Shuster Driving at Transportation Chair

Rep. Bill Shuster

The election for Congress is over, but the race for key leadership positions in the U.S. House has just begun. Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Blair) announced the he will seek the chairmanship of the prominent Transportation and Infrastructure Committee – a post his father and predecessor Bud Shuster held during the 1990s.

“In my 11 years on the Committee – including 8 years of leadership as Chairman or Ranking Member of two key subcommittees – I have demonstrated principle driven, inclusive leadership and achieved a strong record of accomplishments,” Shuster wrote in a letter to colleagues.

In addition to his pedigree, Shuster has a long resume of prominence on transportation issues. House Speaker John Boehner tapped him in March to shepherd a big funding bill through the House and into law. He had to balance moderates with the new, vocal, Tea Party contingent of the caucus.

Shuster’s main potential rival? Current Chairman John Mica (R-FL). Mica’s served for 6 years, the leadership-imposed limit, but may seek a waiver from leadership to stay on for another term.

Mica hasn’t said yet what he intends to do, but Shuster told The Hill that he would pursue the chairmanship regardless.

The selection process plays to Shuster’s strength as a well-connected congressional insider. After the caucus selects its leadership next week (Boehner et al are expected to stay put), House members will select a 30 person steering committee – and Shuster is likely to remain a member of that committee.

The steering committee then interviews candidates and votes on a recommendation. The recommendation goes before the caucus as a whole for a vote; it’s rare for the steering committee’s choice not to carry the day.

He defeated longshot Democratic candidate Karen Ramsburg 62 percent to 38 to win re-election on Tuesday.

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  1. Yes it is true, this so called politician is just riding it out using his Fathers legacy to promote himself. In my 13 years in this district no change has been made for the better of the area. He occasionally pops up in our biased news paper but with little or no meaning pertaining to us as a whole. The President is right! because he only caters to gun hugging rednecks and let me add morons to that list. Our area has only been going backwards in time.

  2. Shuster isn’t as powerful as he thinks. Did he win by a good margin yes. But if you look he lost his big in his new district to an unknown. In two years he could and should be gone from that seat if someone starts raising money and running now!

  3. Gee… the same committee his daddy used to chair. How nice that we sent him back to Congress to continue their dynasty’s proud tradition of wasting billions of dollars on pork projects and taking bribes from lobbyists. This family of thugs has occupied this seat for 42 freaking years. I just wonder which one of Bill’s kids he’ll hand it off to when he steps out.

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