O’Donnell or Joe Miller.

  17. I never thought I’d say this but here goes: Right on, Bob Guzzardi. I still haven’t decided who to vote for in this primary but the PAGOP just made things a little easier for me by attacking an American war hero. Welch will not get my vote. This is disgusting and the Welch campaign should be ashamed of having any association with these challenges.

  18. The Obama Sympathizers at Republican State Committee are doing the Democrats’ job for them.

    The Republican State Committee is using scarce resources to attack Republican DAVE CHRISTIAN, a true patriot who has paid with blood and highly qualified candidate, rather than using its scare resources to expose Democrat Bob Casey and Barack Obama on their radical policies bankrupting America.

    As a supporter of TOM SMITH and advocate for Free Markets in commerce and ideas and politics, I welcome the competition from DAVE CHRISTIAN, a charismatic and principled Republican, who is an asset to the Republican Party. I have met DAVE CHRISTIAN, some of his supporters and looked at his record. Competition improves quality of the campaign for all.

    I am surprised that STEVE WELCH and his supporters would not step in to stop this unwarranted intrusion in the electoral process.

    How does getting Dave Christian off the ballot help rank and file Republicans and activists?

    Once again, those entwined and endorsed by the Establishment Insiders are tainted by that entanglement.




    It may be that Steve Welch’s support for Joe Sestak and his vote for Barack Obama were not such aberrations after all.

    The Republican State Committee has, once again, embarrassed all Republicans.

    bobguzzardi ardmore

  19. Kind of like Gleason and Cambria County and the DEMS.

    It’s sounding like the PA GOP is synonymous with DEMOCRAT.

  20. What kind of deal did Corbett cut with Casey and the D’s? Welch is a sure loser. Corbett probably made a deal with the D’s to put up a weak candidate for Casey’s re-election bid. Funny how Corbett and Welch seem to up to their hips in association with democrats!

  21. Gregory, that’s not it. The NV head of ACORN was CONVICTED of voter fraud and 400,000 illegal votes discarded. Question is how many got through? She only lost by 42,000. Lawlessness was on display on behalf of the Reid crime family.
    PS, a leftist judge gave the ACORN convicted felon, are you sitting down, NO JAIL TIME.

  22. Thats a negative in my books. She’s the reason why we don’t have a republican senator reids seat.

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