Shuster Will Not Seek Re-Election

Congressman Bill Shuster (R-Bedford) announced today he will not seek re-election to Congress in 2018.

“As I look forward to the future, I have had a lot to contemplate as to how to best serve my constituents and the American people over the next year. With much deliberation, consultation with my family, and prayer over the last several weeks, I have decided not to seek election for a 10th term,” Shuster said in a release from his official office.  

Shuster has served in Congress for 17 years, and as Chair of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee for the last five.  House Republican rules would make this term Shuster’s last term as chair of the committee.  

Shuster’s announcement comes weeks after his campaign released an internal poll showing him with a 40 point lead over his opponent from the last two cycles, Republican Art Halverson.  

Halverson will reportedly make an announcement this month about his intentions for next year.  State Senators John Eichelberger and Pat Stefano are also reportedly considering a run for the seat.

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  1. Eichelberger is a hard-nosed egotist in my experience, but I have never heard anything scummy about him. I don’t like him — on several issues — but have always found him to be a man of integrity. I welcome enlightenment, if it is to be found, but just because one dislikes someone, that does not make the dislikee a scumbag. The man has a family , too. Anonymous posters all too often become assholes.

  2. He was gearing up to run again just a couple weeks ago. This sudden change of heart is very suspect. Could it be that Bill is one of those unnamed Congressman who used taxpayer funds to pay off women who accused him of sexual harassment?

    1. Or….it could be that a prehistoric dragon egg hatched inside his house and told Shuster to go on a treasure hunt through the mystical forest.

      Because you have equal proof of both of those things.

      1. Wasn’t there something about a sweet young lobbyist for the airline industry a while back?

  3. Good Choice Bill on not running for reelection but I will support a Republican is to be your successor to congress in 2018.

  4. Shuster’s have been in power since 73. Finally, A breath of fresh air for this district.

  5. Richard Bower, Fayette DA will get in as a Democrat. Lots of sexual harassment issues here for the RNC.

    1. Dude?! Do you know this district? LOL! Highest PVI R rating in the state. Maybe for Shuster…

      1. Seriously. Jesus himself would struggle to win in the 9th as a Democrat. This must be Bower’s wife posting.

  6. Very similar to his father. Bud was chairman and had to step down, ran again won then resigned quickly so Bill could win a special election. If you can’t be the chairman of that most powerful committee, why be there. Huge loss for Pennsylvania.

    People look at the big picture don’t get caught up in the daily small time politics of that district.

    1. His father was wonderful, working hard to keep jobs here. He himself is an ass, who isn’t ever even here on congressional recess. He doesn’t care about Pennsylvanians. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    2. How is this a huge loss? Both Bud and Bill ran transportation and 40 years later PA still has the worst roads and bridges in the country!

      1. And if our roads were the best in the country you’d be screaming about corrupt government earmarks and the Shuster’s pork barrel spending.

  7. Murphy. Dent. Barletta. and now Shuster. I am sure the Supreme Court reads the news. Makes the odds even better those lines get redrawn for the this year’s primary. When you are not dealing with incumbents, you are not dealing with pushback. If I am Costello and Meehan, I would have hoped these guys could have waited until the Court made a decision.

    1. Court already ruled NO and given we have a census in 2 years and that the redraw will happen after. Don’t get your hopes up.

  8. “deliberation, consultation with my family, and prayer over the last several weeks”

    Likely Translations:
    1) Quitting ahead of a scandal
    2) Cashing in as lobbyist in Trump era

  9. Well, now I guess we know that Ray Zabourney’s poll that showed Shuster getting reelected in a landslide was a lie.

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  10. Maybe the “dung-panini shitgibbon” Daylin Leach can assume a new identity and run as someone who doesn’t sexually assault women in this district

    1. What’s funny is Eichelberger will probably run and has a history of doing the same thing.

      1. What history? I have NEVER heard anything about harassment against Eichelberger.

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