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Shuster Poll: Shuster 57, Halverson 17

An internal poll released by Congressman Bill Shuster’s campaign has him leading his 2014 and 2016 challenger art Halverson by a 40 point margin.

The poll, conducted by Maverick Opinion and reported by the Post-Gazette, asked 447 Republicans in the district.  

Campaign spokesman Ray Zaborney said the results show voters “want a conservative fighter who will stand up for Donald Trump’s agenda and that’s Bill Shuster.”  

The release of the poll comes about two weeks after Halverson released a poll showing he was only trailing 38-36 with 26% undecided.  

Campaigns will commission these types of polls and only publish the results that show them in the best position.  

Halverson, who ran against Shuster in the 2014 and 2016 primaries and as a Democrat against Shuster in the 2016 general election, will reportedly make an announcement next month about his plans for 2018.

10 Responses

  1. In the last election cycle, Ray Zabourney sent mailers to Republican voters claiming that Halverson was a liberal Democrat while simultaneously sending other mailers to Democrat voters which said that Halverson was a right-wing extremist who was backed by the NRA to knock out the moderate Shuster. You can’t believe him when he says “Good morning.”

    And by the way Paul, that picture of Shuster is at least 10 years old. He’s gained a lot of weight and lost a lot of hair since then.

  2. Didn’t all the polls say Hilary was going to cream Trump, Ray Ray just milking the cash cow while he still can…

  3. Art and his tin foil hat brigade are gearing up for another run. So the fourth time might be the charm. Let’s review Art’s record. Ran as a Democrat and assaulted a female who was a Shuster supporter. It looks like the fourth time will guarantee the same results.

  4. Where is Richard Bower the Democrat running ? The RNC will have a field day with this guy.

  5. Shuster need to go, but the sheep keep voting him in, just like they did with Elmer Bud. Will we ever truly see the rural middle class come to terms with how they’ve been screwed by a false message since 1980. Give the wealthy more money and they eventually share it…. sometime in a galaxy far far away.

    1. Dems not supporting the recent tax cut is going be a problem for them. This whole “corporations are evil and we should ‘Robin Hood’ the crap out of them” isn’t going to fly when the likes of Comcast, Boeing, Wells Fargo, AT&T, etc start handing out bonuses and raises to their employees, the market does well, and families save money come tax time. Looks like we will have Shuster for a while in the 9th. He’s a solid Trump ally that will weather a primary if he has one, and with this recent tax development, the Dems don’t have a chance, even with Trumps Twitter account activity.

      1. There is no evidence to support your conclusion. A few companies announcing bonuses (some of them announcing bonuses that were already in the works) is a small blip that no one will remember come next November. Most people won’t see anything until they file their taxes in April 2019, and the vast majority of people won’t notice the pittance thrown their way in adjusted take-home, just like they didn’t notice it in 2009 when Obama and Congressional Democrats cut their taxes as part of the stimulus. In fact, tons of people thought Obama raised their taxes, even though that was objectively, unequivocally false.

        Public opinion is overwhelmingly against the tax cuts, despite millions of dollars spent to promote them, and there is no reason to expect throwing more money down the hole will change anything. To put it in perspective, the tax cuts are currently less popular than major tax increases in the past. That is an incredibly deep hole to climb out of.

        If Republicans wanted to run on a middle class tax break, they should have written a bill that gave the majority of tax cuts to the middle class instead of one where 83 percent of the benefit goes to the top one percent of income earners, and that enshrines loopholes that Trump specifically campaigned against. Calling it a tax cut for workers without pointing out that the vast majority of the benefit goes to corporations and the already fabulously wealthy is disingenuous at best.

        As an added bonus, Congressional Republicans are already on the record as having voted for a version that penalized students, teachers, and people fighting cancer, and they are going to have to own that in 2018.

        Good luck!

        1. I can hardly wait until the trickle down sheep finally wake up and realize the so called fiscally responsible Republicans are going to double back on the screw job and announce in a few months “OMG, the deficit and debt are growing…. we have to get Social Security under control”.

          1. You guys are cute. Here’s how this goes, first tax cuts, then entitlement reform. Buckle up boys. It’s going to be frustrating for you tax and spend types for at least a few years.

  6. I’m not actually convinced that Art Halvorson is a real person. He might just be a figment of Ray Zaborney’s imagination. I mean, no one has actually ever seen this guy.

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